Regulation (2010:375) If Experimentation With Trafiknykterhetskontrollanter At Ports

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:375) om försöksverksamhet med trafiknykterhetskontrollanter i hamnar

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section 1 of this regulation contains rules that connect to

Act (2010:374) about experimentation with

trafiknykterhetskontrollanter in ports.

section 2 of the application for appointment as trafiknykterhetskontrollant

must be in writing and submitted to the police.

Regulation (2014:1179).

section 3 Revoked a decree that

trafiknykterhetskontrollant or closed

trafiknykterhetskontrollanten of the service, he shall

immediately submit its evidence for the appointment to

The police authority or to a police officer. If a shutdown

expires without the appointment be revoked, shall

trafiknykterhetskontrollanten bring back proof.

Regulation (2014:1179).

4 § trafiknykterhetskontrollant shall wear clothing or

the characteristic that makes it clear that he or she

serving as trafiknykterhetskontrollant.

5 § training of trafiknykterhetskontrollanter operated by

The police authority or, if there are special reasons for it,

of which has been authorised by the police authority to conduct

such training.

A permit to conduct the training, given only to the

who have sufficient expertise and appropriate organization for

to carry out the education on an expert and

judiciously. Regulation (2014:1179).

section 6 of the police authority may revoke a permit to

training of trafiknykterhetskontrollanter if it is not

further conditions of the permit or if the

There are other special reasons for the withdrawal.

Regulation (2014:1179).

section 7 of the law enforcement agency may charge a fee for such training

by trafiknykterhetskontrollanter that the Agency implements.

The agency determines the size of the fee and have access to the

the fee revenue. Regulation (2014:1179).

section 8 A fee may be charged for the examination of the application under section 2.

For the application fee, etc., the provisions of

9-14 § § fee Regulation (1992:191), in which case the fee class 2


§ 9 of 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) contains provisions

If the appeal to the administrative court. Other decisions

of law enforcement than a decision under section 6 may not be appealed.

Regulation (2014:1179).

section 10 of the police authority must notify the

1. additional regulations on trafiknykterhetskontrollanters


2. regulations on trafiknykterhetskontrollanters equipment,

3. regulations on the special training for

trafiknykterhetskontrollanter, and

4. the additional rules needed

the enforcement of the law (2010:374) about experimentation with

trafiknykterhetskontrollanter in seaports and this regulation.

Regulation (2014:1179).