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Regulation (2009:1394) With Instruction For National Veterinary Institute

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:1394) med instruktion för Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt

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section 1 of the national Veterinary Institute has the task of

be veterinary expert and service body

agencies and individuals.

2 § the museums shall that riskvärderande authority and

emergency response authority

1. investigation of infectious animal diseases, including zoonoses,

the occurrence, cause and dissemination as well as participate in

the prevention and the fight against these diseases,

2. maintain an effective vaccine preparedness relating to

infectious animal diseases including zoonoses,

3. be national veterinary laboratory,

4. perform Diagnostics of zoonoses, epizootic and other

notifiable diseases in animals, including Diagnostics

provided for in the EU acquis,

5. be national reference laboratory in their

area of activity,

6. investigate the dissemination of infectious agents and chemical hazard substances

in feed and feed safety prevention work,

7. perform Diagnostics of infectious agents and chemical hazard substances

in feed,

8. conducting research and development work within their

area of activity,

9. monitor and analyse the development of medical conditions of the

domesticated and wild animals,

10. monitor and analyse the development of resistance to

antibiotics and other antimicrobials among

microorganisms in animals and in food,

11. promote the rational use of antibiotics


12. within the framework of its field provide

services in the field of veterinary forensics, and

13. formulate a national plan for monitoring of epizootic

diseases and zoonoses, which is determined by the

The Agriculture Department. Regulation (2014:868).

2 a of The Commission activities carried out by the authority,

be in accordance with the Agency's mission and responsibilities. Are there

private providers who offer the same goods and

services contract activity conducted in limited

extent in order not to hamper the prospects for a

effective competition on the market, unless there are special

reasons for something else. The need to perform

external relations will be continuously analyzed and documented.

Regulation (2014:868).

2 b section at the Agency, there shall be a national expert group

in order to maintain expertise

1. about how diseases occur and spread,

2. in assisting the Agriculture Department to

ensure readiness in the face of outbreaks of epizootic

diseases and zoonoses, and

3. for the inspection and control of epizootic diseases and


The national expert group shall be composed of, among others,

epidemiologists, researchers and diagnosticians.

Regulation (2014:868).

3 § the museums shall primarily perform the examinations

and investigations requested by the Agriculture Department. These should

planned and implemented following consultations with the Agriculture Department.

The authority shall, if possible, with priority in carrying out the

investigations as other State agencies.

Regulation (2014:868).

4 § the museums shall, within the framework of its own activities, and

in collaboration with other stakeholders, to contribute to the implementation of the

Sweden's policy for global development.

The Agency's management

§ 5 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

6 section at the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting

of no more than eight members.


6 a section in Chapter 2. section 3 of the Regulation (1993:221) for the Swedish

University of agricultural sciences provides for a scientific

library that is shared by the Swedish University of agricultural sciences and

The national Veterinary Institute. Regulation (2010:1489).

Positions and assignments

section 7 the Director General is the head of Government.

section 8 at the Agency, there shall be a statsepizootolog.

Statsepizootologen will be responsible for matters relating to the epizootic

and other serious infectious diseases.

§ 9 a statsepizootolog or professor

decided by the Government after proposal by the authority.

section 10 in a case concerning employment as statsepizootolog,

the state veterinarian or laborator, the authority shall collect

opinion of the three experts. If the employment is as

Professor, applied instead, section 13.

In respect of employment as statsepizootolog, the authority shall

also consult with the Agriculture Department.

11 § Qualified for employment as statsepizootolog,

the state veterinarian or laboratory technician is the one that has the

scientific skills and the knowledge and experience

and the ability of other needed with regard to

work tasks.

For permission for employment as statsepizootolog or

In addition, laborator epizoological units

identification of veterinary surgeons, proven experience in a topic

belonging to the epizootologins area of activity as well as practical

experience of fältepizootologiskt work.

section 12 of That criterion in deciding whether such employment

referred to in paragraph 10 of the terms of the degree of such scientific and

other skills that are relevant for its tasks.

Particular attention should be paid to both scientific skill

as has been demonstrated by our own research and experimentation

as well as planning and management of research and

the experimental activities and skill shown by

independent work within the subject area.

If the species require, particular attention is also

be attached to properties other than referred to in the first subparagraph,

such as educational, clinical or practical skill,

Administrative and managerial ability or other

experience relevant to the position.

section 13 Before the Agency submits its proposal to the Government

in a case if the appointment as a professor, the

– Download the opinion of applicants to the employment from a

University or college that is active in the field of

employment, as well as

– give the applicants to the employment opportunity to comment

the Agency's proposal. Regulation (2010:1489).

paragraph 14 of A professor at the Agency to teach at

Agricultural University or other higher education institutions in the field of

their competence to the extent that the authority determines. Even

other officials of the authority shall, within their subject area

teach at high schools to the extent and under the conditions

which authority determines.

Staff disciplinary board

section 15 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

16 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



section 17 of the authority may charge fees for examinations

and investigations and provision of vaccines, Diagnostics and

laboratory products, unless the context otherwise.

Authority may decide upon the fees.

Regulation (2010:1489).