Regulation (2009:1474) About Wildlife And Delegations

Original Language Title: Förordning (2009:1474) om viltförvaltningsdelegationer

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section 1 of this regulation is notified pursuant to Chapter 8. section 13

the Constitution Act.


section 2 of The wildlife and delegation is an agency of the

the County Government for cooperation in matters related to

Wildlife and game administration within the County.

3 § wildlife delegation shall decide on the overall

guidelines for

1. wildlife and game administration within the County,

2. care of the Moose population and, where appropriate, for maintenance

of deer and wild boar tribes,

3. license hunting and hunting within the County, and

4. refunds and compensation according to wildlife damage regulation

(2001:724) Regulation (2010:242).

section 4 of The wildlife and delegation to examine questions relating to

approval of

1. the proposed minimum levels for the presence of bear,

Lynx, Wolf and Wolverine in the County that under paragraph 4, first subparagraph

Regulation (2009:1263) concerning the management of bears, wolves, Wolverines,

Lo and Golden Eagle must be submitted to the Council, and

2. the rovdjursförvaltnings plan for the County to be established

under section 7, first paragraph, the regulation on the management of

bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx and Golden Eagles. Regulation (2013:1131).


paragraph 5 of the County Governor is the Chairman of the

Wildlife Advisory Board. During the Governor's absence

should the Governor's Deputy Chair


6 § wildlife delegation is composed, in addition to the Chairman,


1. five members are political representatives and appointed

following a proposal by the County Council,

2. a member who has special knowledge in matters of

traffic safety and illegal hunting and appointed after suggestion

of the police authority,

3. a member who represents hunting and

the wildlife interest,

4. a member who represents naturvårdsintresset,

5. one Member representing outdoor interest;

6. one Member representing owners and users of

agricultural land,

7. one Member representing local industry and tourism,


8. one Member representing the forestry sector.

The members of the first subparagraph of paragraph 3 to 8 shall be appointed on a proposal of

the relevant interest organizations in the County.

In counties with a reindeer husbandry delegation to one of the political

the representatives referred to in the first subparagraph 1 are appointed after consultation with the

The Sami Parliament. Regulation (2014:1242).

7 § in addition to those mentioned in section 6, a delegation in a County


1. commercial fishing have a member who represents the commercial fishing,

2. summer use have a member who represents mountain mill,

3. the reindeer husbandry delegation have a member representing

reindeer husbandry, and

4. the reindeer herding have a member who is appointed after consultation with the

The Sami Parliament.

The members of the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 to 3 shall be appointed after suggestion by

the relevant interest organizations in the County.

section 8 for each Member, there shall be a replacement. What is in

6 and 7 sections about members also applies to their replacements.

§ 9 the provincial government appoints the members and alternates in

delegation. When members and deputies are appointed to a

gender balance should be sought.

Members and deputies shall be registered in the County

or, in the case of the reindeer husbandry practitioners, be members

in a Sámi community that is registered with the Sami Parliament. They shall be appointed

for a contract period not longer than four years. When

period for a member or Deputy member, he may

or she nominated for a new term. If a member or

Deputy resigns, a new Member or Deputy member shall be appointed for

the remainder of the period. Regulation (2013:1131).

Skills development

10 § vilförvaltningsdelegation shall strive for a

for the continuing professional development of members in matters of


Decision making

section 11 of the Cases by the Wildlife Advisory Board is made up of

employees at the County Administrative Board, in consultation with the Chairman.

12 § wildlife delegation is a quorum when

the Chairperson and at least three-quarters of the other members

is present.

If the delegation did not agree on a decision, shall vote

take place. At the vote, the sentence shall be subject to more

than half of the members ' votes. In the event of a tie, has

the President a casting vote.

paragraph 13 of The who, in a matter as a wildlife and delegation

to decide, to report dissenting opinion according to section 19 of the first

or second subparagraph, the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) should make it

before the meeting with the delegation ends.

14 § there should be a record of

Wildlife and the delegation's meetings.