Regulation (2009:236) If A National Plan For Transportation Infrastructure

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:236) om en nationell plan för transportinfrastruktur

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Introductory provision

Article 1 for the purposes of the allocation of State resources

The Transport Department draw up a national plan for

transport infrastructure. The plan shall be

interoperability with other modes. Regulation (2010:160).

The plan's scope

section 2 of the national plan for transport infrastructures should be

twelve years and may include

1. investment and improvements in the State

trunk road network and associated footpaths and cycle paths,

2. operation and maintenance as well as frost fuse, buoyancy and

reconstruction of the whole of the State road network and associated

walking and cycling routes,

3. operation, maintenance, reconstruction and investment in it

State rail network, stations and terminals,

4. measures to improve the environment along the existing State

Road and rail networks,

5. interest and amortisation of leveraged


6. measures that can affect the demand for transport and choice of

modes and measures that provide more efficient use of

existing infrastructure,

7. investment in and improvement of bus stops along

the State road network if the stops are part of a national

priority network for collective-traffic to be useful

for people with disabilities.

Regulation (2010:160).

section 3 of the national plan for transportation infrastructure

except as set forth in section 2 include measures to

granted State financing or Government subsidies when it


1. waterways and locks,

2. operation of the non-State-owned airports,

3. regional public transport facilities and rolling

railway rolling stock, and

4. operation of private roads.

The plan's focus

section 4 of the plan shall specify the

1. the focus on investment and improvement measures

judged to have the greatest effect to achieve the

objectives of transport policy,

2. focus on operation and maintenance including measures for

Frost fuse, buoyancy and reconstruction,

3. the focus on environmental improvement measures in connection

to the national road and rail networks,

4. focus on sectoral measures,

5. focus on investments in such facilities and

rolling stock referred to in paragraph 2 of regulation 2, 3 and 9

(2009:237) for State financing to certain regional

public transport facilities,

6. a report of the impact on the transport policy goals.

The plan shall include a clear description of the expected

the effects of the transport system as a whole, as well as a

statement of strategic considerations with regard to what

referred to in the first subparagraph 1? 4.

Transportation network for persons with disabilities

section 5 of the national plan for transportation infrastructure,

include a description of a for people with

disability priority national transport networks

in which infrastructure, stations and vehicles must

able to be used by all.

The collection of views and opinions

6 § Before the national plan for transportation infrastructure

established should comments be sought from provincial governments,

municipalities and others that may have a substantial interest in the

the plan.

7 § When the national plan for transportation infrastructure have

established shall be sought from the relevant observations on the plan

State agencies, county councils and organisations and

others that may have a substantial interest in it. The municipalities

shall be given an opportunity to comment on the plan.

section 8 comments and opinions under sections 6 and 7 shall be obtained


1. a collaborative body pursuant to lagen (2002:34) about

monopoly in the counties, and

2. the regions referred to in the Act (2010:630) on regional

utvecklingsansvar in some counties. Regulation (2010:1755).

The establishment of the plan, etc.

section 9 of the national plan for transportation infrastructure,

be determined by the Government.

section 10 if a substantial deviation needs to be done from the plan,

a proposal for an amended plan submitted to the Government for


Before a draft amended plan submitted to the Government

opinion to be obtained from the authorities, bodies and

organizations that are affected by the change.

section 11 of the Transport Department should ensure that a copy of the adopted

the plan will be sent to

1. relevant government authorities,

2. provincial governments,

3. collaborative body pursuant to lagen (2002:34) of co-operating units in

the counties,

4. the regions referred to in the Act (2010:630) on regional

utvecklingsansvar in certain counties,

5. The Swedish armed forces, and

6. the municipalities.

Regulation (2010:1755).


paragraph 12 of Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions

1. This Regulation shall enter into force on april 14, 2009 and

apply for the first time to the national plan for

transport infrastructure is established and fixed for years


2. The regulation repeals Regulation (1989:67) about the plan

for Cabinet railroads and Regulation (1997:262) on national

chassis plans.