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Law (2011:745) With Instruction For Parliamentary Administration

Original Language Title: Lag (2011:745) med instruktion för Riksdagsförvaltningen

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section 1 of the Parliament administration is an authority under the Riksdag with

tasked to assist.

Member of the management,

1. provide resources and support for the President,

the Chamber, committees and other parliamentary bodies

as well as for MPs and partikanslierna,

2. reply of the Government functions and

management information specified in chapter 14. section 2 of the

the Riksdag Act,

3. inform about Parliament's work and matters relating to the EU and

4. nurture and preserve the buildings and collections which the Riksdag

and administration disposes.

Member of the administration shall, in addition, to assist the parliamentary

nämndmyndigheter as referred to in sections 2 and 7(a).

The parliamentary nämndmyndigheter is

a. Party grant Board,

b. Parliamentary remuneration Committee,

c. Government fee Board,

d. Board of salary to the parliamentary ombudsmen and


e. the parliamentary Board of appeal,

f. Selection Review Board and

g. Parliamentary disciplinary board.

Law (2014:807).

2 § management of Parliament, unless otherwise specifically

prior written

l. establish the proposal for allocation of the State budget for

the Swedish Parliament and member of the management,

2. issuing instructions for the preparation of the draft

appropriation in the State budget for the parliamentary authorities except

The Riksbank,

3. prepare bulletin directive for each of the parliamentary

authorities, but the Riksbank, over the financial conditions

the respective authority by reason of the

decisions about the State budget,

4. decide on matters of economic benefits in accordance with the law

(1994:1065) if economic conditions for parliamentary members

each of the repealed Act (1996:304) on fees, etc. to

The Swedish members of the European Parliament,

5. be responsible for the salaries, allowances and other employee benefits

workers and arvodesberättigade in

The management of Parliament, parliamentary committees and other

parliamentary bodies as well as responsible for the management of pensions and

other benefits to them and their survivors,

6. enter into Central collective agreement and otherwise exercise

the employer's powers under these when it comes

the parliamentary authorities, as well as represent the parliamentary authorities

as employers in labour disputes about collective agreements

concluded by the Member of the management,

7. be responsible for the payments resulting from decisions of the

the parliamentary nämndmyndigheter, the costs shall be borne by

appropriations allocated to the Member of the management,

8. perform other financial administrative duties for

the parliamentary nämndmyndigheter as well as

9. be responsible for members who leave the Parliament offered

support for transition to gainful employment.

Member of the Administration to give the parliamentary authorities

to express their views on the negotiating issues directly

relating to the respective authority.

Member of management, one of the parliamentary authorities

submit examining a contractual issue that is of

importance for the authority.

Member of the Administration to prepare the parliamentary nämndmyndigheter

the opportunity to make their views on the need for resources.

Team (2013:764).

paragraph 3 of the Parliamentary Administration in its activities shall take into account

the Swedish defence requirements and respond to the safety and

crisis preparedness in the Riksdag.

section 4 of the Parliament administration receive

1. within the Authority's real estate lease apartments and


2. in its field of activity to provide goods and

services for which fees may be charged.

Member of the management determines the fees.

section 5 of the administration of Parliament may participate in international

aid work within the parliamentary sphere.

section 6 of the Parliament Administration may delegate a task to

deal with the matters referred to in section 2, first paragraph 4 to a

other authority. What is said about the Parliament administration shall in

such a case apply to the authority in relation to what

provided for in

– Chapter 8. and chapter 13. 22-26 § § the Act (1994:1065) if economic

terms of Parliament members, and

– Chapter 9 18-22 of the repealed Act (1996:304) on fees, etc.

the Swedish members of the European Parliament.

section 7 of the Parliament administration receive

1. notify the finance administrative regulations under section 46

the Act (2006:999) with finance administrative regulations, etc.

for the management of Parliament, the parliamentary ombudsmen and

The National Audit Office for the parliamentary authorities, but the Riksbank and

The National Audit Office,

2. notify the provisions necessary for the application of

Central collective agreement as member of the management,

3. notify the administrative regulations for the rest of

the parliamentary authorities, but the National Audit Office,

4. provide that only the Swedish

citizens must have some employment at

Member of the Administration, and

5. within its areas of activity provide above and beyond what

as follows from paragraphs 1 to 4.

7 a of the Parliament administration shall conclude an agreement with the

each of the parliamentary nämndmyndigheter of Government

Secretariat support to nämndmyndigheten.

Member of management, after consultation with nämndmyndigheten

meet with the agreement of another authority under the Riksdag

that the authority will provide secretariat support to the

nämndmyndigheten. Such an agreement may also meet

with a judicial or administrative authority in the

the Government.

When the Parliament Administration leaves office support to a

nämndmyndighet should take into account the interest of the Board of management

independent. Law (2012:888).

The Agency's management

§ 8 the Parliament administration is headed by a Board of Directors. Provisions on

election of members of Parliament and the Chairman of the Board of Directors if there is in

the Riksdag Act.

The responsibilities of the Board

§ 9 the Board is responsible to Parliament for the activities and

shall ensure that it is carried out effectively and in accordance with the applicable

right, it is reported in a reliable and accurate

way, and that the Parliament administration manage well with the State's


§ 10 the Board decides on the

1. Petitions and statements to Parliament,

2. Member of the Administration's annual report and the draft

budget for the Parliament and member of the management,

3. response of National Audit reports on the

Member of the Administration's activities and the accounting

the Board shall submit to the Parliament the law according to § 44

(2006:999) with finance administrative regulations, etc. for

Member of the Administration, the parliamentary ombudsmen and

The National Audit Office,

4. the rules of procedure of the Parliamentary Administration and operational plan,

5. regulations under this Act or the regulations

get notified of the parliamentary administration and not under section 21

get notified of the Riksdag Director;

6. the conclusion of collective agreements with workers '

the main organizations, other than termination of negotiations

negotiations over disputes about contracts, lockouts or other

industrial action as well as other negotiating issues of

policy nature or has major economic significance or

common to the parliamentary authorities,

7. appointment of a member of Parliament, Deputy Director

Department heads, directors of utskottskanslier and a Director of

EU Registry of the Board,

8. salary and other employment benefits of the Riksdag Director;


9. such issues that are of greater weight or fundamental

importance or as Riksdag Director may refer to

the Board of Directors.

10 a of the Member of the Board of Directors may provide for

Committee and the European Committee's foreign trips. Law (2014:807).

section 11 of the Regulations of the Board's responsibilities for internal audit

see the Act (2006:999) with the Chief Administrative

provisions etc. for Parliamentary Administration, Parliamentary

Ombudsmen and national audit office.

Board practices

section 12 of the regulations on the composition of the Board of Parliament see

the Riksdag Act.

paragraph 13 of the Parliamentary Board of Directors is quorate when the Chairman and

In addition, at least six members are present.

At vote applied the provisions of section 18 of the

administrative law (1986:223).

The members ' Council

section 14 of the Riksdag for the electoral term the Board appoints a Council of

preparation of members ' close issues.

In the members ' Council, a representative of each political group shall be included.

Member of the Board of Directors appoints even replacements for the members of the


The members ' Council meets when convened by the Parliament President.

section 15 Before the Riksdag Director determines an issue of major importance

or fundamental importance for parliamentary members, he

or she shall consult the members ' Council.

If two or more members of the Council are against

Member of the Director's opinion of a submitted

case, the Director may refer the matter to Parliament

Member of the Board of Directors for decision.


section 16 of the cases not provided for in §§ 10 and 25 shall be decided by the

Member of the Board of directors or staff Disciplinary Board decided by

Member of the Director or, if no member of the Board of Directors decided

something else, of the Riksdag Director appoints.

section 17 of the Member of the Board may assign to the Riksdag Director

to determine the matters referred to in section 10 of 7.

Member of the Board of Directors may entrust to the Riksdag Director

to determine the matters referred to in section 10 (3) and (6) and take the

measures in response to the internal audit report and

audit plan after the Board's decision is not without inconvenience,


Such decisions shall be notified to the Board at its next


Member of the Director's responsibility to the Board

section 18 member of the Director is the head of the Parliamentary Administration.

Member of the Director is responsible to the Board and shall be responsible for

operating activities in accordance with the directive Board


Member of the Director shall keep the Board informed of

activities, provide the Board with a basis for decisions and

the execution of the Board's decision.

section 19 of the Reichstag When the Director is not in service or are on

travel to the data as the head of the Parliamentary Administration

in the first instance by the Assistant Director and member of Parliament

in the alternative, by an official in the Parliament administration

the Riksdag Director appointed after consultation with the President.

The Deputy Director of Parliament replaces the otherwise

Member of the Director to the extent that the Riksdag Director


Member of the Director's tasks

section 20 of the Riksdag Director shall in addition to responding to the ongoing

the business also

1. continuous follow up and examine the Parliamentary Government

activities and impact of the measures and specific

decisions relating to the activity and take the necessary measures,

2. ensure that parliamentarians, the public and others

contacts with Member of management is facilitated by a good

service and availability, through advocacy and through a

cared for, simple and understandable language in Parliamentary Government

pleadings and decisions,

3. push for Parliamentary Administration through collaboration with

other State authorities and otherwise taking advantage of the

benefits that can be gained for the State as a whole.

section 21 of the Riksdag Director may prescribe, and for special cases

decide if the Parliamentary Administration Organization in the parts

This is not regulated in the Riksdag Act or other


section 22 of the Riksdag Director shall be responsible for the administration of Parliament

employers ' policies, according to section 23 and represent

Member of the Administration as an employer.

Member of the Administration's employer policy

section 23 of the Parliament Administration to

1. ensure that the employees are familiar with the Agency's


2. create good working conditions and to make and develop

the employees ' skills and experience, and

3. promote gender equality and for

diversity in the workplace.

Positions and assignments

section 24 of the Riksdag Director is elected and dismissed by the Parliament

According to provisions in the Riksdag Act.

Other personnel hired by the administration of Parliament.

Law (2014:807).

Staff disciplinary board

section 25 of the authority, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Parliamentary administration staff disciplinary board, try the following

questions regarding the employees of the Parliament Administration:

1. separation from employment due to personal

circumstances, but not in the case of probation,

2. disciplinary liability,

3. notification of charges, and

4. shutdown.

Member of the Director is the Chairman of the staff disciplinary board.

Member of the Management Board may provide for

composition in General and about its activities.

section 26 of the staff disciplinary board is quorate when the Chairman and

at least half of the other members are present.

Caseload management

section 27 Cases to be decided after presentation.

Member of the management, of the rules of procedure or in special

decision determining that cases decided by someone other than the

Member of the Director does not have to be preferred.

Member of the Director may make such decisions without presentation

that cannot be postponed until they have had time to

prefer the case.

section 28 For every decision in a case, it establishes a

document showing

1. the date of the decision,

2. the content of the decision,

3. who made the decision,

4. who was rapporteur, and

5. who's been with at the final processing without

participate in the decision.

Protocol should be conducted when there are dissenting opinions

or when the Protocol is needed for any other reason.

If a Variant opinion is it should always be specified when a

notice be given of the content of a decision by the

Member of the administration.

Member of the Administration's right to represent the State in the courts

section 29 in its field of activity represents

Member of the management state court.

The administration of Parliament may Commission any other authority or

for an agent to bring the Parliament Administration's action.


section 30 of the Regulations concerning appeals against decisions of

Member of the Administration Act (1989:186) on appeal

administrative decisions of the parliamentary administration and

the parliamentary authorities.