Regulation (2008:1421) With Instruction For Royal. Library

Original Language Title: Förordning (2008:1421) med instruktion för Kungl. biblioteket

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1 § Kungl. the library is the National Library and archives

audio and video documents and moving images as well as fulfill

documenting tasks and service information. Authority


1. receive, store, describe and provide the Swedish

press production in its entirety and such documents for

electronic reproduction referred to in paragraph 10 the law

(1993:1392) If copies of documents,

2. to receive, store and in accordance with section 6 of the regulation

(2008:1420) If copies of documents to provide

copies of films, phonograms, videograms, such documents

for electronic reproduction referred to in paragraph 14, third subparagraph

the law on legal deposit of documents and recordings of

sound radio and television programmes, and

3. within its field of action be a resource for research in

the role of mainly humanistic and social science

research libraries and promote the Swedish research

quality by providing an effective

research infrastructure. Regulation (2013:1050).

2 § the museums shall also

1. carry out the tasks arising from the

-Act (1993:1392) If copies of documents,

-law (2012:492) if the legal deposit of electronic materials,

Regulation (2008:1420) If copies of documents and

Regulation (2012:866) if the legal deposit of electronic


2. collect, store, describe and provide overseas

publications with Swedish ties,

3. collect, store, describe and provide a

representative collection of foreign literature, particularly in the

Social Sciences and Humanities,

4. nurture and improve the library's older collections of books

and other prints, manuscripts, maps and pictures,

5. produce national bibliography,

6. responding to questions about interactions between research libraries

with regard to digitisation and digital making available,


7. analyze developments in research libraries in the country.

Regulation (2012:867).

3 § the museums shall deposit or gift receiving or

otherwise acquire such documents as referred to in paragraph 2 of 2 and 4,

other recordings of sound and moving image than those referred to

in 1 § 2 and such representations in writing, audio or mobile

image intended to be used in conjunction with

fixations. Regulation (2011:942).

4 § the museums shall, in respect of the documents referred to in paragraph 1 of 2

and paragraph 3 of the

1. caring for the collections held by the authority and

keep them in a satisfactory manner, and

2. Select the collections to the extent necessary.

Regulation (2011:942).

5 § the museums shall have a national overview of the

public libraries and promote interaction and

development in the area. The authority shall be responsible in particular for

1. library statistics under the Act (2001:99) if the

official statistics and Regulation (2001:100) if the

official statistics,

2. National Library systems LIBRIS, and

3. the follow-up which the authority shall make, together with

the regional library activities and municipalities of how

the library plans to local governments assume in

under the Library Act (2013:801) is designed and how

they are used.

The authority shall also promote the development and coordination of

digital services and systems within the library system.

Regulation (2013:1050).

6 § the museums shall, within its field of activity to promote

international cooperation and interact with foreign

institutions and international organisations.


section 7 of the Authority is headed by a head of Government.

section 8 at the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting of

a maximum of ten members.

Positions and assignments

§ 9 the national Librarian is head of Government.

Staff disciplinary board

10 § at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

11 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance


Exemptions from government regulation

section 12 the following provision in the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

section 27 of the Authority's right to represent the State in court.