Regulation (2009:620) On Animal Welfare Control Register

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:620) om djurskyddskontrollregister

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down rules in connection

to the law (2009:619) on animal welfare control registers.

2 § with animal welfare control registers referred to in this regulation

the State's agricultural work for Act

(2009:619) on animal welfare control registers.

Personal data may be processed

paragraph 3 of the animal welfare control register may only contain the

information listed in the annex to this regulation.

Personal information to be provided to the registry

section 4 of the food and drug administration, the Sami Parliament and provincial governments will be to

Agriculture Department provide such information specified in annex

to this regulation. Authorities shall consult with

The Agriculture Department before they leave the data.

Regulation (2011:650).

Correction of submitted information

5 § inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information

referred to in paragraph 4 shall be notified by the Agriculture Department after consultation with the

the authority concerned.

Direct access

section 6 of the Agriculture Department may provide for the

security measures to be applied by such direct access

referred to in paragraphs 9 and 10 of the Act (2009:619) if

animal health inspection records.


section 7 of the Data protection register in animal control related to decisions

If the ban is to take care of animals, or a particular kind of animal

for screening no later than four years after the end of the year in which the

the decision came to an end.

§ 8 the Agriculture Department may, after consultation with the national archives announce

regulations, or in the case to decide, whether to

personal information for screening last at a certain time.

The national archives may, however, provide for the

personal data may be kept for historical, statistical and

scientific purposes.

Enforcement regulations

§ 9 the Agriculture Department must notify the regulations needed

for the enforcement of this regulation.


Tasks in animal welfare control register

A. information on the control object

1. personal, coordination or corporate

2. name or corporate name

3. official number

4. contact information

5. city

6. Assembly

7. County

B. information on the control site

1. official number

2. the kontrollobjektets function on the control site

3. control point name

4. contact information

5. real estate letter

6. geographical x-and y-coordinates

7. city

8. Assembly

9. County

10. date of last inspection

11. type of business

– production

– production system

-production line

– retention forms

12. animal information

– species

-animal category

– the number of animals per species and category of animals at maximum capacity

– actual number of animals per species and category of animals

13. individual data for cattle

– age

– individual numbers

14. information concerning the quality system,

– type of system

-date of last update

C. data on case

1. official number

2. case sentence

3. status

4. position

5. date of position

6. the period of validity of licences and decision

7. type of control

8. control method

9. date of inspection

10. in case the current activities

– real estate letter

– County

– the activities concerned

– animal species concerned

– the number of animals concerned

D. other information

1. technical and administrative information necessary to

meet the purposes of the registry