Regulation (2012:515) With Instruction For The Swedish Arts Council

Original Language Title: Förordning (2012:515) med instruktion för Statens kulturråd

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section 1 of the Swedish Arts Council's mission is to, on the basis of

the national cultural policy objectives, promote culture

development and availability by distributing and follow up

Government grants and other incentives.

2 § the museums shall in particular promote artistic and

culture politically valuable development in activities relating to

1. theater, dance, music and the performing arts,

2. literature, literary magazines, promoting reading and libraries,

3. image and form, as well as museums and exhibitions,

4. regional cultural activities,

5. Sami people and other national minorities ' culture,


6. other cultural purposes.

3 § the museums shall also

1. promote greater international and intercultural exchange

and collaboration within the entire field of culture,

2. integrate a gender, diversity and child and

youth perspective and also promote an international and

intercultural exchange and cooperation in their activities,

3. have an overall responsibility, sector responsibility,

disability issues related to the Agency's

field of activity and within the framework of these responsibilities be

collecting, supportive and proactive in relation to other


4. within the framework of cultural interaction model

Regulation (2010-2012) on the distribution of certain government grants

on regional cultural activities represent the State of the dialogue

with the relevant County Councils and municipalities,

5. consider questions about the exhibition guarantees according to Regulation

(1998:200) if State exhibition guarantees,

6. administer the price referred to in the Ordinance (2002:1091)

about Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award,

7. be national contact point for the EU's culture programme,

8. promote the significance of culture in other spheres of society,

9. dissemination of information and knowledge of the Agency's activities,


10. have the overall responsibility for that in its field of activity

promoting equal rights and opportunities regardless of sexual

orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Regulation (2014:1544).

4 § in addition to the information the authority under paragraphs 1 to 3, the

undertake quests within their territory, in so far as it does not

distort competition on the market.


5 § the museums shall cooperate with the relevant authorities, county councils

and municipalities with responsibilities under the Regulation (2010-2012) on

distribution of certain government grants to regional

cultural activities, as well as with institutions, civil society

and other players.

The authority shall also promote cooperation, the exchange of experience and

learning between local, regional, national and

international actors engaged in activities relevant

for the flowering.


6 § the museums shall monitor and report to Government

business quantitative and qualitative results.

The following should be followed up and reported:

1. the State grants and other promotion

activities, per arts and cultural area,

2. how the State grant the design is complemented by

co-financing of counties, municipalities and other stakeholders, and

3. how the Agency's activities helped to meet the

national cultural policy objectives.

The authority shall submit proposals to the Government on how the efforts

within the Authority's remit could be improved and

be streamlined.

7 § in addition to reporting under paragraph 6, the Agency shall follow up

and by 30 June each year report the following to the


1. the outcome of the Swedish applications to the EU's cultural and

media programs Creative Europe 2014-2020

2. the outcome of the Swedish project culture connection

been granted support from the European structural and

investment funds for 2014-2020 including projects within the

territorial cooperation programmes, and

3. the regional outcomes of the Authority's activities.

Report pursuant to paragraph 2 shall be carried out in cooperation with

National Heritage Board, the Swedish Film Institute and

The national archives.

The authority will also follow up and by 30 June

biennial report the regional results of other

cultural authorities and cultural institutions to

the Government. Regulation (2014:1524).

7 a section/entry into force: 01/01/2016 in the annual report present how the Agency pushed for the Sámi people and other national minorities ' culture in both cultural partnership model as other premium design and operations. Report shall be made on the basis of the national cultural policy objectives and the minority political targets areas language and cultural identity as well as influence and participation. Regulation (2015:796).


section 8 Authority is headed by a Board of Directors.

§ 9 the Board shall consist of not more than nine members.

Special bodies

section 10 within the Agency is a cooperative Council with the task of

coordinate national cultural political interests under

for cultural collaboration model. The Director General is the Chairman of the

the Partnership Council. The Government determines which State

authorities and national institutions to include in

the Partnership Council.

section 11 within the Agency, there is a special jury in charge of

the nomination and decides on the winners under the regulation

(2002:1091) concerning the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Positions and assignments

section 12 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

Staff disciplinary board

section 13 of the authority is a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

14 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance

(1987:1101) and internal audit regulation (2006:1228).


15 § the museums shall charge fees for such activities as

referred to in paragraph 4 and shall draw fee revenues.

The authority may provide for fees.