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Regulation (2009:381) Concerning State Aid To Local Water Resources Project

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:381) om statligt stöd till lokala vattenvårdsprojekt

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1 § If there are funds supported under this regulation

to local water resources projects

1. by a municipality or a non-profit association;

2. in co-operation between municipalities or between non-profit

associations, or

3. in co-operation between municipalities and not-for-profit associations.

Regulation is notified pursuant to Chapter 8. section 13

the Constitution Act.

Eligible measures

section 2 of the aid must be given to water resources projects in those parts relating to

1. development of plans for and implementation of such

cost-effective measures that contribute to reduced amounts

by phosphorus or nitrogen in the Baltic or the North Sea,

2. measures for management of recreational boat bottoms designed

to minimize the spread of hazardous substances to

the aquatic environment to be determined, or

3. monitoring and evaluation of measures carried out in accordance with

1 and 2. Regulation (2014:1060).

section 3 of the aid must not be granted to measures

1. who has begun before the County Government has decided to give


2. arising from the obligation by law,


3. to the extent of support for the measure has been granted in accordance with any

administrative provision.

Aid intensity

4 § the aid may cover up to 50% of the cost of

the project's eligible measures.

Application for support

section 5 of the application for support should include information about

1. the municipalities or non-profit associations

applying for aid and the other involved in or give

funding for the project,

2. the water resources projects to be implemented,

3. what results are intended to be achieved in the short and long term

and what actions and methods that will be used to reach

the results and to make sure that the results can be reached,

4. the effectiveness of the project contributes to decreased amounts of

phosphorus or nitrogen in the Baltic or the North Sea, where the application

for support under 2 § 1,

5. a schedule of the measures,

6. the estimated costs of the measures

eligibility and what percentage of these costs

the aid is intended to cover, and

7. the extent to which support for the same measures have been applied for

or granted under any other enactment.

Examination of the application

section 6 issues of assistance under this regulation be reviewed by

the County Administrative Board in the county where vattenvårdsprojektet

are primarily intended to be carried out.

7 § When the provincial Government considers an application for the aid referred to in paragraph 2 of 1

It shall pay particular attention to how well the action with respect to

total cost contributes to decreased amounts of phosphorus or

nitrogen in the Baltic or the North Sea, and

1. helps increase the residence time of water in

water systems,

2. reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or

3. improves conditions for biodiversity.

If the provincial government is trying competing applications under 2

§ 1 and finds that the actions of the various applications help

on equivalent way to reduced amounts of phosphorus or

nitrogen in the Baltic or the North Sea to the support given to the

projects that best meet the requirements of the first subparagraph, 1, 2,

or 3.

Preliminary decision on aid

section 8 Of the provincial Government decides to give support to a

water resources projects, the preliminary determination facility

size and decide on the payment of a maximum of 75% of

the aid. If the aid is a multi-year project

payment of the aid will be distributed over the years. The County Board may

combine a decision with the conditions needed to take account of

objective of aid.


section 9 that have been supported to each year in a progress report to the

the provincial government account

1. how the timing of the project's measures have been complied with,

2. how the terms of the support order has been complied with,

3. the results of the measures has resulted in the short term,


4. how the project is intended to continue to be operated and

be followed up.

10 § whoever has been supported to after the project has

carried out in a final report to the provincial government account

1. the results of the measures has brought,

2. the effectiveness of the measures referred to in section 2 1 contributes to decreased

amounts of phosphorus or nitrogen in the Baltic or the North Sea,

3. how the terms of the support order has been complied with,

4. the cost of each measure covered by the project, and

5. how the remaining monitoring and evaluation of

the project is intended to be carried out.

A final decision on the aid

11 § When a project has finally been reported to County Government

final determination of amount and decide on final


Monitoring and information

section 12 of the provincial government to continuously follow the development of the County in

the case of the water resources projects have been given support under this


The provincial government will be at sea and water authority report

preliminary and final decision on aid. Regulation (2011:638).

Refunds and chargebacks

section 13 recipient of a paid aid under this regulation

is obliged to refund if

1. a measure covered by vattenvårdsprojektet in

essential respects deviates from the conditions referred to in section 8,

2. a measure which falls within the scope of the project have not been implemented

or altered in any material respect without County Board


3. assistance has been provided as a result of the applicant

incorrect or incomplete information,

4. the applicant has caused that the aid paid with improperly

amount, or

5. the aid for other reasons has been paid with an incorrect amount

and the recipient reasonably should have known this.

section 14 If a recipient's repayment obligation according to section 13,

the Administrative Board may decide to require

back support. Regulation (2014:1060).


15 § marine and water authority may notify the closer

regulations on

1. eligible actions referred to in section 2, and

2. What is required of an application pursuant to section 5 and reports in accordance with

9, 10 and 12 sections. Regulation (2011:638).


section 16 of the County Board's decision pursuant to this Regulation shall not

be appealed.