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Regulation (2008:1280) If Elections To The Sami Parliament

Original Language Title: Förordning (2008:1280) om val till Sametinget

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Contents of the regulation

section 1 of this regulation contains provisions relating to the

the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1443) on elections to the Sami Parliament.

Regulations relating to the

1. ballots (sections 2 and 3),

2. envelopes (paragraph 4),

3. Notes and records (§ 5), and

4. authorization (section 6).

Ballot papers

Color, style and design

section 2 of the ballots should be white and have the format and

as set out in the annex to this regulation.

Ordering ballots

paragraph 3 of the Order of the ballots will be made with the election authority.


4 § Valkuvert and voting card and outer envelope for brevröst to

be designed in the manner as set out in the annex to this


Notes and minutes

The County Administrative Board's final vote-allocating seats

§ 5 In its final head count, the County Administrative Board, in addition to what

as indicated in Chapter 3. 24-30 of the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1443), in


1. the number of successful ballots for every registered group,

party, or association and list which has a mandate as well as

the number of authorised person votes and the distribution of these,

2. the number of successful ballots for other registered groups,

political parties or associations, and

3. the number of invalid ballots.

In the allocation of seats to the County Board in the Protocol

In addition, note the

1. mandates the distribution,

2. which lists that occurred with the candidates for the

registered political parties, groups and associations as a


3. the candidates who passed the barrier for election on personal

number of votes, and

4. the members and alternates appointed.


section 6 of the election authority shall notify the

1. charges when ordering ballots beyond the numbers

registered political parties, groups or associations shall get

free of charge,

2. paper quality for ballots, as well as the administrative

information to be included on the ballot papers,

3. the design of the envelope and the wrappers,

4. electoral roll forms, envelopes and voter lists,


5. the administrative information to be included in the Protocol

kept by the County Administrative Board.

Annex design of ballots

A ballot paper shall have the size 105 × 148 mm and designed

as indicated below. It may, in appropriate

areas, are provided only with such information as is specified therein.

Ballots referred to in Chapter 3. section 10 of the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1443)

Front page

/Bilden is not here/


/Bilden is not here/

On the ballot papers, in addition to each candidate's name be

the following information about the candidate:

1. age,

2. profession or title,

3. address,

4. party membership or similar task.

The data may include no more than two lines per candidate.

For the specified fields on a ballot paper, the following margins

be used:

1. election slip front:

a) left and right page margins to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:10


b) election slip top to 1:4 mm,

c) distance between 1 and 2:2.45 mm

d) distance between 2 and 3:2.45 mm

e) distance between 3 and 4:2.45 mm

f) distance between 4 and 5:7.6 mm

2. election slip back:

a) left and right page margins to 6 and 7:10 millimeters,

b) election slip top to 6:11 millimeters,

c) distance between 6 and 7:7.6 mm.

Design by valkuvert

Valkuvert shall have the size 123 x 155 mm and be

designed according to the following:

/Bilden is not here/

Design of voter's card and outer envelope for letter ballots

Outer envelope for mail ballots shall have the size 155 x 220 mm

and be designed as follows:

Front page

/Bilden is not here/


/Bilden is not here/

Regulation (2012:868).