Regulation (2009:146) With Instruction For Agency For Growth Policy Evaluations And Analyses

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:146) med instruktion för Myndigheten för tillväxtpolitiska utvärderingar och analyser

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section 1 the Agency has a mandate to be responsible for

growth policy evaluations and analyses. The authority shall

from different perspectives, evaluate, analyze and report

effects of Government measures for sustainable growth,

industry and regional development power in the whole country

and provide input and recommendations for review and

streamlining measures. Regulation (2013:882).

2 § the museums shall

1. based on different perspectives, identify barriers to and

propose measures that can contribute to the development of

economy and sustainable growth in all parts of the country,

2. evaluation of measures and analyses of

conditions for the development and sustainable growth of sparse-

and rural areas, small and medium-sized cities as well as

metropolitan areas, including access to commercial

and public services for businesses and citizens in

Service sparse areas,

3. annually to the Cabinet Office in a report update and

comment on the indicators used in the budget bill

in category 19 Regional growth to follow

the development of the country's regions, and

4. carry out periodic evaluations of the

the State's efforts to meet the business needs of the

works finance. Regulation (2013:882).

3 § the museums shall develop evaluation and analysis methods

in its field of activity.

3 a of the authority should significant award

evaluations and analyses from other players.

Regulation (2013:882).

4 § in the evaluations and analyses where advanced methods

used to reference groups with representatives from the relevant

areas of research may be used.

5 § the museums shall take into account, in its work on women's and men's

terms and conditions.

5 a § the museums shall, in its field of activity, promote

to the generation target for environmental work and the

environmental quality objectives which Parliament has established accessible and shall

propose measures for environmental work development.

The Agency's responsibilities include monitoring and analysis of

industry's environmental work and how work to reach

environmental quality affects business development.

The authority shall, in respect of their environmental performance report to the

The environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the reporting

as needed. Regulation (2011:1585).

6 § the museums shall conduct offshore omvärldsbevakande,

situational analysis and outreach activities in the countries

and within the policies in a broad perspective is

growth politically interesting and strategically important.

The Agency's foreign-based operations must not overlap

other internationally active public operators '

activity. Regulation (2013:882).

7 § the museums shall be responsible for official statistics according to

Ordinance (2001:100) if the official statistics.

The authority shall in its statistical work is also responsible for

compilation and accounting of venture capital statistics and

for the collection, management and development of micro-data on

State aid to industry.

The authority shall also be responsible for the management and

development of systems and tools, including databases, for

accessibility analyses and for regional analysis and

forecasting system. Regulation (2013:882).

8 § the museums shall annually monitor and to Government

report the existence of aid to industry in accordance

with the feedback requirements of European

EU and World Trade Organisation rules on

State aid. Regulation (2013:882).

8 a of the authority shall, in its field of activity, assist

Government offices in the work of the Organization for economic

cooperation and development (OECD). Regulation (2011:1585).

8 b/entry into force: 2015-11-15/

The authority shall be the national focal point for the structural funds programme Espon European territorial cooperation objective. Regulation (2015:584).

9 § the museums shall ensure that the rules and routines that

authority is disposes of is cost effective and simple

for businesses and citizens.

section 10 of the authority, in its field of activity conducting own

research on statistical material.


11 § the museums shall provide statistical data as well as

spreading knowledge, experiences and results from their analysis

and assessments to Governments and other actors

working with sustainable growth, industry and developing power

across the country, as well as nearby areas. Regulation (2013:882).

12 § the museums shall cooperate with regional growth and affected

users in the development and use of

databases, analytical tools and statistics, if available

cases regarding documentation of the efforts

Tillväxtverket implements so that these will be possible to


In matters relating to the Agency's offshore activities

authority shall interact with their clients.

Regulation (2013:882).


section 13 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

/Rubriken expires U: 2017-01-01/

Special body

13 a of/expire U:2017-01-01 by Regulation (2011:80)./

To the Agency for growth policy evaluations

and analyses, advice, capital market Council, be tied.

The Council shall have as its task to be advisory to the authority

in its efforts to comply with capital market development, in particular

in the case of SMEs ' access to capital.

The Agency's Executive Director should chair the Council. Council

Members shall be appointed by the authority among people with near-to-market

experience in corporate finance. Regulation (2011:79).

Positions and assignments

section 14 the Director General is the head of Government.

Staff disciplinary board

section 15 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulation SFS 2009:146

16 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



section 17 of the authority may carry out tasks to others in

long as it does not affect the confidence of

the Authority's independence. For assignments for other than

the Government will charge according to the fees regulation (1992:191)

be taken out. Fee shall not, however, be taken out of the growth Board for

Mission as regards the statistical processing to be used

for follow-up or analysis in the on-going Growth Agency