Regulation (2009:968) With Instruction For Defence Intelligence Court

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:968) med instruktion för Försvarsunderrättelsedomstolen

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Information, etc.

paragraph 1 of the Rules of court, the defence intelligence

tasks, composition and quorum exists in law

(2009:966) on defence intelligence Court.

Scope of authority

section 2 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall apply to the Defence Intelligence Court:

3 and 4 sections on responsibilities,

section 6 of General information,

section 8 if the Agency's employer's policy,

19 § about cost implications, and

paragraph 21 of the decision of the Agency.

It is said that those provisions of the Agency's management shall

refer to the President of the Court of Justice in accordance with the provision of

11. The provision in section 21 of the Government agencies Ordinance shall apply

only in administrative matters.

Organization and management

section 3 before the Court is a private office.

4 § in Defence Intelligence Court should, in addition to the Chairman,

Vice Chairman and members referred to in the law

(2009:966) on defence intelligence Court, head of Office


The Defense Intelligence Agency, the President of the Court is the Court's

Administrative Manager.

The Permanent Secretary is responsible for the processing operations in

the Court of Justice.

paragraph 5 of the Defence intelligence in the rules of procedure, the Court may

provide for or in a particular case, decide on the

the Court's organisation and arrangements of the Court


The fate of the objectives

section 6 of the regulations on the processing of applications for

permission for signals intelligence, see law (2009:966) on

Defence intelligence Court and the law (2008:717)

signals intelligence in the Defense intelligence operations.

section 7 Objectives are taken up to the preparation and presentation of the

order in which they arrived, unless circumstances warrant

a different order. A case or issue that has come up in a

the target should be dealt with as a matter of priority if the target or the issue of any

specific reason should be dealt with promptly.

section 8 in respect of the notes at the hearing in the case before the

Defence intelligence Court, registration of incoming targets

formation and Act and what linked thereby concerning

Regulation (2013:390) on targets in the General Administrative Court

applicable parts. Regulation (2013:403).

paragraph 9 of the decision of the Court of Justice should be dispensed to the requesting authority

and to the State's inspection

defence intelligence function.

section 10 of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the rules of procedure, the Court may

provide for or in a particular case, decide on the

who in the Court who may request explanations,

information or opinions, and perform other preparatory

actions in objectives.

The handling of administrative cases

section 11 of the Administrative cases is determined by the President of the Court of Justice

subject to the rules of procedure.

Employment, etc.

section 12 of the Regulations concerning the appointment of the President of the

Defence intelligence Court in the Act (2010:1390) if

appointing judges. Provisions for the appointment of

Vice-President and special members see law

(2009:966) on defence intelligence Court.

Defence intelligence Judgments, the Court shall notify the Board when

There is a vacant position as a President who needs

be added.

Employment as head of Cabinet is decided by the Government.

The Permanent Secretary must be legally qualified. Other positions are decided by the

Defence intelligence Court.

For other positions at Court than the employment of

the President does not need section 6 of the Employment Ordinance (1994:373)

applied. Regulation (2010:1811).

section 13 only Swedish citizens may be employed

at the Defence Intelligence Court.