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Bulletin Regulation (2011:223)

Original Language Title: Anslagsförordning (2011:223)

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this regulation provides in connection to 3

Cape. 1, 4, 5 and 7 to 12 sections, Chapter 4. and Chapter 6. 1 and 2 sections

the budget law (2011:203).

section 2 of the regulation, applies to administrations under the Government.

section 3 of the Ordinance shall apply subject to the

law or regulation or Government decisions in individual cases.

section 4 of the regulation, ' an appropriation of the Riksdag

designated grants that the Government assigned an authority with

a certain amount for a specific purpose. The withdrawal of a

grant amount means that the amount is carried away and no longer

may be used.

With a bulletin post referred to an amount that was entered in

a notice concerning a specific part end. A subitem is

a subdivision of a bulletin post.

The provisions of this regulation concerning the appropriation also applies to

Bulletin items and sub-items.

section 5 of the regulation, ' an income title a record in State

budget against which revenue agency does not have access to the

should be reported. An sub-title is a subdivision of a

revenue title.

The provisions of this regulation concerning income titles also applies

for in the titles.

Conditions of funding

section 6, an appropriation must be appropriated with the assigned amount, with

the addition of available used appropriations under under other

subparagraph, and grant credit in accordance with paragraph 8 of the second paragraph, and with

deduction of cancellations and utilized grant credit from

in the previous year.

section 7 With a used appropriations under defined what an authority at

the end of the financial year, not used by an appropriation since

suspensions been removed.

A used appropriations under on an appropriation that essentially

administrative expenditure may be appropriated by three per cent of the

assigned amount. Savings on other appropriations may only

appropriated after special decision by the Government.

A used appropriations under may be appropriated during the two financial years after

the facility was built on the State budget.

Used appropriations under which cannot be appropriated are removed as

the withdrawal.

section 8 Of notice credit ' means the right of a Government to

exceed the appropriation.

An authority is to receive a grant credit on a notice

mainly concerns administrative expenditure by three per cent of

the assigned amount. For other funds, the Government decides

especially if the size of the credit appropriations.

section 9 Deems an authority that there is a danger that the appropriation

that authority is to receive under section 6 is insufficient,

authority shall promptly inform the Government about this and propose

necessary measures.

Use of grant funds

section 10 of an agency assigned to a grant is entitled to

According to the current terms and conditions to use State funds

for the purposes for which the appropriation intends and is obliged to report

revenue and expenditure against the appropriation under sections 12, 14 and 15 sections.

section 11 of the payment of contributions from the funds shall be made in the near

the contribution will be used by the recipient.

Accounting for income and appropriations

paragraph 12 of the Report against appropriations shall be made as follows.

1. expenditure for transfers to be reported in respect of the financial year as

payment is made.

2. the administrative expenditures should be reported in respect of the financial year as

the costs incurred. Expenditure on goods and services

as an agency procures for transfers to be equated

with administrative expenses.

3. Other expenditure to be reported the financial year expenditure


Expenses for acquisition of assets should be reported to the

appropriations by an amount equal to the cost.

paragraph 13 of the Report against income titles should be done in the following way.

1. the revenue of taxes, social contributions and General

pension contribution should be reported in respect of the financial year in which the payment is made.

2. Income from fees and other similar remuneration shall

accounted for the financial year to which the income relates.

3. the Contribution from the European Union, the surplus from government agencies,

dividends and repayments of loans should be reported there

the financial year in which the payment is made.

4. Other income to be reported in respect of the financial year as revenue


National financial management authority may provide for the

income referred to in the first subparagraph 1 should be reported to the

title income even at different time. Regulation (2011:230).

paragraph 14 of the Report against appropriations and titles should be made at least

Once a month.

15 § Income as an authority to receive and to a

indefinite part shall cover the expenditure in a given activity, it shall

reported against the appropriation.

Revenue on an appropriation should be reported to the

facility on the same basis as expenses under section 12.

section 16 of the income that an authority to receive and which is

or to a certain extent to cover expenditure in a

activities, shall not be accounted against income title or appropriation.

Order appropriations

section 17 Of the purpose and the amount that the Government

decided for the financial year, the authority ordering goods or

services and decide on subsidies, reimbursement, loans or

similar, involving expenditure in the subsequent financial year.

An authority may, however, without authority enter into such commitments

referred to in the first subparagraph if the total outstanding commitments

at the end of the year, not exceeding 10% of the

Bulletin post or subitem as obligation relates. If the total

assigned amount exceeds 100 million SEK, the

In addition to a total commitment of Government may not exceed

the amount you get by multiplying 10 million

crowns with the sum of the records authority disposes of

allocation, divided by the total assigned amount.

An authority may proceed without authorization to negotiate contracts on

employment of staff, rent of equipment, delivery of

services and supplies and the like, carrying

expenditure for longer than the allotted appropriations refers to, if this

is necessary for the ongoing activities of the Agency shall

work satisfactorily.

section 18 of All obligations under the first subparagraph of paragraph 17, which causes

expenditure for the following financial year shall be submitted to the

authorization framework.

Enforcement regulations

section 19 of the national financial management authority shall communicate the provisions

necessary for enforcement of this regulation.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 april 2011, when the

Bulletin Regulation (1996:1189) is repealed.

2. For a Government accumulated vacation pay liability as at 31

December 2008 applies section 16 of the repealed Regulation in its

amended by SFS 1996:1189.