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Regulation (2009:946) With Instruction For National Land Survey Of Sweden

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:946) med instruktion för Lantmäteriet

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paragraph 1 of the national land survey of Sweden is the State surveying authority.

section 2 of the national land survey of Sweden is the administrative authority for questions about

real estate Division, of fundamental geographic information

and real estate information, for entry under the land code

and about the geodetic reference system.

paragraph 3 of the national land survey of Sweden to promote

1. a uniform and efficient professional activity and

an efficient real estate subdivision,

2. the proper functioning of the supply of basic geographical

information and property information of such magnitude,

quality and timeliness to the needs of society are met,

3. a uniform and efficient registration activities, and

4. a national unified geodetic infrastructure.

section 4 of the national land survey of Sweden has a national samordningsansvar for

production, interaction, provision and development of

the field of geographic information and property information


paragraph 5 of the national land survey of Sweden to

1. be responsible for the construction, operation, updating and

provision of basic spatial data and

real estate information,

2. handle registration matters under the land code,

3. deal with Ordinances,

4. be responsible for the operation, updating and provision of

information regarding deposit letter system and apartment records,

5. be responsible for the national geodetic reference networks,

6. foster the coherence, coordination and quality in the

measurement area and within the map area,

7. promote an effective and caring for city name State and

decide on the place names to the extent that no other

Authority has the power to do so,

8. be responsible for accounting, supervision and management of the

border on land against Finland,

9. carry out development activities in its area of activity

and research activities in the field of Geodesy,

10. determine matters concerning property tax rates, and

11. supervise the municipal surveying authorities.

section 6 of the national land survey of Sweden shall, within the framework of its activity


1. monitor Sweden's interest in international efforts,

2. contribute to Sweden's policy for global development and

the implementation of the policy,

3. interact with authorities and organisations in other countries of the

issues relevant to the national land survey of Sweden,

4. be responsible for the coordination and support in the implementation of the EU-


5. investigate and comment on issues and goals of courts and

other government agencies, if an agency requests, and

6. otherwise, give advice and support. Regulation (2010:1771).

section 7 of the national land survey of Sweden should seize the opportunity to engage in

such service export which is consistent with the Authority's tasks

and area of activity. Regulation (2012:206).

section 8 in order to ensure national defense requirements to national land survey of Sweden

consult with the armed forces, the Swedish civil

preparedness and other interested totalförsvarsmyndigheter.

Regulation (2011:414).

Article 9 of the national land survey of Sweden to ensure that the regulations and procedures

authority is disposes of is cost effective and simple

for citizens and businesses.

Commission activities

section 10 Within their field of activity, with the Secretariat that may

limitations imposed by section 12, conduct external activities.

Regulation (2012:206).

11 repealed by Regulation (2011:414).

section 12 of the national land survey of Sweden may conduct external activities only if

activities include

1. preparation of real estate listings and real estate and

Archive investigation

2. advice and training in real estate legal and

geodetic issues,

3. advice and training in real estate technical issues in

connection with the preparation of such a report in

plan the description referred to in Chapter 4. paragraph 33 3

planning and building Act (2010:900),

4. preparation of the application for title deed, value certification for title deed

and construction map, on contract activity is carried out in connection

with the real estate training,

5. proposals for amendment of the implementation detail plane character

necessary for the implementation of a business,

6. limit the expulsion,

7. Drawing up of agreements under fixed Act (1973:1149),

8. formation of the Community Association,

9. administrative co-operation relating to assignments to State


10. measurement, calculation and mapping (MBK business) as well as

documents and proposals for easier detail plan of

implementing character in the parts of Sweden where other solutions

lack of market reasons, or

11. technical management support in duty process.

Regulation (2011:414).


13 § Sweden is led by a Board of Directors.

section 14 of the Board of Directors shall consist of no more than seven members.

Regulation (2011:414).


15 § Regional commissions will be held financially

separate from the ordnance survey's activities in General.

Regulation (2011:414).

section 16 of the national land survey of Sweden's registry offices according to chapter 19. paragraph 3 of the

land code. Land Registry Department shall be divided into

areas of activity with a register Office in

1. Eksjö for activity, Kalmar, Jönköping

Kronoberg, Örebro and Östergötland County and Essunga,

Falköping, Grästorp, Gullspång, Götene, Hjo, Karlsborg,

Lidköping, Mariestad, Skara, Skövde, Tibro, Tidaholm,

Töreboda and municipalities,

2. Härnösand for Gävleborg, jämtland field of activity and

Västernorrland County,

3. Hässleholm for activity and Blekinge, Skåne County, Sweden

4. for Gotland, Stockholm Hallett Cove area of operation,

Södermanland and uppland,

5. Mora, Dalarna and Västmanland County for the area of activity,

6. Skellefteå for the area of Norrbotten and

Västerbotten County, and

7. Uddevalla for area of Halland, Värmland

County as well as Ale, Alingsås Bengtsfors Bollebygd, Borås, Dals,-

Eds, Färgelanda, Göteborg, Härryda, Kungälv, Herrljunga,

Lerum, Lilla Edet, Lysekil, Marks, Mellerud, Munkedal,

Mölndal Orust Partille,,,, Sotenäs Stenungsund,

Strömstad, Svenljunga, Tanum, Tjörn, Tranemo,

Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Ulricehamn, Vårgårda, Vänersborg,

Åmål and Öckerö municipalities.

17 repealed by Regulation (2012:822).

Place name Council

section 18 In Sweden, see Place name Council which advises the

questions about place names with representatives of ortnamnsvård and

name-giving stakeholders.

The geodata Advisory Board

section 19 within the national land survey of Sweden, see the geodata Advisory Board that provides advice on issues

relating to ordnance survey's coordinating role in the field of

geographical information and property information


The geodata Advisory Board to

1. participate in the work of a national strategic plan for the

overall information supply within geodataområdet,

2. address issues of principle and common national

interest in geodataområdet,

3. contribute to the development of the national and

international infrastructure of geodataområdet by

for example, support the application of standards,

4. contribute to enhanced coordination between the relevant authorities in

issues on information development and provision of

information, and

5. contribute to the coordination of the infrastructure for access

to and exchange of spatial information on the environment.

Regulation (2010:1771).

section 20 of the geodata Advisory Board consists of a Chairman and not more than twelve other


The Director-General of the national land survey of Sweden is the Chairman. In the Council should


1. the Directors-General of the armed forces, the

civil contingencies Agency, the environmental protection agency, Statistical

Central Office, the Swedish Meteorological and hydrological

Institute, the geological survey of Sweden, the Swedish Maritime Administration and

The Swedish Road Administration, or any of the Directors-General field

in his stead, and

2. one Member representing provincial governments and two members

representing municipalities.

In addition to what is stated in the second paragraph, another Member

be part of the Council. Regulation (2011:414).

section 21 is repealed by Regulation (2010:1771).

section 22 is repealed by Regulation (2010:1771).

23 repealed by Regulation (2010:1771).

Appointments and assignments

section 24 of the Director-General's administrative manager.

25 § Government appoints for a certain time the members of the

The geodata Advisory Board referred to in section 20, second paragraph 2 and third

paragraph. Regulation (2011:414).

Staff matters

section 26 at the national land survey of Sweden there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

section 27 of the national land survey of Sweden will apply the staff representatives Ordinance


Internal audit

section 28 of the national land survey of Sweden will apply the IAS regulation



29 § Fees for Ordinances is determined in accordance with regulation

(1995:1459) on charges for surveying Ordinances.

section 30 of the national land survey of Sweden shall levy charges for

1. provision of basic geographic information

and real estate information, including General maps,

2. grant of rights to use geographic information and

real estate information,

3. Commission activities, and

4. service exports.

Sweden may provide for the amount of the

fees referred to in the first subparagraph.

The basics of the fees referred to in the first subparagraph 1 and 2

determined by the national land survey of Sweden, so that the total fees to cover

Land register costs for withdrawals and processing as well as contribute

to the costs of construction, operation, updating and

development of systems, databases and information.

Regulation (2012:206).

30 (a) § national land survey of Sweden will charge fees to authority

After specific request to disclose documents in larger format than

A4 and prints from automatic computerized registry map.

Fees shall be equal to the cost price of the copy or

printing and may not relate to reimbursement to develop or

restore the document.

Sweden may provide for fees.

Provisions for specific written decision and appeal in

23 and 24 of the fees regulation (1992:191) shall apply to

fees charged according to the ordnance survey's regulations.

Regulation (2011:1157).

30 (b) § national land survey of Sweden may dispose of their fee income, however,

no such fee revenue referred to

1.10, 11 and 13 of the Regulation (1993:1270) on statistical returns in respect of the

registry of local house owners, etc.,

2. in section 21 Registration Ordinance (2000:309),

3. in paragraph 1 of the Regulation (2011:1012) on the charging for ordnance survey's

processing of some cases of killing of a lost document.

Regulation (2011:1157).

Exemptions from the Government agencies Ordinance

section 31 of the National Land Commission activities are not subject

the rules on case list in section 29

the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515).


32 § Lantmäteriet's decision in place name matters pursuant to section 5 of 7

1. as far as the names of cities, towns and villages which, according to the Statistical

Central Agency's urban delimitation is an urban area may

be appealed only by the municipality where the capital is situated, and

2. as far as the names of buildings or naturlokaliteter may

an appeal of that decision concerns if the decision has gone against

the complainant and of the municipality where the buildings or

naturlokaliteten is located.

Such decisions may be appealed to the Government.

Regulation (2010:1771).

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on 2 May 2011 in terms of section 12 of the

and in General on 1 May 2011.