Regulation (2011:1560) Of State Subsidies To The Cost Of Operations Of Heritage The Codend

Original Language Title: Förordning (2011:1560) om statsbidrag till kostnader för verksamheten Kulturarvslyftet

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this regulation provides for State aid

to the costs of operations of heritage of the codend.

State grant under the regulation be provided subject to availability on


The purpose of the State's contribution

2 § the purpose of Government grant is to

Heritage lift provide people who are far from

the labour market a meaningful and fulfilling

employment and building knowledge about, nurture and

make available the cultural heritage and cultural environment.

Conditions for State aid

3 § If there is funding, Government grants under this

Regulation of expenses to within heritage codend

arrange such developmental contracts as referred to in paragraph 4 as well as

such preparatory actions referred to in paragraph 5.

Contributions may be made to the authorities, institutions and other

organs operating within or related to

cultural heritage.

4 § developing employment in the heritage of the codend shall

be arranged for persons who may be referred to

developing employment according to the Regulation (2000:630) about

specific measures for people with disabilities

causes reduced ability to work, and that

1. has participated in pathways under the regulation

(2000:634) on labour market policy programmes, or

2. receive sickness benefit or rehabilitation allowance pursuant to

the social security code and likely to consume

days with such compensation within 12 months, or may

time-limited sickness compensation pursuant to Chapter 4. section 31 of the Act

(2010:111) for the inclusion of the social insurance code.

First paragraph 2 applies only to persons covered by the

efforts in cooperation between the public employment service and

The social insurance agency.

5 § developing employment in the heritage of the codend shall

preceded by a maximum three-month guideline to

preparatory actions under the Regulation (2000:634) if

labour market policy programmes.

6 § State aid shall not be granted to applicants who have debts

for Swedish taxes or fees of the bailiff

or are in liquidation or bankruptcy.

section 7 of the State subsidy is not provided if the provider is compensated

for its costs for such development employment and

preparatory actions referred to in paragraphs 4 and 5 by other

State aid.

Caseload management

section 8 of the National Heritage Board hears questions about government grants

According to this regulation.

Before the Agency decides on State aid to

authority shall hear the public employment service.

section 9 application for Government grants must be in writing and filed

to the National Heritage Board. The application shall include the

information necessary for the examination.

section 10 a decision concerning State aid must be subject to conditions.

These should be indicated in the decision. The decision shall also be last day

for recognition under section 13 specified.

section 11 a decision on State aid may cover a period of

a maximum of one year.

Government grant

section 12 of the State contribution is calculated by the number of employees in such

activities referred to in paragraph 4 and be submitted to the organisers of

development positions with 5 000 per month and


State subsidy to the organisers of preparatory efforts under 5

§ left with 130 kronor per day and person

provided that the persons participating in such operations

get activity support according to the Regulation (1996:1100) if

activity support.


paragraph 13 of The patients who have received Government grants under this regulation

going to the National Heritage Board account for how the funds have

used, and leave the other information needed

follow-up and evaluation.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 14 of the National Heritage Board may decide that a granted

State grant will not be paid, if it can

It is assumed that the refund is granted on the basis of incorrect


15 § the recipient of a Government grants under this regulation

the payback is required if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

any other way has caused that the contribution has been provided

improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund has not been used for the purpose for which it has


4. the project for which the grant has been provided does not complete

or where for any other reason not consumed,

5. a person who has received the grant has not provided such

report referred to in section 13, or

6. the terms of the decision on State aid have not been respected.

section 16 if anyone is owed repayment under section 15, the

The National Heritage Board may decide to fully or partially require

back the premium.

section 17 If an amount has been recovered under section 16 does not

paid on time, the penalty interest rate

(1975:635) is levied on the amount.

section 18 if there are special reasons, the Swedish National Heritage Board

waive in whole or in part a requirement for reimbursement under

section 16 or a claim for interest under section 17.


section 19 of the National Heritage Board may provide for

enforcement of this regulation.


section 20 of the 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) is

provisions for an appeal to the administrative court.

Other decisions than decisions under section 14 shall not, however, be appealed.