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Procedural Regulation (2011:154)

Original Language Title: Delgivningsförordning (2011:154)

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this regulation contains provisions which

complements Service Act (2010:1932). Concepts and

expression of the regulation have the same meaning as in the Act.

General provisions on service

section 2 If an agency shall ensure that service is effected,

deciding authority on the way of service. The cost

for such service, the authority shall be responsible for.

section 3 of the service to be carried out in such a way that they

measures taken the service recipient

or other single undue attention or inconvenience.

4 § an authority dealing with a case or matter should

make a note on the service in a diary, a journal

or a corresponding list maintained in the proceedings or

case. In other cases, a note on the service

be made in a particular method. Delgivningarna

will sequentially in each list.

The authority shall record the date of the transmission, or

surrender of

1. the document to be served,

2. control message or other communication,

3. intelligence, and

4. information on the simplified service.

Furthermore, the authority shall, if it is not unnecessary,

make note of the measures taken to implement

service with a service receiver, as well as the conditions in

other relevant for service on him or her.

Service number and, if applicable, the target or

the designation must be indicated on the document to be

to be served.

Ordinary service

§ 5 If a document is sent by post, electronically

or submitted to the service recipient in person

shall, unless it is unnecessary, to document attached

information about the method of confirmation. The information shall

contain the name and address of the authority, a document

service number and the appropriate way to confirm

receipt of the document. If it is appropriate to

the data also contain a concise statement of the

the plot and when service confirmation last should

be made and the document annexed an envelope in which

confirmation can be sent back.

If the document is sent in a postal consignment;

should document service number listed on the

the acknowledgement of receipt. Where appropriate, on

the receipt also States that it requested a shortened

duration of the call at the post office and that the mail consignment

only be settled out of the receiver


section 6, At ordinary service to service the recipient

Verify that he or she has received the document

to be served. If the recipient of service has not been confirmed

notification in due or estimated time, should he or

She reminded as appropriate.

section 7 at the request of the authority shall ensure that

notification is effected to any authority, of the competent

time permitting, and it is not judged as inappropriate, participate

to the document to be served by regular

the service is provided to the service recipient personally.

Oral service

section 8 By oral notification, the authority shall, as appropriate,

way, satisfy itself that the with the phone call,

meeting or another coincidence takes place,

identical to the service recipient. When the contents of the

action or decision has been read, shall

service recipient is informed that the service was


The authority shall issue notification receiver to the

address the action or decision in accordance with section 19 of the other

subparagraph, procedural law (2010:1932).


§ 9 in the documents for the person who is hired for

service act considerately and generally on a

way that inspires confidence when he or she carries out his


section 10 When an authority referred to in paragraph 40

procedural law (2010:1932) has decided on

documents, shall in the first instance consider

If the service can be performed by someone in their own


Documents with the one that is listed on a

such a facility referred to in paragraph 40

procedural law shall be primarily by staff of the

the establishment;

Documents with the one that is listed on the

health care facility should be done only after consultation with the

Operations Manager or equivalent senior management at

the establishment;

section 11 In service to the sponsoring

the Agency put the document to be served in an envelope

that is then sealed, unless there are reasons against it.

Information about the method of confirmation shall comply with

the shipment. That information shall include authority name

and the address for service and document number.

The item and the information to be sent or delivered to

The police authority, the authorized service company

have been involved or someone else who will perform the service. In

the context shall indicate the date the document was last

must be completed and reported and, where appropriate,

the conditions that apply to the service.

Regulation (2014:1185).

section 12 If the sponsoring agency has personally taken

procedural actions shall be reported to the

hired for service. The authority shall also

disclose information about the research that has been done,

service recipient's full name, social security number,

postal address and other contact information as well as

other circumstances of importance in case of service.

13 § When Police is involved in

service should the service be performed by a

judicial officer who is appointed by the authority or be carried out by

another employee at the Agency. Regulation (2014:1185).

section 14 In service under section 33 process server law

(2010:1932), the information in the document to be served

communicated by phone, e-mail or otherwise to

the who will perform the service. If the information is conveyed

by telephone, should the message be recorded.

The server will ask the recipient for service

the address to which the document in accordance with § 33 other

subparagraph, procedural law should be passed.

section 15 at the service under section 35 or 36 of Service Act

(2010:1932) to the documents

send the notification under paragraph 34

the Act of service to the service recipient's last known


section 16 When it hired for service

accounts for its mission to the sponsoring

authority, method of confirmation or certification that

There are barriers to service and a statement of the

all the measures taken for service is sent or submitted

to the authority.

The report shall include information on the measures taken

service measures and controls, the number of executed

method of testing, the circumstances which have led to

basis for assessment in the case of service and

other circumstances of importance for future service

with service recipient.

If the service was effected pursuant to § 33 of Service Act

(2010:1932) the statement shall contain such information

as stated in the paragraph.

section 17, it appears in the documents that

service recipient resides at another address than where

He or she is registered, the authority has

requested service notify the Revenue Commissioners about the relationship.

However, this does not apply if the Registrar may nevertheless be adopted

be real.

section 18 a court or other authority often hire

The police authority or an authorised service company

for documents, shall at appropriate intervals

consult the respective Police service company

If the method of work. Regulation (2014:1185).

Release notification

At paragraph 19 of public notice notification to the authority

decided on the service record the date of the decision in the

list referred to in paragraph 4.

The authority shall ensure that advertising in the

newspapers that have contracted for the release notification.

The authority shall make a note of the date of the advertisement of the

document is kept available according to § 47

procedural law (2010:1932).

section 20 on the release notification, in the case referred to in section 49

the second sentence of the second paragraph of Service Act (2010:1932)

the message, posted on a bulletin board which is designed for

messages to those who rent or otherwise holds a

apartment within the property. Missing message board, the

message posted conspicuously in the building's main entrance. See

the several main entrances to the House or several houses on

the same property, should the message be posted in all

main entrances.

The authority has decided on the release notification should

consider whether someone who is employed at his own authority

to post the message.

The who has allocated message will draw up a certificate of

at what time and in what way the message has



section 21 When Police is involved in

documents shall charge a fee of $100.

For this fee is otherwise the provisions of §§ 11-14

fee Regulation (1992:191). Regulation (2014:1185).

section 22 When a County Administrative Board assists an individual with a service;

It shall charge a fee of $500 When the county administrative boards

assistance includes documents or

release notification, an additional fee equal to

the cost of such service is imposed. For this fee is

in other respects, the provisions of sections 11 to 14, the fee regulation


Other provisions

Article 23 of this Regulation shall apply mutatis mutandis when

an individual due to provision of a statute shall see

that service is effected without the context of a goal or

case. The same applies when an authority according to section 8 of the

procedural law (2010:1932) has decided that a party

or someone who has similar status may refer to

that service is effected.

If a government agency has decided that a party or someone who

have a similar status to ensure that service is effected,

should information about the method of confirmation and the Agency's

procedure for notification be submitted or sent to

party or his representative.

section 24 Information on method of confirmation, notification under

paragraph 5, first subparagraph, and paragraphs 22 and 27 service law

(2010:1932) as well as the information referred to in paragraph 34

procedural law set by courts after

Police authorities have been consulted. Regulation (2014:1185).

section 25 of the Regulations about what information on simplified

notification should contain, given by

1. Courts Administration, with regard to the information referred to in section 24

first subparagraph, procedural law (2010:1932), and

2. The police authority, after security police,

The Prosecutor's Office, the coast guard and customs service have been consulted,

with regard to the information referred to in chapter 33. section 6, second paragraph

the code of judicial procedure. Regulation (2014:1185).

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 april 2011, when the

procedural regulation (1979:101) is repealed.

2. The repealed Regulation applies if a decision on

notification in accordance with sections 15 to 17 procedural law (1970:428) has

taken prior to 1 april 2011, or if the document has

sent or submitted before that date.