Law (2010:374) About Experimentation With Trafiknykterhetskontrollanter At Ports

Original Language Title: Lag (2010:374) om försöksverksamhet med trafiknykterhetskontrollanter i hamnar

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section 1 of this Act contains provisions on the experimentation with

trafiknykterhets control in ports carried out by particular

ordered trafiknykterhetskontrollanter.

2 § trafiknykterhetskontrollant, in the sample according to

2 paragraph 1 Act (1976:1090) if

alcohol breath tests. At the taking of samples, section 2 of the other and

third subparagraphs law on alcohol breath is applied.

section 3 of The trafiknykterhetskontrollant it may be appointed as

1. with a passing grade has undergone both prior written

training for stewards or custodians, and for

mission specific training, and

2. taking into account the responsibilities and other circumstances, is

suitable for the mission.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

provide for the special education referred to in

the first subparagraph 1.

4 section A trafiknykterhetskontrollant appointed by the

The police authority. The appointment will be announced for some time, not more than

three years. In place of employment, the writ shall be provided.

Law (2014:599).

§ 5 The intending to hire a trafiknykterhetskontrollant

shall consult with Police before a

trafiknykterhets control are organized. Law (2014:599).

section 6, At a trafiknykterhets control

trafiknykterhetskontrollanten under the guidance of a

police officer.

Trafiknykterhetskontrollanten will hold the police

informed of conditions relating to his or her

activities and is of such a nature that the police should know

to them, Law (2014:599).

7 § trafiknykterhetskontrollant to take a

alcohol breath test has the same powers as a police officer has

According to section 22 4 Police Act (1984:387) to stop a vehicle.

section 8 of the police authority may revoke an appointment as

trafiknykterhetskontrollant, if the controller is no longer

satisfies the conditions laid down in paragraph 3 of the first paragraph.

If it can be assumed that the appointment will be cancelled,

Police shut down the trafiknykterhetskontrollanten from

service until the issue of withdrawal have been tried

final. In other cases, the decision on the suspension of a

specific duty time, if

trafiknykterhetskontrollanten breached what is up

him or her in the business.

If it is so urgent that the Police decision cannot

awaited, a police officer, pending the decision of the Agency,

notify a decision as referred to in the second subparagraph.

The decision shall promptly be reported to the police. Has

the suspension is not already stopped, it shall immediately

examine whether it should be continued. Law (2014:599).

9 § trafiknykterhetskontrollant shall not improperly disclose

or take advantage of what he or she is on grounds of duties under

This law has been told about an individual's personal circumstances

or conditions relevant to the prosecution of criminal offences.

In the public activities should apply the provisions of

public access to information and secrecy (2009:400).

section 10 Municipalities may employ trafiknykterhetskontrollanter under

This law.

section 11 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

may provide for fees for the

1. such special training referred to in paragraph 3 of the first paragraph,


2. the application for the appointment as trafiknykterhetskontrollant.

section 12 of the Police under this law or under

the provisions adopted pursuant to the Act must be appealed to

General administrative courts.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.

Transitional provisions


1. This law shall enter into force on July 1, 2010 and applies to

30 June 2013.

2. the provisions of section 9 If the secrecy of

trafiknykterhetskontrollanter, however, until further notice.