Regulation (2010:769) With Instruction For Authority For Available Media

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:769) med instruktion för Myndigheten för tillgängliga medier

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1 § the museums for available media should work for everyone to have access to literature and public service announcements on the basis of the conditions regardless of reading ability or disability.

Authority responsible for

1. in co-operation with libraries and schools in the country to work for persons with disabilities to have access to such copies of literary works such as the need to be able to take part of the works, as well as making easy-to-read literature,

2. publish and distribute easy-to-read literature in the extent to which needs are not catered for on the commercial market,

3. be a national knowledge centre for accessible media, and

4. improving access to the contents of the newspapers for people with a disability so that they cannot be a part of a regular newspaper and making easy-to-read news information. Regulation (2014:1584).

2 § the museums shall in particular

1. produce, purchase and download audio books and Braille books, and provide these for sale,

2. compile and disseminate information on available media and their audience and drive and develop the function läsombud,

3. promote and monitor technology development of new media to increase to-cannot to literary works and newspapers for persons with disabilities in accordance with section 1, second subparagraph, 4,

4. provide university students, people who have a disability in the form of reduction of such copies of the course materials that they need to be able to take part of the literature,

5. direct support for easy-to-read to school,

6. promote access to Braille and tactile illustrated books for children with disabilities,

7. through the available media and in the appropriate format to offer people with vision loss accompanying public service announcements in order to give them equal opportunities to follow developments in society,

8. do cultural journals accessible to persons with disabilities;

9. promote sign language literature, and

10. support the publication and distribution of the independent newspaper to read 8 PAGES.

The authority will have a central printing service of Braille for the deaf and blind. Regulation (2014:1584).

3 § the museums shall provide within their field of activity

information and advice to libraries and organizations.

4 § the museums shall integrate a gender, diversity

and child's point of view as well as an international and

intercultural exchange and cooperation in their activities.

Regulation (2014:181).

4 (a) § the museums shall follow up the outcome of the

their activities and report it to the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.

Authorities shall consult on the reporting

needed. Regulation (2014:181).

5 § in addition to the information it has provided for in §§ 1 and 2

It may undertake to carry out assignments in their

field of activity.


5 a § the Agency's cooperation with authorities and other

participants will include civil society organizations.

The authority shall also seek to cooperate with the relevant

international players. Regulation (2014:181).


section 6 of the Authority is headed by a head of Government.

Special bodies

Advisory bodies

Braille Board

7 § within the authority a Braille and tactile

reading, Braille Board. The Board is responsible for

promotion and development of tactile reading and Braille as

written language for the visually impaired.

The Board shall in particular

1. develop guidelines for the Swedish Braille, and

2. to contribute to international cooperation in the field.

At the request of the Administration Board will provide advice and information

to the authority in matters related to Braille and tactile


8 § Braille Board consists of a Chairman and not more than nine other members. Regulation (2014:1584).

Scientific Council

9 § within the authority is an advisory body which is termed the scientific advice. The advisory body shall ensure that the Agency monitors and disseminates relevant research into easy-to-read literature and news reporting and other available media and their audiences.

The Council is made up of Government Chief, who is the Chairman, and up to nine other members. Regulation (2014:1584).

Usually advice

9 a § in the authority is an advisory body known as usually advice. The advisory body shall promote contacts with target groups, associations and intermediary and assist the authority in matters relating to the national knowledge centre.

The Council is made up of Government Chief, who is the Chairman, and up to nine other members. Regulation (2014:1584).

Decision-making bodies

Taltidnings Board

section 10 within the authority there is a decision-making body for

radio and cassette newspapers and other audio newspapers,

taltidnings Board. Board, the functions required by the

Ordinance (1988:582) concerning State aid to radio-and

cassette newspapers and Regulation (2013:9) If audio newspapers and

the receiving equipment.

The Committee also has the task of

1. through advocacy efforts trying to get the newspaper companies that

start the publishing of audio newspapers,

2. ensure that subscribers to audio newspapers receive training

and such support that make it easier for them to benefit from the

the papers and the technical equipment necessary

for the reception, and

3. follow and analyse the development of the business with

Publishing audio newspapers. Regulation (2013:10).

11 § Taltidnings Board consists of not more than nine members.

The President shall be or have been professional judges. Board

appoints from among its members a Vice-Chairman.

12 § Taltidnings Board is a quorum if the Chairman and not less than

three of the other members are present.

section 13 Taltidnings Board is responsible for its decisions.

section 14 of the Agency's management is responsible to the Government for

taltidnings Board allocated funds and resources in General for

their activities and to conduct its operations efficiently and

accounted for in a reliable way.

Appointments and assignments

section 15, the Director-General's administrative manager.

Regulation (2012:923).

section 16 of the Chairman and other members of the Board members of the Braille and the Scientific Council and usually the Council appointed by the authority for a certain time.

The Chairman and other members of the taltidnings Committee appointed by the Government for a fixed period. Regulation (2014:1584).

Staff disciplinary board

section 17 By the authority shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Advisory Council

17 (a) of section at the Agency should there be an Advisory Council consisting of not more than five members. Regulation (2014:1584).

Application of certain regulations

18 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



section 19 on sales of easy-to-read literature according to 1 paragraph 2 and talking books and Braille books according to paragraph 2(1) 1, the authority shall charge fees under full cost recovery. The same applies to the provision of easy-to-read news information according to paragraph 2(1) of the 10. The rate of charge is determined in each case by the authority, except in the cases referred to in section 15, the fees regulation (1992:191).

Authority may use fee revenues.

Regulation (2014:1584).

section 20 of the activities provided for in section 5 of the authority shall take out

fees corresponding to full cost recovery. The levy

the size is determined in each case by the authority, except in

the cases referred to in section 15, the fees regulation (1992:191).

Authority may use fee revenues.

Exemptions from the Government agencies Ordinance

section 21 the following provision in the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

section 29 of the issue list.