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Regulation (2010:1080) With Instruction For The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:1080) med instruktion för Styrelsen för internationellt utvecklingssamarbete (Sida)

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section 1 of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

to support activities which contribute to the

meet the goal for international aid, as part

in the implementation of Sweden's policy for global development.

Regulation (2015:378).

2 § to fulfill the aid policy objective should

the Agency's activities shall be guided by and imbued with

1. a rights perspective and the perspective of poor people

on development,

2. an integrated environmental and climate perspective,

3. an integrated gender perspective that includes a

analysis of women's and girls ' respective men's and boys '

situation, and

4. an integrated conflict perspective in

development cooperation.

In addition, the authority of its operations

1. contribute to the implementation of the Government's international

commitments on aid effectiveness,

2. take into account the importance of public institutions that are based on

democratic principles for sustainable results,

3. create space for innovation aid and

forms of cooperation that will contribute to global sustainability,

4. proceed from the principles of the rule of law and take action

counteracting irregularities and corruption,

5. supplement and facilitate other financial resources

contributing to poverty eradication and long-term

development that is socially, economically and environmentally

sustainable, and

6. utilise knowledge from own-initiative, as well as external

evaluations on the implementation of development cooperation.

Regulation (2015:378).

3 § the museums shall also

1. assist the Government with expert support, assessment, analysis,

reporting of results and other data that is necessary for

the Government's formulation of development policy and for

implementation of the bilateral and multilateral

development cooperation, humanitarian aid and

European aid,

2. within the framework of its own activities and in cooperation with

other actors to contribute to the implementation of Sweden's policy

for global development,

3. assist the actors engaged in monitoring and evaluation

in the page's scope,

4. compile and to government offices

(The State Department) and the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

statistical reporting under directive from the DAC,

5. promote openness and transparency in the international

aid and in the partner countries, actively and electronic

way make available information about their activities, coordinate

implementation of SIDA in the Swedish assistance,

including support for other actors involved in this work as well as

be responsible for the information service,

6. at the Agency's training center in Härnösand organise

training and skills development for SIDA's partners

in development cooperation,

7. be national contact point for Government cooperation

(Twinning and Technical Assistance Information Exchange,

TAIEX) financed by the EU's aid budget,

8. within the framework of cooperation within the Baltic Sea region shall be responsible for

areas of cooperation with Russia in the field of the environment, by

among other things, contribute to the financing of operations in connection with

investment projects through international financial

institutions (IFI), and be responsible for cooperation in the field

democracy and human rights,

9. with regard to some funds for appropriations under

category 7 international assistance which Government or

The Government decides, on behalf of the Cabinet Office

perform certain administrative elements at the

grant management, manage payments,

refunds and chargebacks as well as respond to the effective

currency management,

10. in its field work to the

generation targets for environmental performance and the environmental quality objectives

the Parliament has adopted and, where necessary, propose measures

development of environmental work, and

11. in terms of their environmental performance report to the

The environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the

reporting as needed. Regulation (2015:378).

4 § the museums shall

1. subject to availability of funds, decide on and pay out grants

or other funding to support activities in accordance

with paragraph 1,

2. enter into and terminate the agreement laying down the procedures for cooperation

with partner countries (procedure),

3. by agreement with a Contracting Party may reallocate

funds between different operation agreements,

4. adapt the cooperation agreements with countries so that they correspond to a

strategic validity period,

5. include, extend and terminate the contract under 6 and 7

the authority has the right to decide whether, if the agreement does not require

Parliamentary participation or utrikesnämndens,

6. take advantage of opportunities for coordination with other donor countries,

The EU, as well as international and multilateral organizations,

in which case the authority may allow a cooperative party responsible for

preparation, implementation and follow-up of the Swedish

aid efforts if this does not involve the exercise of public authority,

and undertake similar functions;

7. include, extend and terminate the contribution agreement or other

funding in support of activities in other States,

international and multilateral organizations,

civil society organisations and other relevant

operators (contribution agreement) whereby contracts shall contain

rules governing the monitoring, evaluation and


8. instruct a foreign mission where Sweden is engaged in

bilateral development cooperation on behalf of Sida

sign the agreement,

9. entrust to a foreign mission where Sweden is engaged in

bilateral development cooperation, or to any other authority,

to the page's behalf to determine matters which need not be reviewed by the

the Director General or a staff disciplinary board,

10. request that a foreign mission where Sweden is engaged in

bilateral development cooperation shall take the measures

from agreements between Sweden and the partner country in question

or that otherwise fall within the page's remit, and

11. request that a foreign mission where Sweden is engaged in

bilateral development cooperation, or where Sweden is contributing

humanitarian assistance, provide such information as is necessary for

Sida's activities.

If the authority is planning to enter into, amend or terminate a

agreements referred to in the first subparagraph 6 or a contribution agreement under

first paragraph 7 which are of particular importance to Sweden's

relationship with another State or an international

Organization, the authority as early as possible, inform the

Government Offices (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs).

Page, make sure that a decision taken under the first subparagraph 6 or

a contribution agreement as referred to in the first subparagraph 7 of new economic

commitments in foreign funds, companies and other non-governmental

or intergovernmental institutions used to

channeling aid, is in accordance with international standards

and the principles for responsible investment and in sound

and clear corporate structures that do not contribute to

tax evasion, money laundering or the financing of

terrorism. Page, ensure that the Agency's activities

are conducted in accordance with the OECD guidelines for multinational

companies, the principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN principles

for business and human rights. Page should not participate

in financial commitments through intermediary jurisdictions

have been examined in the context of the OECD's Global Forum on Peer Review

Process, and which have not been approved in the phase 1, or who have

assessed as Partially Compliant or Non-Compliant in phase 2.

An organization that is funded in accordance with the first subparagraph

7 should be ordered to give the National Audit Office opportunity

to review how grants are used and provide the information

needed for the review. Review of a business or

a business area with a different country or

intergovernmental organization as a principal shall be made according to


In the countries where the United Nations has agreed on a common country programmes should

contribution agreements entered into with the UNITED NATIONS pursuant to the first subparagraph 7, with

except for humanitarian efforts, appear only in the context

for these programs. If there are special reasons, such

contribution agreement occur in other cases, after consultation with the

Government Offices (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs).

Regulation (2015:378).


section 5 page, in its field of activity, in particular, interact


1. Government agencies and other public actors in order

to seek and utilise expertise and

management skills in the implementation of the international

development cooperation, for example by service exports, and

2. other actors, such as civil

society, business and academic institutions and

institutions that can contribute to achieving the Government's objectives for

international aid and contribute to the development of

implementation of development cooperation. Regulation (2015:378).


section 6 of the Authority is headed by a Board of Directors.

section 7 of the Board consists of not more than nine members.

Regulation (2015:378).

section 8 Has been repealed by Regulation (2015:378).

Special bodies

§ 9 at the Agency, there shall be an advisory body for

collaborative research to give advice in matters concerning

1. aid for the building of research capacity in

partner countries, and

2. supporting international research programmes.

Regulation (2015:378).

paragraph 10 of the advisory body for research collaboration consists of

a maximum of nine members.

section 11 of the Chairman and the members of the Advisory Board

research collaboration is appointed by the Government for a fixed period of time.

Positions and assignments

section 12 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

section 13 Authority may, after consultation with the Cabinet Office

(The State Department) decide that an employee of page,

be placed in a foreign mission where Sweden is engaged in

bilateral development cooperation. The Manager of the

utlandsmyndigheten responsible for utlandsmyndighetens

activities and management of the employees who are placed

there. Regulation (2015:378).

section 14 of the authority is a Deputy Director General.

Staff disciplinary board

section 15 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Application of certain regulations

16 § the museums shall apply internal audit regulation

(2006:1228) and staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).

In the case of State aid to industry, the authority shall

application of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 of 15

December 2006 on the application of articles 87 and 88 of the

Treaty to de minimis aid and 18-20 of the

the Ordinance (1988:764) on State aid to industry.

Regulation (2013:482).


section 17 of the activities referred to in paragraph 3 of the 6 and 4 of 6, the authority may take

charge fees, determine the fees and outlining

incomes. Regulation (2015:378).


section 18 of the Authority's decisions on the allocation of grants

or other funding in support of initiatives may not

subject to appeal.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 16 August 2010, when

Ordinance (2007:1371) with instruction for the Board of

international development cooperation agency (Sida) will cease to


2. Member of the advisory body for research collaboration

appointed prior to the entry into force remain as such

Member during the time that the Member has been appointed.