Regulation (2011:947) Of Government Grants For Secondary Apprenticeship

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:947) om statsbidrag för gymnasial lärlingsutbildning

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Introductory provision

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid for

high school apprenticeship.

The conditions for and the calculation of State aid

section 2 of the State grants may be submitted to the principals of the school system

for general secondary apprenticeship beginning after 1

July 2011.

State subsidy is provided, subject to availability of funds.

Regulation (2014:27).

section 3 of the Government subsidies may be provided for

1. principal's costs for compensation to the legal or natural person providing the arbetsplatsförlagda portion of the upper-secondary level apprenticeships, and

2. costs for the development of the secondary apprentice training.

State aid within the meaning of the first subparagraph is left with no more than 47 500 crowns per school year for each student who attends the high school apprenticeship and training contracts were signed for. Of that sum, State subsidies for such development costs referred to in the first subparagraph 2 up to a maximum of $1,000 per academic year for each student who attends the high school apprenticeship.

In addition to the total amount referred to in the second subparagraph, State subsidies for such compensation referred to in the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 is left with no more than $1,000 per academic year for each student who attends the high school apprenticeship and whose supervisor at work has attained a supervisor training school as a State judge satisfies the requirements of the Agency set out for such training.

If the applications for Government grants which meet the conditions for a year exceeds the funds available, the main men's State grant is reduced proportionately so that the breakdown between cost elements in the first subparagraph shall be the same as if no reduction occurred. Regulation (2015:1050).

3 a § State aid may also be provided for municipal

development efforts which means that the number of students in

high school apprenticeship can increase or that such

training may be offered. Regulation (2014:27).

Application and decision

section 4 of the State's school decides on and pays out State subsidies.

In the principal's application for State subsidies under paragraph 3, it shall

indicate that the training contract for students who request

concerns have been signed.

The application may be transferred electronically to the National Agency for education.

Regulation (2014:27).

Distribution of Government grants

4 a of the State's school, in their distribution of Government grants

According to section 3 (a) to take into account

1. the extent to which efforts can contribute to a number of students

in education increase or that the training offered, and

2. the need for a geographical spread of operations.

Regulation (2014:27).

Monitoring, reporting and evaluation

section 5 of the State's school will monitor how the Government grant is used

and evaluating its effects.

paragraph 6 of The principal who has received government subsidies paid to the

Statens skolverk account of how it has been used. The principal is

also obliged to participate in the monitoring and evaluation of

Government grant.

section 7 of the State's school no later than 1 October each year, with

beginning in 2012, to government offices account for the extent of

paid State aid and how Government grant is used.


section 8 a principal that has received State aid under this

Regulation is required to repay it if

1. the recipient by leaving through false statements or any


caused to the State contribution has been made incorrectly or with

for high amounts,

2. State grant for any other reason has been submitted incorrectly

or with excessive amounts,

3. the State contribution has not been used for its intended purpose, or

4. the receiver has not submitted such a report referred to in

section 6.

Statens skolverk shall act to recover a contribution if

a principal is the repayment obligation referred to in the first subparagraph. If

There are special reasons for it, the National Agency for education is wholly or

partially waive a claim for a refund.


section 9 of the State's school may provide for electronic

the transfer of an application, and if the electronic signature and the

other provisions necessary for the implementation of this



section 10 of the State's skolverks decision pursuant to this Regulation shall not

subject to appeal.

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on 18 January 2013. Older

However, the Government still rules for contribution

granted prior to the entry into force.


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 25 February 2014.

2. State school, until the authority has asked

up requirements for such hanledarutbildning referred to in paragraph 3 of the third

subparagraph, shall not be later than 30 June 2014, decide to leave

State grant under paragraph 3, third subparagraph, of a student whose

supervisor in the workplace according to the headteacher has undergone

the necessary training to be mentors.

3. Older rules still apply for Government grants

has been paid before the entry into force.


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on January 1, 2016.

2. Older provisions still apply for State aid granted before its entry into force.