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Regulation (2011:556) With Instruction For State School Inspection

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:556) med instruktion för Statens skolinspektion

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section 1 of the State school inspection, through examination of principals and

activities work to ensure that all children, pupils and

adult students have access to an equal education, and

other activities of good quality in a safe environment.

The authority shall contribute to favorable conditions for children's

development and learning and improved knowledge results for

students and adult learners.

The authority has also other functions required by this

Regulation or of other regulations or specific decisions.

Supervision and quality review

section 2 of chapter 26. Education Act (2010:800) provides for

the authority responsible for the supervision and quality review.

The Agency also has oversight over some other courses and

activities to the extent arising out of or

specific decisions.

The supervision and quality control will

implemented on the basis of a needs analysis.

§ 3 If the authority at their supervision according to the law schools (2010:800)

finds deficiencies relating to action against abusive treatment and

giving rise to intervention by the authority, the child and

student representative is informed of this before the case proceed to judgment.

4 § the museums shall summarize and publish the results of

his work with supervision and quality review. Authority

shall submit a report of the results to the audited


Review of cases

section 5 of the Education Act (2010:800) provides for

the authority examines matters concerning the authorisation and eligibility

and if the revocation of the authorisation and of the right to the refund of

some cases.

The Agency shall follow up on a decision of approval or right

for contributions in close proximity to the decision has been made.

The authority will also disseminate knowledge of what it takes to

begin to engage in such activities as described in Chapter 2. 7 §

the Education Act.

section 6 is repealed by Regulation (2013:930).

Conduct of work

7 § the museums shall integrate a gender perspective and

mainstreaming human rights in its activities.

The authority shall also analyse the consequences of its activities

for children, taking particular account of the best interests of the child under

The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.


section 8 Authority to interact with the State school, special needs education and Skolforsknings Institute in order to achieve the education and disability policy objectives within the school grounds.

Regulation (2014:1577).


§ 9 the authority is headed by a head of Government.

section 10 of the authority is an Advisory Council consisting of not more than

ten members.


The Board of appeal of the school system

11 § the museums shall grant facilities for school

the Appeals Board. At the Agency, there shall be a registry

performing administrative and supervisory tasks for


The authority shall, after consulting the Board instruct someone

employed by the authority to be in charge of the Office.

The authority shall submit an annual report

activity report and a financial statement when it

applies to the activities of the Board. Regulation (2013:29).

Child and student delegate

12 § within the Agency, there shall be a representative of children and

students are referred to the child and a student representative.

Within the Agency, there shall be a secretariat of child and

student delegate responsible for kansligöromål, presentation by

cases and related information to the extent

as needed.

paragraph 13 of the children's and student delegate will

1. the tasks referred to in Chapter 6. Education Act (2010:800)

shall be made by the authority when it comes to protecting the

children's and students ' individual rights,

2. initiate or participate in training and

information activities related to Chapter 6. the Education Act, as well as through

advice and information to explain how the provisions relate

to the non-discrimination Act (2008:567), and

3. liaise with the Equality Ombudsman,

municipalities, other government departments, student organizations and other

organizations whose activities relate to abusive treatment.

section 14 of the child and student representative shall, in their work in accordance with paragraph 13 of the

1 take into account the Authority's supervision under the Education Act (2010:800).

If the child and student officers in their work in accordance with section 13 1,

information that may be relevant for the purposes of supervision, the relevant device

within the authority is informed thereof.

section 15 of the children's and student representative may determine that someone else

an official at the Attorney's Office may perform the delegate's

duties when he is unable to do so.

Child and student delegate is giving a mandate to an agent to bring

action on behalf of the Administration in an action for damages which

referred to in Chapter 6. paragraph 13 of the Education Act (2010:800).

Positions and assignments

section 16 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

section 17 was repealed by Regulation (2013:930).

section 18 of the Children and student representative is appointed by the Government.

Employment may be limited to take effect until a

particular point in time.

Staff disciplinary board

19 § at the Agency has a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

20 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance



section 21 of the authority may charge fees for such goods and

services referred to in paragraph 4(1) 1 – 3 the fee regulation

(1992:191), without the restriction laid down in the second subparagraph

the same clause.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 2011, when

Regulation (2009:1215) with instruction for State

school inspection shall be repealed. Regulations on supervision

and child and student officers in the repealed Regulation should

continue to apply to municipal adult education,

adult education for mentally retarded and instruction in Swedish

for immigrants to the end of June 2012.

2. the authority shall have the supervision of such fixed-term training at

resource center organized for students referred to in section 11 of the other

law (2010:801) on the introduction of the Education Act (2010:800).