Regulation (2009:1426) With Instruction For The Swedish National Food Administration

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:1426) med instruktion för Livsmedelsverket

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section 1 of the NFA has the administrative authority for

food issues to the task to in the interest of consumers

working for safe food handling in food, conscientiousness

and good eating habits.

2 § the museums shall

1. promote an efficient and equivalent food controls in the

across the country,

2. lead, coordinate and follow up the food control,

3. conduct surveys of foods and eating habits as well as

perform analysis, develop methods and carry out risk and

commercial values in the area of food,

4. inform consumers, businesses and other stakeholders in

food chain if applicable rules, dietary guidelines and other

key conditions in the area of food,

5. facilitate and create favorable conditions for entrepreneurship

in the food sector,

6. push for exporting food companies meet

such specific requirements that the recipient country can set,

7. to coordinate matters relating to infant nutrition, including


8. promote consumer, especially children and youth,

ability to make informed choices regarding healthy and

safe food,

9. encourage the development of meals in healthcare, school and


10. promote the generation target for environmental work and the

environmental quality objectives which Parliament has determined is reached and at

propose measures for environmental development work, as well as

11. be national reference laboratory in their

field of activity. Regulation (2015:294).

2 a of the authority shall be the authority responsible for

nutrition and promote good eating habits as well as coordinate

governmental authorities information about good eating habits.

Regulation (2011:1229).

3 § the museums shall be responsible for the national coordination of

drinking water issues, particularly with regard to

1. adaptation to climate change, as well as

2. crisis and contingency planning with respect to

supply of drinking water.

The authority shall also be responsible for the national coordination

in crisis and emergency planning

food security in the trail after primary production.

4 § the museums shall ensure that its regulations and

guidance documents are designed in such a way that they are

cost effective and easy to follow and understand

consumers, businesses and control authorities. The authority shall

even in its operations in General easier for consumers,

corporate and control contacts with authorities


5 § the museums shall integrate a gender perspective in

their activities. The authority shall in its information and

investigative work is deleted from the conditions of women and men

and needs.

Individual-based statistics are to be consistently presented and

analysed by gender as cross-cutting basis, if it

no special reasons against this.

5 a of the authority shall, within the framework of its own activities,

and in cooperation with other stakeholders, to contribute to the implementation of the

Sweden's policy for global development. Regulation (2011:1229).

5 b of the Authority may perform the service exports which are directly

linked to the development cooperation authority

conducts internationally. Regulation (2014:1431).

Specific tasks

section 6 of the authority shall be entrusted with certain tasks in the

agricultural products and foodstuffs, in accordance with

of the Regulation (2009:1425) on the control of protected

indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Regulation (2014:1084).

section 7 of the Authority shall perform the duties of a Member State

under articles 41 to 44 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 of 29 april 2004 on official

controls performed to ensure the verification of compliance with

feed and food law,

animal health and animal welfare. The total control plan and the

annual report to be drawn up after consultations with Government

agricultural works.

section 8 authority shall in its field of activity, assist

The Agriculture Department with input for the General contingency plan

for feed and food referred to in article 13 of

European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 882/2004.

The dossier shall be established in accordance with the same article in this


8 a of the authority may, at the request of the State Provincial Office perform

such audits of County Administrative Board's food control

referred to in article 4 (6) of the European Parliament and of the Council

Regulation (EC) No 882/2004. Regulation (2015:294).

9 § the museums shall perform the duties of a Member State

under articles 30, 31, 40, 43 and 44 in

European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the

on 23 February 2005 on maximum residue levels for

pesticide residues in or on food and feed of

plant and animal origin and amending

Council Directive 91/414/EEC.

The control programme, referred to in article 30, shall, as regards

feed shall be drawn up following consultation with the Agriculture Department. The data

in accordance with articles 43 and 44 of the European Parliament and the Council

Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 shall be carried out after consultation with the

The Agriculture Department.

section 10 of the authority is the contact authority of the European

food safety authority (EFSA). Authority

responsible for coordinating with other relevant Swedish

authorities in contacts with the EFSA.

11 § the museums shall, in respect of their environmental efforts pursuant to article 2 of the

10 report to the environmental protection agency and consult with the work of

What reporting is required. Regulation (2015:294).

12 § the museums shall, within its field of activity, assist

Agriculture with such supporting material as needed

information, training, supervision and how deviations shall

be assessed from the point of view of support in terms of business requirements according to

Regulation (2004:760) of EU direct payments to farmers

accommodation and Ordinance (2007:481) on support for

rural development measures. Regulation (2014:1084).

12 a of the Agency shall, not later than 30 september each year to

the Government must provide an accounting of how the food control

can be developed and improved. Report shall include

the deficiencies in the control that the work identified and describe

how they can be addressed. Regulation (2015:294).

section 13 Authority may perform

1. laboratory studies in its field of activity on the

behalf of the individual, and

2. mission to the authorities with regard to food and feed.

The authority may provide it with computer-based systems

for diet registration on behalf of universities and colleges

as the State has as principal and subject to the higher education Act

(1992:1434) or on behalf of individual training providers

authorised to issue qualifications according to the law

(1993:792) for permission to issue certain degrees, provided

the results of the research are made available to a third

man. Regulation (2014:1431).

section 14 of the food and drug administration, on behalf of the individual to assist in

activities aimed at a food processing plant,

approved by the third country for exports of foodstuffs.

The Agency's management

section 15 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

16 section at the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting

of no more than eight members.

Positions and assignments

section 17 the Director General is the head of Government.

18 § A professor is hired by order of the Government after

proposal from the authority.

Before the Agency submits its proposal to the Government to


– Download the opinion of applicants to the employment from a

University or college that is active in the field of

employment, as well as

– give the applicants to the employment opportunity to comment

the Agency's proposal. Regulation (2010:1490).

§ 19 is repealed by Regulation (2010:1490).

section 20 of A professor at the authority to teach in the field

of their competence to the extent that the authority decides in

each individual case.

Staff disciplinary board

section 21 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 22 of the authority shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



section 23 of the Authority may charge a fee for such

external relations and other surcharge activities

referred to in 5 (b), sections 13 and 14.

The authority may provide for fees.

Regulation (2014:1431).