Regulation (2010:2016) If State Funding For Apprenticeships For Adults

Original Language Title: Förordning (2010:2016) om statsbidrag för lärlingsutbildning för vuxna

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid for

apprenticeships for adults. With apprenticeships for adults

for the purposes of this regulation, a vocational training in such municipal

adult education at secondary level carried out under the Education Act

(2010:800) and Regulation (2011:1108) on adult learning and


1. include at least 400 and maximum of 1 600 high school credits, and

2. at least 70 percent are implemented in the workplace.

With apprenticeships for adults for the purposes of this regulation, including

a professional training in special education for adults on

secondary level that are conducted in accordance with the Education Act and the regulation on

adult education and

1. include at least 20 weeks and a maximum of 2 years, and

2. for the most part implemented in the workplace.

Regulation (2012:106).

section 2 of the State subsidy is provided, subject to availability of funds, to a

municipality of apprenticeships for adults. If the Government grants provided

for apprenticeships for adults, receive government subsidies also provided

for compensation to the workplace and for the training of

supervisor at work.

State subsidies for the compensation to the workplace must also be provided

for the time supervisors participating in such training referred to in

section 12.

Conditions for State aid

Apprenticeship training

3 § apprenticeships for adults should aim to give students

1. a basic vocational training,

2. increased work experience, and

3. an opportunity during a supervisor's management, on a

workplace, gain skills in the professional field.

4 § apprenticeships for adults

1. planned in consultation with the employment service and with companies,

organizations or associations which are active

within the industries that the education is intended,

2. are organized on a part-time basis if the student needs it, and

3. be able to be combined with other training in

Finance school forms.

High school work or secondary special work may not be included in the

the training.

The municipality should be able to demonstrate a need for education.

The municipality will also provide guidance and counselling as well as

in the planning and implementation of education take into

be student's previously acquired knowledge and skills.

Regulation (2013:1115).

§ 5 For every apprenticeship for the adults, there shall be a

apprenticeship advice or a similar function for consultation between

the education representatives and social partners.

If the function has the form of an apprenticeship Council, the Council

include representatives of workers and employers, as well as

for training teachers and students. Other school staff

and other relevant stakeholders from the world of work must be included.

Apprenticeship Council elects a Chairman and determines its

forms of work.

It may be set up an apprenticeship Council or a similar function as

common to several courses. An apprenticeship Council or

similar function provided for in this Regulation may also be

in common with the corresponding function in upper secondary general school.

Apprenticeship Council or similar feature's data is shown

paragraph 6 of the first paragraph and section 8.

section 6 of the municipality shall, on a proposal from the function referred to in 5

§ decide which jobs the

arbetsplatsförlagda part of apprenticeship training for adults

placed to.

Only those who have the necessary knowledge and experience for

the mission and who otherwise are considered appropriate may be engaged

as such, the supervisor referred to in paragraph 3 3.

section 7 of the municipality shall ensure that, by agreement between themselves and the relevant

workplaces and regulate their workplace obligations in

connection with the arbetsplatsförlagda learning.

The principal shall ensure that, for each pupil undergoing a

apprenticeships for adults established a written agreement

signed by the municipality, the pupil and the representatives or

the workplaces where any part of the course will be located

(educational contract). The agreement shall specify which parts of the

the training to be carried out at the workplace and

the extent of these. Furthermore, it should be made clear which teachers in

the training and the supervisor at the workplace

responsible for the arbetsplatsförlagda part of the training.

section 8, except as permitted by section 6 of the first subparagraph, the

function referred to in section 5 to help develop cooperation

between education and working life as well as contribute to learning in

working life with high quality. Function in the work

assist the municipality and the head teacher when it comes to

– organizing apprenticeships for the arbetsplatsförlagda part of

apprenticeships for adults,

– draw up draft agreements with relevant workplaces according to

paragraph 7 of the first paragraph and to training contracts under section 7

second subparagraph,

– ensure that the workplaces receiving students have

competent supervisors, and

– assess the arbetsplatsförlagda part of the training

corresponds to the national objectives of education, and also in

otherwise meets the requirements of the curriculum, the subject plan

and administrative provisions.

The function should also be involved in monitoring and

evaluation of the arbetsplatsförlagda part of

the training. Regulation (2013:1115).

section 9 Of the arbetsplatsförlagda part of the apprenticeship

for adults, there shall be one or more subject fields.

The local authority decides, after consultation with the function referred to in

§ 5 the subject plans.

Regulation (2013:1115).

paragraph 10 of the statement that a pupil undergoing apprenticeships

adults should be recorded in the student's individual study plan.

Regulation (2013:1115).

11 § Score on a course undertaken at a workplace shall

be set by the teacher in the vocational subject after consultation with

the supervisor. In a student's diploma from municipal

adult education or high school special certificate from special

training of adults should be indicated if the student has been

apprenticeships for adults. To the degree certificate, a

description of the pathway that has been carried out on a

workplace is attached.

If a student cancels the arbetsplatsförlagda portion of the

education, the principal issue a certificate if the student requests

the certificate shall contain data on.

1. how much of the education that the student has completed,


2. the content of the completed portion of the training.

Regulation (2013:1115).

Supervision training

12 § training of such a supervisor referred to in section 3, paragraph 3, the


– Supervisor role,

-supervisor training methodology,

– assessing and grading,

– control documents for municipal adult education at secondary level

or special training for adults at the secondary level and other

the relevant legislation, and

– such a function referred to in section 5 and its tasks.

Regulation (2012:106).

Applications and decisions on State aid

paragraph 13 of the application for Government grants made to the State's school, which

examines the issues of and pays the premium.

The National Agency for education shall in particular provide information about the possibility to apply

If Government subsidies for compensation to the workplace and for

training of supervisors in the workplace.

State aid shall not be granted for training or

educational sites that State funding be provided for otherwise.

Contributions may not be given for training conducted

According to the Regulation (1992:395) If contract training in

school system. Regulation (2013:1115).

Calculation of State aid

Government grants for apprenticeship

paragraph 14 of the State's contribution for apprenticeships for adults

be allocated on the basis of the number of students admitted to

training during a 12-month period. Each such student

eligible municipality to government subsidies covering a maximum of 50 000 SEK

per 12-month period, by the extent of the student's


State subsidies for the compensation to the workplace

section 15 of the State premium for compensation to the workplace,

be allocated on the basis of the number of students who received on

jobs in the context of learning in a

12-month period. Each such pupil eligible municipality

Government grants with a maximum of 40 000 per 12-month period,

by the extent of the student's education.

Regulation (2012:918).

Government grants for supervisor training

section 16 of the State premium for supervisor training should be allocated on

the basis of the number of hired tutors during a

12-month period. Each supervisor shall entitle the municipality to

Government grants with a maximum of 3 500 SEK per 12-month period.

Monitoring and reporting

section 17 of the State's school to follow up and evaluate the

Government grant has been used.

section 18 of The program have received Government grants under this regulation

will be involved in the monitoring and evaluation of

training activities as determined by the State's school and

to the National Agency for education with data work request.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 19 of the one that has received State aid under this regulation

is the repayment obligation, if

1. the recipient by leaving through false statements or any

otherwise have caused that the grant has been submitted incorrectly

or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly or with

for the high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the receiver does not leave such tasks as referred to in section 18,


4. the refund has not been used for the purpose for which it has been granted


Statens skolverk should decide to fully or partially require

back a contribution if someone is required to repay pursuant to the

the first paragraph.

If there are special reasons for it, the National Agency for education remit

repayment in whole or in part.

section 20 On State subsidies needed back, interest will be charged from

on the day that is one month after the recovery decision

has been taken after an interest rate at any time

exceeds government lending rate by two percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the State's school

waive requirements on interest in whole or in part.


section 21 of the State's school may provide for

1. the detailed conditions for a workplace to get hired

the arbetsplatsförlagda part of the apprenticeship,

2. the calculation and allocation of State subsidies, and

3. enforcement of this regulation.


paragraph 22 of Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on July 1, 2011. For contributions

which have been granted before the entry into force applies to paragraph 4 of its older



This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 2012. Older

regulations, however, still for State aid for

training with the support of the entry into force and

the transitional provisions of the Regulation (2011:1108) if

adult education is carried out according to the Regulation (2002:1012) if

municipal adult education or regulation (1992:736) if

adult education for the mentally retarded.


This Regulation shall enter into force on 18 January 2013. Older

However, the Government still rules for contribution

granted prior to the entry into force.


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 20 January 2014

question about 8 to 11 and 13 sections and on 1 July 2014.

2. Older provisions still apply for Government grants

has been granted before the entry into force.