Road Safety Law (2010:1362)

Original Language Title: Vägsäkerhetslag (2010:1362)

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this Act contains provisions on the väghållares

obligations in some cases and aims to increase

the safety of road users.

section 2 of this Act means

The ten-T road network means the road network defined in Annex i, section 2 of European Parliament and Council decision No 1692/96/EC of 23 July 1996 on Community guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network and illustrated using maps or described in annex 2 of the decision,

road operators:

1. in the case of a public road, on which, according to the traffic Act (1971:948) is responsible for road maintenance,

2. in the case of street, who is not a public road, on which, according to the planning and building Act (2010:900) is responsible for the gatuhållningen,

3. in the case of the path that is the joint facility under construction Act (1973:1149), the community, and

4. in the case of any road, the road's owner,

"infrastructure project" means a project involving construction of roads or significant alteration of existing road that affect traffic flow,

road safety: a strategic analysis, comparative analysis of the effects of a road project has on network safety,

road safety audit: an independent, in-depth, systematic and technical safety check of the design of a road project.

Law (2010:1363).

Scope of application

section 3 of this Act apply to roads or infrastructure projects included in the

The ten-T road network in Sweden. The law does not apply to

road tunnels which are covered by the Act (2006:418) on security in

road tunnels.

Traffic safety analysis

section 4 for each infrastructure project, the road authority conduct a road safety analysis. The analysis shall include a description of the considerations made in the field of road safety.

The first paragraph does not apply if an equivalent analysis is part of a summary or detail plan in accordance with the planning and building Act (2010:900). Law (2010:1363).

Road safety road safety auditors and review

5 § for each infrastructure project, the road authority may designate a

road safety auditors should follow the physical

the planning of the road project, make a

road safety review and establish

inspection reports.

Approval of road safety auditors

section 6, a road safety auditors must be approved by the

the supervisory authority. An approval

Road Safety Auditors must be communicated to the person who has

completed special basic training and is otherwise appropriate

for the data. An approved traffic safety reviewers are

required to undergo such training provided for

pursuant to section 16.

section 7 of the supervisory authority may revoke an approval

traffic safety reviewer if

1. he or she will not undergo such training as

referred to in paragraph 6,

2. he or she requests it, or

3. the otherwise there is any particular reason to revoke

the approval.

Safety inspections

§ 8 the road authority shall carry out regular

safety inspections of roads, charting the road

security standard and establish a plan of action

should be taken to increase safety on the roads.

Safety requirements

§ 9 the road authority should systematically and continuously take the

measures needed to prevent serious

personal injury as a result of the use of the roads.

Measures to remedy the immediate risk of such

damage must be taken first.

The obligation in the first subparagraph shall apply to the maximum extent

that it may be considered reasonable. In doing so, the benefits of

protection measures in conjunction with the cost of such

measures, as well as the question of the risk of injury can be reduced

by other measures, in particular, be taken into account.

Accident reports

section 10 of the road authority shall draw up a report for each

traffic fatality that occurred on a road in

The ten-T road network.


section 11 of the authority that the Government should exercise

supervision over compliance with this Act and the

regulations that have been issued in connection with the Act.

section 12 of the supervisory authority has the right to obtain the information

and the documents needed for supervision.

The regulatory authority may inform the injunctions and

conditions needed to this Act and the regulations

issued in connection with the law should be complied with.


paragraph 13 of the decision of the supervisory authority under this Act may

be appealed to the administrative court.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to

the administrative court.

section 14 if a Government or a municipality to appeal

the regulatory authority's decision, the supervisory authority shall be

the appellant's counterpart since the case-file forwarded

to the Court.


section 15 a decision under this Act or under the regulations

in connection with the Act applies

immediately, unless otherwise specified in the decision.


paragraph 16 of the Government or the authority the Government determines

may provide for

1. preparation and content of a

traffic safety analysis,

2. implementation of the road safety audit and

preparation of audit reports,

3. training of road safety auditors,

4. approval and evidence concerning

Road Safety Auditors,

5. road safety reviewers ' activities and tasks,

6. the procedure for safety inspections,

7. reporting of road deaths,

8. security requirements

9. supervision, as well as

10. fees for supervision and case management under

This Act and according to the rules given in

the support of the law.

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 19 december 2010.

2. the provisions of sections 4 and 5 apply only to road projects

begun after its entry into force.

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