Language Law (2009:600)

Original Language Title: Språklag (2009:600)

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Law's content and purpose

section 1 of this Act provides for Swedish language, the

national minority languages and the Swedish sign language.

The law also contains provisions on the public responsibility

to the individual is given access to language and if

language use in the public sector and in international


2 § the purpose of law is to specify the language and other language

position and use in the Swedish society. The law

also aims to protect the Swede and the linguistic

diversity in Sweden as well as the individual's access to language.

3 § If another law or regulation contains any

provision for derogation from this Act, apply to the


Swedish language

section 4 of the Swedish is the main language in Sweden.

5 § as the main language is Swedish society's common language,

as anyone who is resident in Sweden will have access to and

can be used in all areas of society.

section 6 of the General have a particular responsibility to Swedish

used and developed.

The national minority languages

section 7 of the national minority languages are Finnish, jiddisch,

Meänkieli, romani chib and Sami.

section 8 of the General has a special responsibility to protect and

promotion of national minority languages.

The Swedish sign language

§ 9 the General has a special responsibility to protect and

promote the Swedish sign language.

Language use in the public sector

section 10 of the language of the courts, administrative authorities and other

bodies which fulfill tasks in the public sector is


In other law has specific provisions relating to the right to use

national minority languages and other Nordic languages.

As regards the obligation for courts and

managing authorities to employ the services of an interpreter and translating

documents, there are specific provisions.

section 11 of the language in the public sector should be nurtured, simple

and understandable.

12 § public authorities have a particular responsibility to Swedish

terminology in their various areas of expertise available,

used and developed.

The Swede in the international context

13 § Swedish is the official language in international


The position of the Swedish language as an official language of the European Union

should be safeguarded.

The individual's access to language

section 14 of anyone who is a resident of Sweden shall be allowed to

Learn, develop and use Swedish. In addition,

1. the belonging to a national minority shall be given the opportunity to

Learn, develop and use the minority language, and

2. anyone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing, and that of other

reasons, the need for sign language to be given the opportunity to learn,

develop and use the Swedish sign language.

Those who have a mother tongue other than the languages referred to in

the first subparagraph shall be given the opportunity to develop and use

their mother tongue.

section 15, the General is responsible for ensuring that the individual be given access

to the language in section 14.