Regulation (2011:1480) If Certificates

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:1480) om elcertifikat

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Article 1 this regulation lays down rules that connect to

Act (2011:1200) of electricity.

In this regulation,

1. the terms and expressions used the same meaning as in the Act

If certificates,

2. "waste" has the same meaning as in the Swedish environmental code, and

3. recycling the same meaning as in the waste regulation


2 § With bio-fuel "means materials of biological origin

used as a fuel. With biofuel, however, does not

1. fossil material or turf,

2. unsorted waste, regardless of its content, or

3. the objects or substance referred to in 2 but who have ceased to

be waste after a handling which means recycling.

paragraph 3 of the Swedish Energy Agency is the regulator and

kontoföringsmyndighet under the law (2011:1200) if

electricity certificates. Regulation (2014:1091).

Award for production increase

4 § the holder of a facility is eligible to be assigned

certificates as referred to in Chapter 2. section 8, first subparagraph, the law

(2011:1200) If certificates if a documented and verified

sustained increase in production in a plant is a result of

1. an increase in the average use the water flow through the

the plant,

2. reduced losses in the waterways, or

3. reduced losses in energy conversion system.

If an increase in production is only a result of a running

maintenance operation in the plant or in the waterway which belong

to the facility, shall not be eligible for production increase

the award of certificates.

The provisions of section 10 shall not apply to holders of

plants awarded certificates for a

increase in production as referred to in the first subparagraph.

§ 5 the proprietor of an establishment is eligible to be assigned

certificates as referred to in Chapter 2. the second subparagraph of paragraph 8 of the Act (2011:1200)

If the certificates if a documented and verified sustainable

increase in renewable electricity production is a result of

investments in production-enhancing measures in the plant,

such as remodeling. Increases that are only a consequence of a

ongoing maintenance task shall not be eligible for the award of

electricity certificates.

section 6 of the State's energy authority, in a decision approving the

output growth determine the fraction of the total renewable

electricity production at the plant after the action that will be taken into

the basis for the award of certificates according to Chapter 2. 8 § law

(2011:1200) of electricity.

Time for the awarding of certificates for production increases

According to Chapter 2. the third paragraph of section 8 of the law on certificates will

counted from the time when such share referred to in the first

the paragraph has been established through the documentation and

verification in accordance with regulations that the State

Energy Authority has notified pursuant to section 18 of the 1.

New assignment after reconditioning

section 7 when assessing a facility shall be deemed to be new under

Chapter 2. section 9 of the Act (2011:1200) of electricity, the plant shall

deemed to include the following elements:

1. waterways, turbine, generator and control system

for hydroelectric power plants,

2. boiler, turbine, generator, exhaust gas systems and controls and

control system for combined heat and power plants and industrial

CHP plant,

3. rotor, machine building and control systems for

wind turbines, or

4. gas engine or gas turbine, generator and control and

control system for gas engine or gas turbine plants.

In order for a facility shall be deemed to be new, according to Chapter 2. section 9 of the Act

If the certificates do extensive alterations or other

investments have been made in respect of the elements referred to in the first

paragraph. The plant's service life, after measures correspond to

a new such a fixed life span.

Measurement, calculation and reporting of

elcertifikatsberättigande electricity generation

Measurement and reporting to the grid covered by

network licence

section 8 of the regulations on the measurement and reporting of

elcertifikatsberättigande electricity generation for input from

facilities to a power network covered by the concession network

see Regulation (1999:716) concerning the measurement, calculation and

reporting of transfer of power.

Measurement and reporting to the electrical grid that is not covered by the

network licence

section 9 If the input is from a farm to a grid that is used without the aid of power plant's concession holder shall measure the amount of input electricity during hourly and report the elcertifikatsberättigande electricity production to kontoföringsmyndigheten. Regulation (2015:265).

Special calculation and reporting of certain electricity generation

section 10 except as provided in Chapter 2. the third subparagraph of paragraph 3 of the law

(2011:1200) If certificates, the holder of a plant

in particular, calculate the electrical production with biofuel,

the turf or the use of various technical equipment and

report the calculation of kontoföringsmyndigheten.

Regulation (2014:1091).

Control of measuring equipment

section 11 of the Act (1992:1514) units of measurement, measurements and measuring instruments

and Regulation (1993:1066) units of measurement, measurement, and

measuring instruments follows that the Swedish Board for accreditation and conformity

control may provide for requirements and control of

measuring equipment and that the authority supervises the

such regulations are followed.

Reconsideration of decision on the quota obligation for electricity-intensive industry

section 12 of the Swedish Energy Agency shall review such a decision

quota duty referred to in Chapter 4. section 7 of the Act (2011:1200) if

electricity certificates

1. every three years, if there is such a power-intensive industry which

referred to in Chapter 1. section 2 of the 8 (a) or (c) the law on electricity, and

2. each year, if there is such a power-intensive industry referred to

in Chapter 1. 2 section 8 (b) the law on electricity.

Exemption from the duty of Declaration

section 13 a quota required electricity-intensive industries should be exempted from

tax obligation if it uses only electricity

According to Chapter 4. section 5 of the Act (2011:1200) If certificates are not to be

be taken into account in the calculation of the quota obligation.

The Swedish Energy Agency will rule on exemptions from the

the Declaration obligation in connection with that authority examines

the question of the registration of the quota obligation under Chapter 4. section 7 of the Act on

certificates or reconsider a decision under section 12.

Translation of elcertifikatspris on a common


section 14 If the volume-weighted average of the price of electricity certificates

shall be calculated in accordance with Chapter 3. section 16 of the Act (2011:1200) if

certificates on a elcertifikatsmarknad that is common with

other countries, sales for the current period

converted at the exchange rate applicable on the day the

volume-weighted mean is calculated.

Fees for account-keeping and registration of the


15 § Kontoföringsmyndigheten shall charge fees for

accounting and registration of transfer of certificates.

The fees shall be calculated on the three-month period

(fee period) that precedes the charging decision. The sum of the

the fee shall be rounded to the nearest integer, SEK.

Regulation (2014:1091).

section 16 of the person who has a certificate account will pay a fee for

account. Account fee will be calculated on the maximum number of

electricity certificates which at the same time been registered to your account during the

the contribution period and shall be 0.07 kroons for each registered

certificate. Account fee shall, however, always be a minimum of 50


section 17 the applicant shall pay an application fee of 100 kroner, if

an application for registration pursuant to Chapter 3. section 6 of the Act (2011:1200)

If the certificates have not been transferred electronically.


section 18 of the Swedish Energy Agency may provide additional

regulations on

1. actions, conditions, documentation and verification at

Award of certificates for the production increase,

2. the measures and conditions for the new assignment after conversion,


3. measurement, calculation and reporting of

elcertifikatsberättigande electricity production.

section 19 of the Swedish Energy Agency may announce further provisions on the enforcement of the law (2011:1200) If certificates and regulations on the enforcement of this regulation. Regulation (2015:265).


section 20 of the 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) contains provisions

If an appeal to the administrative court.

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