Law (2010:294) On The Security Control At Public Meetings In Municipalities And County Councils

Original Language Title: Lag (2010:294) om säkerhetskontroll vid offentliga sammanträden i kommuner och landsting

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Security control

section 1 of the security check may be carried out at the entry to

or in facilities available for a meeting in

accordance with the regulation of the local Government Act (1991:900) is

in public, if there is reason to fear that the

the meeting may be perpetrated crimes that involve a

serious danger to someone's life, health or freedom or for

extensive destruction of property.

Decision on safety control

paragraph 2 of the decision on security check should relate to a specific meeting

and, in addition to the meeting room and entrance areas only

include the adjoining premises need to be utilized to

visitors will be able to follow the meeting. In a decision

security check shall identify which session and which

premises covered by the decision.

Decisions taken by the security check that is or will be

presiding at the meeting.

Before security control are decided to be consulted

The police authority. Law (2014:665).

The control's extent and design

section 3 of the security check covers visitors to the meeting

and those premises specified in the decision on the security check.

The control, however, does not relate to the members and alternates at

meeting, or others due to law or special

Mission present at the meeting. It is or should be

the Chairman of the meeting may exclude other people

from the control.

The identity may be checked only to determine whether a

person who is purporting to do not fall within the scope of the security check will

be exempted from it.

section 4 of the security check to weapons and other objects

designed to be used in the offence referred to in paragraph 1 of the

Search. For this purpose, a physical examination must be conducted and

bags and other objects found in the premises specified in the

the decision on the safeguards investigation.

§ 5 the security check is carried out after details of

The police authority of a police officer or, after Police

the appointment, by a security guard under the direction of a police officer.

Law (2014:665).

section 6 of the strip search at the security check to occur using the

metal detector or similar device. A physical examination may

be otherwise if there are special reasons. In this case,

It shall be carried out by a police officer or by a security guard who

The police authority has approved for the task.

Strip search that is of more substantial basis should

be carried out in a remote location and, if possible, in the witness


A physical examination may be carried out or witnessed only by any

that is of the same sex as the person who should be liable to search, if the examination

not done with the metal detector or similar device, or

refers to the subject as the one who should be liable to search has with itself.

Law (2014:665).

section 7 is found at security control any such objects as

referred to in paragraph 4, first sentence, the subject-matter is encountered

in asked to leave it out of storage, if the

not seized in accordance with the provisions of the code of judicial procedure.

There is no known owner of a found object

It may be disposed of.

Deportation and removal

section 8 visitors who refuse to submit to approved

security control and cannot force any jurisdiction to

According to paragraph 3 of the still allowed in the meeting room may be refused

access to the meeting and the facilities covered by

the decision on the security check and be rejected or removed from the

These premises. The same measures may be taken against those who do not

following a request under section 7 to leave the subject.

Storage of objects

§ 9 items that have been provided to the storage or

seized under this Act shall be stored in a

reliable manner. If requested, proof that a

the subject has been submitted to the storage issue.

The object to be returned to the person who left it to

storage when he leaves the premises covered by the decision

If the security check.

Ban appeal

paragraph 10 of Decision under this law may not be appealed.

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