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Regulation (2010:21) If State Funding For Operations In Support Of The National Minority Languages

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:21) om statsbidrag för insatser till stöd för de nationella minoritetsspråken

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

for operations in support of the national minority languages.

With minority languages referred to in this regulation all

varieties of minority languages Finnish, jiddisch, meänkieli,

Romani chib and Sami.

section 2 of the Institute for language and folklore are trying cases on

allowance under this regulation.

The prime purpose of the grant

3 § the purpose of Government grant is to give individuals better

opportunities to acquire, develop and use their

national minority languages by strengthening their ability to

understand, speak, read or write in the minority language.

Regulation (2010:354).

Terms and conditions for submissions

section 4 of the Contribution is provided, subject to availability of funds.

paragraph 5 of the premium may be communicated to organisations and foundations

are not Government or municipal, and non-profit

operating a business in Sweden which is not contrary to

democracy's ideas.

section 6 contributions must not be made to an organisation or

Foundation, which has liabilities of Swedish taxes or fees

of enforcement authority or which are in liquidation or


section 7 of the Contribution may be provided for actions with a purpose

consistent with what is stated in paragraph 3, for example. educational

activities of the language to be learned, language projects

directed to children and their parents or reading promotion


Grants may also be given to efforts to increase individuals '

knowledge about multilingualism or language as cultural carriers

or language transfer between generations, if efforts have

a purpose that is consistent with what is stated in section 3.

Efforts aimed at children and young people should be promoted

in particular.

section 8, grants may be provided for the efforts of an organization or

Foundation carries out on its own or together with one or

several other organizations, foundations or municipalities.


section 9 application for refund shall be made in writing.

The applicant shall submit the documents and information Institute

for language and folklore considers necessary for examination of the application.

section 10 If the person applying for grants under this regulation

do not leave the documents and tasks arising from section 9,

the applicant shall be given the opportunity to complement the application within a

certain period of time. If the applicant fails to comply with a call to

complete the application, it may be tested on an "as is" basis.

Decisions and payments

section 11 of the decision on the contribution shall identify the effort

the grant is awarded. In the decision on the last day of

accounting under section 13 shall be determined.

Decisions on grants may be subject to conditions. These shall be indicated by

the decision.

section 12 of the allowance is paid at one point. If the contribution

exceed five price base amounts according to Chapter 2. 6 and 7 § §

the social security code, the allowance is paid at two

jobs with half of the grant awarded upon each

opportunity. Regulation (2010:1740).


paragraph 13 of an organization or foundation that received contributions

under this regulation is liable to at the time as

specified in the order, submit a financial statement of the

the received funds to the Institute for language and folklore.

The beneficiary shall declare the results

have been achieved and how the results relate to the purpose

that contribution has been granted.

The Organization's or the Foundation's auditor shall certify that the

financial reporting is reliable, accounts

accurate and to the terms and conditions of the contribution and the applicable

regulations have been followed. If the contribution is received

amounted to at least five price base amounts according to Chapter 2. 6 and 7 § §

social insurance code, this shall be done by an authorized

or certified public accountant. Regulation (2010:1740).

section 14 of an organization or foundation that has received

contributions are required, upon request, of the Institute for language and

people's memories leave the Institute needs to

review the financial statements.

section 15 of the Institute for language and folklore, in their

the annual report shall provide an accounting of who has a

contributions, the amounts and for what purposes. Institute

for language and folklore should also, in the annual report

provide a summary of what the contribution paid

have been used to and, if possible, an assessment of

Government grant effects in relation to the purpose of


Refunds and chargebacks

16 § the recipient of a grant under this regulation are

repayment required if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

otherwise have caused that the grant has been submitted incorrectly

or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund entirely or partially unused or not

has been used for the purpose for which it has been granted,

4. a person who has received the grant does not leave such a

report referred to in section 13, or

5. the terms of the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

section 17, if a beneficiary is required to repay pursuant to the

section 16, Institute for language and folklore, decide to

completely or partially recover the premium. If there is

specific reasons to do so, the Institute of languages and

folklore waive recovery in whole or in part.


section 18 of the Institute for language and folklore may notify

regulations on the enforcement of this regulation.


section 19 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.