Law (2008:552) On Disaster Medicine As A Part Of The Swedish Efforts Abroad

Original Language Title: Lag (2008:552) om katastrofmedicin som en del av svenska insatser utomlands

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Introductory provisions

§ 1 in case of interventions in support of diplomatic offices and

distressed in a situation where many people are related

to Sweden suffers a serious accident or disaster

the rest of the world, a County Council conducting healthcare

abroad in order to minimise the physical and psychological

the consequences of the accident or disaster

(disaster response).

With people with ties to Sweden referred to

1. Swedish nationals,

2. the Swedish national foreign family members, and

3. resident aliens in Sweden.

Law (2015:312).

1 a of even when efforts to support other than those referred to in

section 1 has a connection to Sweden, a County Council, in a

situation where many people suffer from a serious accident

or disaster abroad, engage in health care

abroad in order to minimise the physical and psychological

the consequences of the accident or disaster.

Law (2015:312).

2 § with health care under this Act "means the same as

specified in article 1, first paragraph, health care Act


Disaster medicine interventions should be provided by the

counties listed in section 6, first paragraph. Other counties may

provide such efforts.

The provisions of this Act if the County Council shall also apply to a municipality

which is not part of a County.

paragraph 3 of the disaster medicine interventions shall be carried out with respect for

everyone's equal value and for the individual human's

dignity. Those who have the greatest need of health and

care should be given preference to care.

Decision on actions, etc.

paragraph 4 of the decision to initiate or complete disaster medicine

actions taken by the Government or authority

the Government determines.

section 5 of the National Board of health shall, in close collaboration with other concerned

authorities, leading and coordinating the disaster medicine

efforts and otherwise decide on how County Council

resources should be used for such operations.

Disaster medicine and emergency management

section 6 of the disaster readiness efforts under this Act

shall be maintained by the county councils of Stockholm, West

Götaland, Östergötland, Sweden, Uppsala and Sweden.

Other counties may maintain such readiness.

Reimbursement to counties

section 7 of The county councils have the right to compensation by the State for

costs that are directly attributable to the disaster medicine

actions the County has done under this Act.

County Councils referred to in paragraph 6 of the first paragraph has the right to

obtaining compensation from the State for the costs that are directly attributable

to standby as referred to in paragraph 6. The same applies to other

County Council in agreement with the National Board of health to

such compensation shall be provided.


section 8 Government, or the Government authority determines,

may provide for such periods of duty time referred to in section 6,

as well as for compensation under section 7.