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Regulation (2011:619) With Instruction For Marine And Water

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:619) med instruktion för Havs- och vattenmyndigheten

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section 1 of the Sea and the water authority's administrative authority on

the area of the environment for issues relating to the conservation, restoration and sustainable

use of lakes, streams and oceans.

2 § the museums shall, within their area of responsibility to be proactive,

supporting and collecting in the implementation of environmental policy and

promote the sustainable management of fisheries resources.

3 § the museums shall promote the generation of targets for

environmental performance and the environmental quality objectives which Parliament has

established accessible and shall, where necessary, propose measures for

development of environmental work.

4 § the museums shall coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of

environmental quality objectives No overfeeding, flourishing Lakes and

streams and a balanced marine environment, flourishing coastal and archipelago.

The authority shall, in respect of their environmental performance report to the

The environmental protection agency and consult with the work of the reporting

as needed.

5 § the museums shall, in particular,

1. be responsible for the Central tillsynsvägledningen in

the environmental code and cooperate with provincial governments to bring about

an effective enforcement,

2. monitor public environmental interests in cases where

Environment Act applied and managed with the authorities and

courts and leave the Authority's comments early in the


3. participate in environmental trials concerning issues that are

fundamentally important or are of great importance for marine and

the aquatic environment or fisheries;

4. be collecting in the water and the marine environment by

coordinate water authorities for the implementation of the regulation

(2004:660) on the management of the quality of the aquatic environment,

5. working with issues relating to maritime spatial planning,

6. have the overall responsibility for fisheries control and

be responsible for the implementation of the landing check;

7. within its area of responsibility, be responsible for the protection of habitats and

species as well as other questions about biodiversity in lakes,

rivers and seas,

8. in consultation with the environmental protection agency to allocate funds for

environmental monitoring, monitoring of environmental quality objectives and

international reporting and after consultation with the other relevant

authorities and organisations responsible for the implementation of

environmental monitoring and to describe and analyse the State of the environment

within its area of responsibility,

9. be responsible to collect basic information on

fish stocks and fishing and other exploitation in lakes,

rivers and seas, and, in particular, respond to data collection and

advice on fish stocks and fishing in

accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 199/2008 of 25

February 2008 establishing a Community framework for the collection,

management and use of data in the fisheries sector

and support for scientific advice regarding the

common fisheries policy,

10. within its area of responsibility, promote research and

development activities and participate in the preparation of

The environmental protection agency's environmental research grant to support

authority and the Authority's work,

11. make knowledge on marine and aquatic environment, fisheries and

the work of the authority available to government agencies, public and

other interested parties,

12. be responsible for the monitoring and assessment of the State

contribution covered by the Regulation (1982:840) If Government subsidies

the liming of lakes and streams, the Regulation (2009:381)

If State aid for local water projects and

Ordinance (1998:1343) on aid for fishing services,

13. monitor and evaluate the Government grants covered by

Wildlife damage regulation (2001:724) with regard to the prevention

measures and compensation for damage caused by seal and

Please report any such follow-up and evaluation to the State

Agricultural works, and

14. in interact with the environmental protection agency, Agriculture Department, Swedish

Geological Survey and provincial governments on issues that have

importance for conservation, restoration and sustainable use of

Marine and aquatic environment and for aquaculture.

section 6 of the Agency shall ensure that the rules and routines that

the Agency has at its disposal are cost-effective and easy for

citizens and businesses.

section 7 the authority may perform the service exports which are directly

linked to the development work that the Agency conducts

internationally, and which is within the scope of the mission

specified in this instruction, another regulation or a

decisions taken by the Government.

The total revenue generated by the Agency's entire

service exports may not exceed five per cent of the Agency's

total administrative costs. Regulation (2013:1046).


section 8 Authority is headed by a head of Government.

§ 9 at the Agency, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting of

a maximum of ten members.

Positions and assignments

section 10 the Director General is the head of Government.

Staff disciplinary board

11 § at the Agency, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

12 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance


13 § the museums shall apply internal audit regulation


Exemptions from government regulation

13 a of the provisions of section 20, first subparagraph, and paragraph 21 of 3 – 5

the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515) shall not apply to Sea-

and the water authority's decisions made through automated

treatment. Regulation (2014:1428).

Caseload management

13 b of the decision taken by automated processing to

be regarded as taken by the Director General. Regulation (2014:1428).


section 14 of the Agency may collect charges for services provided

within the framework of the Authority's cooperation in the Agency's

area of responsibility or in service exports.

The authority may provide for the fees and

to receive the fees.