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Regulation (2009:1395) With Instruction For Sami Parliament

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:1395) med instruktion för Sametinget

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section 1 of the Sami Parliament's administrative authority within the reindeer

area and for Sami culture.

section 2 of the Sami Parliament has the information as shown in Chapter 2. 1, 1 (a)

and 5 sections to the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1433). The Sami Parliament shall also

1. monitor, evaluate and keep the Government informed of

development of reindeer husbandry, Sami and other business

Sami culture, as well as

2. monitor, evaluate and keep the Government informed of

development of the minority policy and the application of

Act (2009:724) on national minorities and minority languages

with regard to the Sami and Sami.

The Sami Parliament may provide for the scope of

party support and the modalities of the assistance.

section 3 of the Sami Parliament should integrate a gender perspective in

the Authority's activities. The authority shall, in decisions related to

the individual shall be deleted from the conditions and needs of women and men

and actively analyze the consequences for women and

men of the decisions taken.

Individual-based statistics are to be consistently presented and

analysed by gender as cross-cutting basis, if it

no special reasons against this.

section 4 of the Sami Parliament should ensure that the Agency's regulations;

General advice and other guidance documents are designed on a

such a way that they are cost effective and easy-to-follow

and understanding for citizens and businesses. The authority shall also

its activities are otherwise facilitate citizens ' and companies '

contacts with the Agency.

paragraph 5 of the Sami Parliament shall submit annually to the Government account, and

Commenting on the results of the Agency's activities in relation

the information shown in Chapter 2. section 1 of the Act, the Sami Parliament



clause 6 of the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1433) provides for

The composition and tasks of the Sami Parliament, the appointment of

President and vice President, councils, quorums, and if

elections to the Sami Parliament.

section 7 of the Sami Parliament shall have a Secretariat headed by a Director.

The Permanent Secretary may not simultaneously be a member or Deputy member of the

The Sami Parliament, the Sami Parliament Board or any of the boards

described in Chapter 2. paragraph 5 of the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1433).

Regulation (2011:785).

The Board's responsibilities and tasks

paragraph 8 of the Sami Parliament's Board of Directors has the information

Chapter 2. section 4 of the Sami Parliament Act (1992:1433).

Sami Parliament Board should examine whether the Agency's activities

are carried out effectively and in compliance with the purpose of

the business. The Board decides on the

1. the Authority's annual report, interim report and

budget information, and ensures that the authority

an internal control which acts on a

reliable manner,

2. guidelines and audit plan of the internal audit and

measures in response to internal audit observations and

internal audit recommendations according to section 10 of the regulation

(2006:1228), as well as

3. such provisions aimed at individuals, municipalities

or county councils.

§ 9 Sami Parliament Board decides on measures in response to the

National Audit audit reports. If The National Audit

the auditor of the Authority's annual report

contain any objection, the Sami Parliament Board account

for the Government, what measures the authority has taken or

intends to take in response to the objection.

Report shall be submitted within one month of

the audit report submitted.

section 10 of the Sami Parliament Board no later than 1 March each year to

The Attorney-General hand over a list of the cases that

had arrived before 1 July of the previous year but that had not been

settled at the end of the year.

The Attorney General may, in the individual case, provide for an exception

from the first paragraph.

Office Manager's responsibilities and duties

section 11 of the Administrative Director is responsible for the Agency's activities and to

ensure that it is carried out effectively and in accordance with applicable law and

the obligations arising out of membership in

The European Union, it is reported in a reliable

and fair manner and that the Agency do well with

State funds.

The Permanent Secretary must also ensure that the Government gets it

basis as the need to consider

the magnitude and direction of the Agency's activities.

section 12 of the Permanent Secretary shall keep the Board of Directors of the Sami Parliament informed about

the Authority's activities, provide the Board with a basis for

decisions and to execute the decisions of the Board of Directors.

paragraph 13 of the Permanent Secretary has the responsibility and the information as follows

of the 6, 7, 8 and 19 of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515).

Rules of procedure

section 14 of the Sami Parliament will be in a working order, decide the rules

needed if the Sami Parliament organization and modalities for

the Authority's activities.


section 15 of the Sami Parliament, in the Authority's work order info

regulations or in a particular case, decide to hand over

to the President, the Chairman of the Board, or to someone who

Officiating at the Sami Parliament to decide matters of the

the battle that they do not have to be dealt with by the municipal councils or

the Board of Directors.

Caseload management

section 16 When matters of major importance are dealt with in the Sami Parliament or

the Board shall, if possible, all of the members to be present.

section 17 of the cases will be decided after the presentation. Of the rules of procedure

or in specific decision, it must be acknowledged that the cases

determined in accordance with section 15 does not have to be preferred.

Staff disciplinary board

17 section At the Sami Parliament, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

The Permanent Secretary shall chair the staff disciplinary board.

Regulation (2011:785).

Applicability of certain regulations

17 b of the Sami Parliament should apply the staff representatives Ordinance

(1987:1101). Regulation (2011:785).

section 18 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the Sami Parliament:

– 2-4 paragraphs about the Authority's management,

– Article 5 of the delegation,

– 9-18 sections on enrådighetsmyndigheter, Board authorities and


-section 20 of presentation,

– 22 – 24 sections of appointments and assignments,

– section 28 on measures in response to the National Audit

the auditor's report, and

– section 29 on the case. Regulation (2011:785).