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Regulation (2011:1508) If Government Subsidies For Activities That Uphold Democracy

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:1508) om statsbidrag för verksamhet som värnar demokratin

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State subsidies for activities that defend democracy against violent extremism in the period 2015-2018. Regulation (2014:1536).

section 2 of the Authority of youth and civil society issues, try

questions about State aid under this regulation.

Regulation (2014:93).


3 § the purpose of the State's contribution is to reduce the number of active

violent extremist environments.

Conditions for State aid

section 4 of the State subsidy be provided subject to availability of funds. Contributions may be made to non-profit associations and foundations under the conditions set out in paragraphs 5 and 6.

Grants may also be provided to a municipality, but only if the municipality within the framework of the project cooperates with at least one such non-profit association or Foundation referred to in the first subparagraph. Regulation (2014:1536).

5 § Government subsidies may be provided to a nonprofit organization that

1. is independent and democratically structured,

2. doing business in Sweden, and

3. in its operations respects the democratic ideas, including

the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Grants may also be given to a foundation that is not a State

or municipal and complying with the requirements of the first subparagraph 2 and


6 § State aid shall not be granted to an association or

Foundation, which has liabilities of Swedish taxes or fees

of enforcement authority or which are in liquidation or


section 7 of the Government subsidies may be provided only for activities intended to

1. Prevention of anti-democratic behaviour evolve, 2. preventing radicalisation and to individuals joining the violent extremist environments, or

3. support the individuals who intend to leave such environments.

Regulation (2014:1536).


section 8 application for Government grants should be made in writing.

The applicant shall provide the Authority for youth and

civil society issues provide the documents and information

the authority needs to be able to examine the application.

Regulation (2014:93).

Decisions and payments

section 9 in a decision on State aid shall identify the

business grant is awarded. The decision may be subject to

terms and conditions. These should be indicated in the decision. The decision shall also

Specifies the last day report.

section 10 State contribution is paid at one point. If the contribution

exceed five price base amounts according to Chapter 2. 6 and 7 § §

social insurance code, however, it may be paid in two



section 11 of The that have received State aid under this Regulation shall provide an accounting of funds received to the Agency for youth and civil society issues. The beneficiary shall declare the results that have been achieved and how the results relate to the purpose for which the allowance has been granted.

If the receiving State aid under this regulation is a non-profit association or Foundation, an auditor shall certify that the financial reporting is reliable and that the accounts are true and fair. If the contribution is received is at least five price base amounts according to Chapter 2. 6 and 7 of the social code, the auditor shall be authorized or approved. Regulation (2014:1536).

section 12 of The program have received government subsidies, at the request of the administration of youth and civil society issues leave the authority needs to review a report referred to in section 11. Regulation (2014:1536).

section 13 Authority for youth and civil society issues in its annual report should describe who has received government subsidies in accordance with this regulation and with what amount and for what purposes.

The authority shall, in addition, by 1 April each year to the Government to provide a summary of what contribution has been paid and, if possible, provide a comprehensive assessment of the effects of State contribution in relation to its purpose. Regulation (2014:1536).

Refunds and chargebacks

section 14 a aid has been paid, the beneficiary is obliged to repay, if

1. support has been provided for the wrong reasons or with excessive amounts,

2. the aid in whole or in part have not been used or has been used for the purpose referred to in paragraph 1, 3. the recipient has not provided a report referred to in section 11, or

4. the conditions in the decision on the aid have not been respected.

Regulation (2014:1536).

section 15 if a beneficiary is required to repay pursuant to the

section 14, Agency for the youth and civil society issues

decide to fully or partially recover the State contribution. If

There are special reasons, the Authority for youth and

civil society issues, decide to waive recovery in whole or

partially. Regulation (2014:93).


16 § Agency of youth and civil society issues

provide for the enforcement of this regulation.

Regulation (2014:93).


section 17 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.