Experience & Regulation (2010-2011)

Original Language Title: Häktesförordning (2010:2011)

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The content and scope of application

section 1 of this regulation contains supplementary provisions

to the detention Act (2010:611). Concepts and terms used in

This regulation have the same meaning and scope as

in the law.

The regulation applies to the subject of Chapter 1. 2 and 3 of

Detention Act (2010:611) and, in the case of contributions under section 29,

inmates transferred to a medical facility or a

investigation unit referred to in section 6 of the Act (1991:1129) on

forensic psychiatric care.

Information on enforcement

section 2 of Every inmate shall, in connection with that he or she is

into a storage space informed of depending

meaning in a language he or she understands. Such

information should also be provided on other occasions as soon as it

There is a reason for it.

section 3 of An inmate who has been deprived of freedom on other grounds than

suspicion of crime in connection to that he or she is

into a storage space have the opportunity to notify the next of kin

about where he or she resides, unless special reasons

against that. The same applies where the prisoner was moved from a

storage space to another.

Specific obligations during the execution

4 section to order or the security of the storage premises,

be maintained should the inmates follow

1. the conditions for enforcement,

2. the procedures that apply in the storage room,

3. the guidelines provide, and

4. restrictions on where smoking may occur.

An inmate must also show consideration for staff and medintagna

and help to keep good order.


5 § for each inmate shall be kept a journal documenting

the intagnes enforcement.

The journal shall indicate who has documented a certain

task and when it was made.

Permission to have babies at home

section 6, a condition for an inmate to have their babies at home

may only be submitted after an opinion has been obtained from

the Social Welfare Board.

Personal belongings

7 § when the belongings that the prisoner may not receive and

hold disposed according to Chapter 2. section 12 of the detention Act (2010:611)

the prisoner is notified.

Cared for belongings to be documented.

§ 8 the authority omhändertagit a eery belongings

shall, unless otherwise provided, to ensure that these

stored in a reliable manner.


§ 9 On a visit to be monitored without staff present, the

prisoner and the visitor is informed that the visit should be monitored.

Electronic communications and shipments

10 § electronic communications may only take place with

equipment provided or approved by the prison service

or the authority which is responsible for the storage facility.

section 11 If a shipment is detained pursuant to Chapter 3. 6 or 7 §

Detention Act (2010:611), the prisoner is informed, if not

special reasons speaking against it.

section 12 Copies and translations of shipments that have

examined under Chapter 3. paragraph 8 of the detention Act (2010:611),

be destroyed as soon as they are no longer needed. The same applies to

recordings and records which have been added in the control

of electronic communications.

Strip search and body inspection

section 13 During strip search or body inspecting the

checked all the consideration as circumstances permit.

Strip search or body inspection shall, if possible,

be carried out in the presence of a person other than the person conducting

the control.

Body inspection shall, except when the salivary, sweat and hair sample

provided, shall be carried out taking into account as much privacy as

circumstances permit and, if possible, in a single space.


section 14 If an inmate subject to lockup, should measure

documented. The documentation shall indicate

1. What are the reasons for the measure;

2. cuff art,

3. when the prisoner was paved with lockup,

4. when fängslet was removed, and

5. If the prisoner has been examined by a doctor.

Health and medical care

section 15 of Each storage premises shall have access to the licensed

physicians and staff with appropriate training.

section 16 is an inmate of a hospital, the receiving

responsibility for the health care of the patient, be informed

the purpose of deprivation of liberty and other conditions of

significance of the intagnes stay in the hospital.

Have the prisoner detention because of suspicion of

crimes, to-patient basis or the Prosecutor shall be informed

the transfer.

section 17, A relative of the prisoner shall be informed of the prisoner

suffer from a serious illness or more severe accidents or if

the prisoner's death. If the prisoner requested that a dependent is not

to be informed, the intagnes will, however, be respected.

section 18 Get health professionals aware that a

inmate suffering from such contagious diseases as referred to in Chapter 1.

the second subparagraph of paragraph 3 of Act (2004:168) is generally dangerous

disease, the Manager of the storage facility shall be notified, if it

not clear that there is no risk of the spread of infection.

19 § has the health professionals considered that there is a risk

to an inmate may be seriously hurt himself,

should the information on intagnes health or other

personal relationships that are needed to prevent the

prisoner performs a self-injurious act, shall be submitted to the Manager of

storage premises.


section 20 if necessary for a shipment of a inmate should

carried out in a satisfactory manner, gets probation

request the assistance of the police. The transport must be planned in the

consultation with police. Regulation (2014:1184).

section 21 of An inmate being transported or otherwise

staying outside the storage room under a Government

monitoring, should not be exposed to undue attention.

Request for a public defender

section 22 requesting an inmate, who are arrested for

crime, a public defender, it shall immediately be notified to the

law-patient basis or the Prosecutor. If the prisoner

requests, pleading in the case or matter immediately sent

to the right.


section 23/expires U: 2016-02-01/-patient basis or the Prosecutor shall immediately

notify the prisoner and the authority responsible

for the storage room where decisions about restrictions pursuant to Chapter 6.

section 1 of the detention Act (2010:611).

The circumstances which give rise to a decision on restrictions

shall be documented. The prisoner should get part of the documentation in

the extent to which it can be done without but for the investigation of crimes.

The Prosecutor's Office shall notify the

documentation and information referred to in the second subparagraph.

the entry into force of section 23/in: 2016-02-01/-patient basis or the Prosecutor shall ensure that the prisoner and the authority which is responsible for the storage facility shall be informed immediately in writing of the decision on restrictions pursuant to Chapter 6. section 1 of the detention Act (2010:611). The prisoner shall be informed in writing of the possibility to request the Court of the decision pursuant to Chapter 6. paragraph 4(1) detention law.

The circumstances which are the basis for a decision on whether restrictions should be documented. The prisoner should get part of the documentation to the extent that it can be done without but for the investigation of crimes.

The public prosecutor may announce details relating to the documentation and information referred to in the second subparagraph.

Regulation (2015:638).

section 24 if a court changes a decision on restrictions which have

granted in accordance with Chapter 6. section 1 of the detention Act (2010:611),

the Court immediately inform the authority responsible for

storage facility on the decision.

section 25-patient basis or the Prosecutor may, for

application of Chapter 6. section 1 of the detention Act (2010:611), instruct

an employee of the police, the security police, or

The Swedish national economic crimes Bureau that authority to

the effect such a review referred to in Chapter 3. paragraph 8 of the same

team. Regulation (2015:39).

Law enforcement authorities ' obligation to inform

section 26-patient basis or the Prosecutor shall keep the

authority responsible for storage premises informed of

conditions which are important from a safety point of view for

the treatment of those who are incarcerated because of suspicion of

crime. The police and the security police, the corresponding

duty to notify in case of the one that has been in

custody under the Aliens Act (2005:716) or the law

(1991:572) on special control of aliens.

Regulation (2014:1184).

Notice to plaintiff

section 27 If an inmate is serving a sentence for a crime that has

made against someone's life, health, freedom or peace,

He is asked if he or she wants to be notified


1. the prisoner is staying outside the storage room without


2. the prisoner freed,

3. the prisoner can hold or be discharged,

4. the prisoner fails to materialize after a stay outside

storage premises, or

5. the prisoner is transferred to another State for execution

of the punishment there.

A required notice need not be given if the notification

likely to endanger the life or health of intagnes. A

the request does not need to be conducted if the plaintiff has already been

asked according to § 35 prison regulation (2010:2010).

Regulation (2015:116).

section 28 of the notification under section 27 shall be submitted in good time and

take account of the circumstances of each


A notification shall contain information about the rules

apply for the notification of contact ban pursuant to lagen (1988:688)

If the contact ban, unless such information has been provided

earlier. Regulation (2011:975).


section 29 of the prison system may provide for contributions of

public funds for expenditure in respect of the release and

other purposes before the release.

section 30 of the prison system may provide further instructions on

execution of detention Act (2010:611) and this regulation

for activities in custody and detention facilities at

correctional institution.

section 31, the police may announce further provisions concerning

execution of detention Act (2010:611) and this regulation

for operations in police custody. Regulation (2014:1184).

32 § probation service and the police authority to hear the State's

Board of institutional care in the design of specific

regulations for inmates who have been sentenced to a term of youth custody.

Regulation (2014:1184).

33 § prison system may provide for the Authority's

storage of the people seized under the Act

(1976:511) on the disposal of intoxicated persons, etc.

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