Law (2010:813) On Consular Emergency Response

Original Language Title: Lag (2010:813) om konsulära katastrofinsatser

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General provisions

section 1 of the State shall conduct a consular emergency effort to

assist individuals with many people associated with the

Sweden are affected by a crisis or a disaster abroad and

the need for evacuation and other measures with respect to

the nature, consequences and circumstances of other

cannot be satisfied by other means, and the operation nor

any other reason meets specific obstacles.

section 2 of the regulations on disaster medicine efforts abroad

see Act (2008:552) on disaster medicine as part of

Swedish efforts abroad.

Who is covered by a consular emergency response

section 3 of A consular emergency action can only cover

1. Swedish nationals,

2. the Swedish national foreign family members,

3. in Sweden resident aliens,

4. nationals of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, as well as their

family members, to the extent permitted by the

consular responsibilities that Sweden has in relation to the

these countries, in accordance with article 34 of the Nordic

cooperation agreement of 23 March 1962 between Sweden,

Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway (Su 1962:14 and SUN

1974:31), and

5. citizens of the countries of the European Union, in the

extent arising from consular duties as

Sweden has in relation to these countries in accordance with

Treaty on the functioning of the EU.

Decisions on consular emergency response

4 § the Government decides in the case of a consular

disaster action is to be implemented.


section 5 of The subject of a consular emergency effort is

required to reimburse the State for costs incurred when he

or she transported or had health care.

If a consular emergency effort included someone who at

the operation is under the age of 18 years, is the custodian when

the event which gave rise to the liability occurred

required to reimburse the costs referred to in the first subparagraph. If

There are special reasons, the claim shall be produced

against the minor.

If a consular emergency effort included transport of deceased

is the deceased person's estate liable for

transport costs.

section 6 of the questions about the compensation of the State is being examined by the authority

as the Government determines.

section 7 liability according to § 5 shall be reduced or

remitted if there are special reasons for the

the debtor's personal or financial

conditions and circumstances as a whole.


paragraph 8 of the amounts referred to in paragraph 5 of which is not paid shall be submitted for

recovery. For the recovery may enforcement under

enforcement code occur. Provisions for recovery, see

Act (1993:891) for the recovery of public debts, etc.

The Government announces that the recovery should not be

may be requested for minor amounts.


9 § decision on liability may be appealed to the General

Administrative Court.

Leave to appeal is required in the case of appeal to the administrative court.

Other provisions

section 10 of the regulations on consular financial assistance to

individual abroad can be found in the Act (2003:491) of consular

financial assistance.

Financial assistance to individuals covered by a consular

emergency action in accordance with the provisions of this law are not subject to

the law on consular financial assistance.

section 11 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

announce details relating to consular emergency effort.