Regulation (2011:355) If Experimentation With Advanced Education Primary School Education In Higher Grades

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:355) om försöksverksamhet med riksrekryterande spetsutbildning i grundskolans högre årskurser

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General provisions

section 1 of this regulation contains provisions relating to a

experimentation with advanced education in education

some topics in elementary school. The regulation applies to education

starting from 1 July to 30 June 2022.

With advanced education under this regulation, a

education in primary school grades 7-9 that houses

Special deepening and widening of the substance (s)

as spetsutbildningen is focused on.

The purpose of the spetsutbildningen is, in addition to what follows from 10

Cape. section 2 of the Education Act (2010:800), to give students the opportunity to

reach as far as possible in its knowledge development.

Regulation (2014:1000).

section 2 of the State's school may, for each of the academic years

2012/13 – 2014/15 decide that the principals of elementary schools,

take part in the experiment under this regulation.

The main parties taking part in the experiment, during the

eight academic years following the EU decision to start

advanced education in grade 7.

For public principals means a decision as referred to in

the first paragraph to students from all over the country to be admitted to the

spetsutbildningen under 10 Cape. section 26 of the Education Act (2010:800).

Regulation (2014:1000).

section 3 of the State's skolverks decision on participation in the

the experiment may, for each academic year refer to a maximum of 10

courses with a maximum of 30 pupils in each grade.

Spetsutbildningen should either refer to mathematics or

natural sciences, or social science or

humanities subjects. Of all the top programs in the

the experiment should not more than 15 courses relate to mathematics

or science and not more than 15 courses relate to

social science or humanities.

The National Agency for education shall endeavour to spetsutbildningarna is evenly

distributed over the country.

Conditions for participation

section 4 of the State's school may decide on participation in

the experiment for a principal that can offer

advanced education of good quality and in accordance with

the provisions of §§ 5-9 If the operator demonstrates that

1. the principal has an established cooperation with a

schools that have training in it or the topics

spetsutbildningen is focused on,

2. a principal for teaching at the secondary level use

teachers who have a training designed for this teaching,

3. spetsutbildningens special design does not reduce

students ' opportunities to meet the eligibility requirements that apply

for college preparatory program in high school, and

4. the costs of the training does not exceed the principal's

costs for other basic education.

Education content and scope

5 § Spetsutbildningen shall be directed towards one or more of the

primary topics



-Science: biology, physics or chemistry,

-social studies: geography, history,

religious education or social studies, or

-language selection.

Statens skolverk may allow spetsutbildningen to contain

certain courses according to the plans that apply to substances in

secondary schools corresponding to substances which spetsutbildningen is

geared toward.

6 § Spetsutbildningen don't have to follow the distribution of the

teaching time resulting from tim plan for elementary school in

Annex 1 of the Education Act (2010:800).

The total teaching time as provided for in Chapter 10. paragraph 5 of the

first subparagraph, the Education Act cannot be met.

Eligibility and selection

section 7 of the Tests and examinations to assess an applicant's skills and

skills in the subjects that spetsutbildningen is

geared toward may constitute conditions of admission or foundation for

selection among applicants for the training.

The principal shall, before application to the spetsutbildningen inform the

If the conditions of admission and of how selection will

to be made.


section 8 When a plan that applies to secondary education shall apply,

should the rules on grading of the 15 Cape. 22-24 § §

Education Act (2010:800) and Chapter 8. 2 and 3 of

secondary Regulation (2010:2039) apply.

Score that is referred to in the first subparagraph shall be issued separately.

section 9 of the student's final grade from grade school to demonstrate that

the student attended an advanced education and against which or

What topics the training has focused.


section 10 of the decision on participation in the experiment, the

set during the skolenhet spetsutbildningen shall be arranged and

What are the eligibility requirements and selection criteria are to be used.

Follow-up and evaluation

section 11 of The principals involved in the experiment are required

to participate in the monitoring and evaluation of

the experiment.

section 12 of the State's school no later than 30 april in 2015-2023

provide a statement of the scope of the experiment

and an evaluation of the to government offices. The National Agency for education

shall, by 15 August 2017 provide an in-depth report

of the experiment to the Cabinet Office.

Regulation (2014:1000).


paragraph 13 of the State's school may provide for

1. how a request for participation in the experiment,

be made,

2. what information an application shall contain,

3. the documents shall be submitted together with an application,

4. when an application is to be made at the latest, and

5. the design of the grading document issued under section 8.


section 14 of the State's skolverks decision pursuant to this Regulation shall not

subject to appeal.