Regulation (2010:1922) With Instruction For The State's Music Works

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:1922) med instruktion för Statens musikverk

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section 1 of the the State's music has the task to promote a diverse

musical range in the whole country which is characterised by artistic

innovation and high quality. The authority shall also promote

the development of a professional musical life.

The State's music must be documenting, preserving, promoting, building

knowledge about and making theatre, dance and

the music's cultural heritage.

When the Agency conducted archive, library and

Museum activities.

2 § the museums shall, in particular,

1. be a resource for music life by artistic

partners capitalise on initiatives from the music scene and

coordinate and support the collaborative projects of national interest

within the music community,

2. nurturing, listing, scientifically process and through new acquisitions

enrich collections and documentation of theatre, dance and

the music's cultural heritage,

3. promote increased knowledge based on collaboration with universities,

colleges and other and convey this knowledge in its various

areas of activity,

4. be a platform for contact mediation and formation of

networking in the music scene as well as a national party to international


5. examine issues of State aid under the Regulation (2010:1921)

If the State's contribution to the music scene,

6. through the reissue of music recordings that authority

disposal promote access to artistically interesting

music, and

7. grant studios for professional composers and

sound artists of the electro-acoustic music and

sound art for production, development and

training activities.

3 § the museums shall in their business integration

equality, diversity and child perspective as well as a

international and intercultural exchanges and cooperation.

3 a § the museums shall report information on their

visitor development to the Agency for cultural analysis.

Authorities shall consult on the reporting

needed. Regulation (2014:182).

3 (b) § the museums shall follow up the regional outcomes of their

activity and report it to the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.

Authorities shall consult on the reporting

needed. Regulation (2014:182).

4 § in addition to the information shown by paragraphs 1 and 2 may

authority to provide articles and complete tasks and other

services in its field.


paragraph 5 of the Agency's co-operation with Government and other stakeholders

should include civil society organisations.

Regulation (2014:182).


section 6 of the Authority is headed by a head of Government.

section 7 of the authority is an Advisory Council consisting of not more than five



section 8 of the authority is a Department known as the platform for

music and the departments that the Authority's management


Special bodies

9 § within the Agency, there is a particular decision-making bodies

named as Artistic advice and examining the issues of State aid

According to the Regulation (2010:1921) on the State's contribution to the music scene.

The Council is advisory in strategic issues related


section 10 of the Council consists of the Agency's Director, who is the Chairman, and

no more than eight other members.

The Council has a quorum if the Chairman and at least half of the

other members are present.

section 11 of the Council is responsible for their decisions.

The Council is responsible for its activities for the Agency's management.

section 12 of the authority is accountable to the Government for the Council

assigned funds and other resources for their activities, to

operations are conducted lawfully and effectively and that

It is reported in a reliable way.

Positions and assignments

section 13 the Director General is the head of Government.

section 14 Government appoints for a certain time, the members of the Council

referred to in section 9.

Staff disciplinary board

section 15 at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

16 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



17 § when the Agency performs the tasks set out in paragraph 2 of the 6 and 7

It may charge fees for activities within the framework of full

cost recovery. Fees are determined by the authority,

except in the cases referred to in section 15, the fee Regulation (1992:191).

The authority may dispose of fee revenues.

For children and young people up to the age of 19, the authority shall have free admission

to all the shows.

section 18 of the activities referred to in paragraph 4, the Agency shall withdraw

fees equivalent to full cost recovery. Fees

determined by the authority, except in the cases referred to in section 15,

fee Regulation (1992:191).

The authority may dispose of fee revenues.

Exemptions from government regulation

19 § the museums shall not apply section 29 of government regulation