Regulation (2011:446) With Instruction For The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:446) med instruktion för Finanspolitiska rådet

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section 1 of the Swedish fiscal policy Council is responsible for managing

Administrative and supervisory tasks for a specific advice

to appear at the Agency.


section 2 of the Authority is headed by a head of Government.

Positions and assignments

section 3 of the Permanent Secretary is the head of Government.

The Special Council


paragraph 4 of the Council shall be composed of not more than six members. One of the members

is the President and a Vice-President.


section 5 of the Council to follow up and assess the effectiveness of

fiscal policy and economic policy that the Government

proposed and Parliament decides on and thus contribute to a

greater transparency and clarity around the economic policy

purposes and effectiveness.

section 6, the Council shall, in particular, on the basis of the economic

our Bill and the budget bill, to assess whether

fiscal policy is consistent with the

1. long-term sustainability of public finances, and

2. the budget policy objectives, in particular the surplus target and

the expenditure ceiling.

section 7 of the Council shall, on the basis of the economic

our Bill and the budget bill,

1. assess how fiscal policy stance in relation to

economic development,

2. assess whether fiscal policy is in line with good long-term

sustainable growth and leads to sustainable high


3. review the clarity of these propositions, particularly with

respect of specified grounds for economic policy and

the reasons for the proposed action, and

4. analyse the impact of fiscal policies on welfare

distribution on the short and long term.

§ 8 the Council may examine and assess the quality of the submitted predictions

and in the models that are the basis for the projections.

§ 9 the Council shall furthermore promote increased public discussion of the

society on economic policy.


section 10 of the Council has a quorum if at least five of its members, including

those Chair or Vice-Chair is present.


section 11 of the President, the Vice-President and the other members are appointed by

the Government, after proposal from the Council. Terms of Office are given a

certain time, a maximum of six consecutive years for the President and not more than three

years in succession for the other members. A member who is not

President and proposed Chairman may be appointed for

no more than three years.

The Council shall submit proposals enabling that within the Council there is

Members who have a high level of scientific expertise in

the field of finance and members who have practical experience

economic-political work as well as to an equal distribution of

expertise and experience is achieved. Gender balance should

pursued. The Council proposal shall be submitted to the Government last

three months before terms of office expires.


section 12 of the Special Council shall no later than 15 may each year,

a report to the authority. The year when elections will be held to

The European Parliament must, however, report last May 10.

In the report, the Council shall present the analyses and assessments

the Council has made. Any dissenting opinions among

the members shall be set out in the report.

The authority shall, on the same day, leave the Special Council report

with their own opinion to the Government.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 13/expires U: 2016-04-01/

The provisions of article 9 of the Regulation (2006:942) on

emergency management and preparedness shall not apply to


section 13/entry into force: 04/01/2016

The provisions of section 8 of the Regulation (2015:1052) concerning emergency preparedness and surveillance measures by the authorities responsible at preparedness should not apply to the authority.

Regulation (2015:1067).

Exemptions from government regulation

section 14 of the following provisions of the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515)

shall not apply to the authority:

Article 7 on participation in the work of the EU and other international


section 20 on the presentation of cases, and

section 29 on the case to the Attorney General.