Regulation (2009:947) With Instruction For The Swedish Chemicals Agency

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:947) med instruktion för Kemikalieinspektionen

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section 1 of the Swedish Chemicals Agency is, in so far as no other

Authority has the task, the administrative authority for matters concerning

health and environmental risks associated with

1. chemical products,

2. biotech organisms, and

3. goods which, because of their content or treatment has

such properties that they need to be regulated as chemical

products and biotechnical organisms.

section 2 of the Swedish Chemicals Agency will be ensure that the generation of the target

for the environmental work and environmental quality objectives that Parliament has

established accessible and shall, where necessary, propose measures for

environmental work development and coordination of follow-up;

evaluating and reporting on environmental quality objective

A non-toxic environment.

Inspection, in terms of their environmental efforts under the first

paragraph report to the environmental protection agency and consult with

work on the reporting as needed.

Regulation (2011:89).

paragraph 3 of the Swedish Chemicals Agency, in its field of activity


1. cooperation within the European Union,

2. in the environment work carried out under Swedish

development cooperation,

3. within the Swedish policy for global development, and

4. in the field of international cooperation in General.

The inspection shall also be the Government's expert in the work

as the Government pursues in these areas.

section 4 of the Swedish Chemicals Agency shall in particular:

1. in the case of such products, organisms and products

given in paragraph 1 and their health and environmental risks

a) follow developments, keeping the Government informed and in

propose measures, and

b) provide in provisions notified with

the support of the Swedish environmental code,

2. examine matters concerning the authorisation of pesticides,

3. maintain and develop register of chemical products and

biotechnical organisms,

4. inform, support and interact with companies, authorities

and other chemical products, biotechnological

organisms, chemical safety and the applicable rules, and in

issues related to inspection activities,

5. contribute knowledge to promote research and

development cooperation that have particular relevance to

achieve environmental quality objective non-toxic environment, and

6. be responsible for the Central tillsynsvägledningen in its

field of activity.

5 § the Swedish Chemicals Agency shall ensure that the regulatory framework and

routines that authority disposes of is cost effective

and easy for citizens and businesses.

5 a of the Swedish Chemicals Agency may, within the framework of full

cost recovery, engage such service exports which is compatible

with the Authority's tasks and areas of activity.

Regulation (2011:89).


section 6 of the Chemicals Inspectorate is headed by a head of Government.

Advisory Council

section 7 At the Swedish Chemicals Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council

with a maximum of ten members.

section 8 Has been repealed by Regulation (2014:1559).

9 repealed by Regulation (2014:1559).

Toxicological Council

section 10 Within the Swedish Chemicals Agency, see Toxicological Council

is an advisory body whose role is to be an expert body

for advice and consultation in toxicological questions and within

the framework of the

1. provide guidance to the authorities in their work with criteria

and principles of scientific questions,

2. promote a high scientific standard of Government

analyses of the risks of chemical substances, and

3. contribute to such coordination that the authorities can

make the basic parts of a risk analysis on a

uniform a manner as possible.

section 11 Toxicological Council consists of the head of Government, that is

the President of the Council, and representatives of the authorities and

individual researchers. The Council appoints from among its members a Vice-Chairman.

Appointment as head of Government

section 12 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

Staff matters

13 § At the Swedish Chemicals Agency, there shall be a

staff disciplinary board.

section 14 of the Swedish Chemicals Agency shall apply the

the staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).

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