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Regulation (2012:546) With Instruction For The Swedish Board Of Housing

Original Language Title: Förordning (2012:546) med instruktion för Boverket

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section 1 of the building and planning is the administrative authority for questions about

1. built environment,

2. management of land and water areas,

3. spatial planning,

4. construction and management of buildings,

5. property, and

6. housing finance.

Boverket is responsible for the Central Administration of the

Government grants and contributions within its field.

section 2 of the Swedish authorities shall, in matters within its field work for

1. increased knowledge among municipalities, government authorities and other


2. sustainable development based on the social,

ecological and economic dimension,

3. a good architecture and good design of the

built environment in urban planning and construction,

4. coordination of the governmental authorities ' efforts to take

up the basis for the application of Chapter 3-5. and Chapter 6. 19-21 § §

the environmental code and the planning and building Act (2010:900), and

5. the transition to an ecologically sustainable energy systems

that includes the promotion of the use of solar thermal technology, a

good management of energy in buildings and a

planning preparedness for wind power in accordance with the

planning framework which Parliament has decided.

section 3 of the Housing Board shall in particular:

1. build up and disseminate knowledge about the sector's environmental impacts and


2. take into account the impact of the Board's decisions and operations

can get for the disabled, children, adolescents and the elderly, as well as

for integration, residential segregation, public health and

gender equality,

3. in relation to the authorities, the public and other

actively involved providing advice and support,

4. exercising supervision, provide regulatory guidance and monitor the

compliance with laws and regulations,

5. develop an in-depth understanding of housing markets

the functioning of the

6. update statistics, monitor and analyse developments in the

the housing market, as well as in national perspective on

regional level,

7. negotiate contracts with municipalities on the State's participation in the

restructuring or reorganization of a municipal

housing companies and do follow-ups and evaluations

regarding support for certain municipal commitments for property,

8. monitor and analyse the implementation of the plan and

construction legislation and legislation on energy Declaration

for buildings,

9. where applicable, establish and manage records of

energy declarations,

10. develop verifiable performance requirements in the building regulations as well as

monitor and analyse implementation of these,

11. monitor the progress of the issues within the Agency's

area of activity and, if necessary, propose measures to

the purpose of the rules and other instruments should be accessed, and

12. to coordinate, develop, monitor and evaluate the State

support and contributions which Housing has a central

administrative responsibility for, describe the results and

distribution when it comes to subsidies and contributions and shall inform the

about them. Regulation (2013:46).

section 4 of the Swedish authorities shall assist the Government with analyses and investigations

in its field of activity.

paragraph 5 of the building and planning will ensure that the regulations and procedures

authority is disposes of is cost effective and easy for

citizens and businesses.

Credit guarantees and housing finance

section 6 of the national housing Board has furthermore tasked

1. manage and account for the credit guarantees that the State

Residential Credit Committee or the national housing Board issued,

2. ensure that the credit supply for new construction and remodeling, as well as

on the acquisition of dwellings are supported adequately by the

State credit guarantees and take the initiatives needed in this

purpose, and

3. provide advice on financing works

of dwellings to smaller and medium-sized property developers.

Disability issues

section 7 of the building and planning has overall responsibility, sector responsibility,

disability issues related to their

field of activity.

Building and planning, in the context of the liability under the first subparagraph shall be

collecting, supportive and proactive in relation to other

interested parties.

Environmental and health issues

section 8 Housing,

1. in its field work for the generation goals

for the environmental work and environmental quality objectives that Parliament has

determined is reached and, if necessary, propose measures for environmental work

development, and

2. coordinate the monitoring, evaluation and reporting in question

the environmental quality objective good built environment.

Building and planning, in terms of their environmental efforts under the first subparagraph

report to the environmental protection agency and consult with the work of

What reporting is required.

8 a of Boverket is responsible for guiding the municipalities and other

When it comes to how noise should be taken into account and other

health in planning for and construction of dwellings according to

planning and building legislation. Regulation (2013:46).

Municipal land views

8 b of the national housing Board shall provide advice and assistance, monitoring and

analyze and compile lessons learned from

the application of the law (2014:899) concerning guidelines for municipal

land views.

The compendium should be submitted to the Government.

Regulation (2014:1333).

International issues

§ 9 building and planning to participate in the work in its field of activity

as the Government carries out within the EU and internationally.

Housing Board shall in particular:

1. provide documentation and expert knowledge,

2. attend the meetings in consultation with Cabinet Office and

report of the meetings,

3. cooperate with authorities and organisations in other countries

as well as engage in development cooperation,

4. follow, present and participate in international cooperation

seeks to harmonise the rules for buildings and

construction products,

5. be responsible for the coordination and support when working with EU

legal acts,

6. be responsible for international reporting within their

area of responsibility,

7. in its participation in European Commission working groups

early the assess the impact of key decisions and give

stakeholders the opportunity to provide comments to the Agency,

8. current track and account for how spatial planning and

land development, housing and the environment for

the national housing policy developed within the EU,

9. pay attention to proposals for new and revised EU rules,

legal developments in General, and follow other developments within the EU

that can be important for the Swedish housing sector, and

10. when the European Commission has submitted a final proposal

EU legislation, promptly present an impact assessment

of the proposal to the Cabinet Office.

section 10 of the national housing Board,

1. update and follow both statistics analysis with

focus on housing markets and construction in the Nordic

perspective, and

2. analyze the differences between the Nordic countries

development of housing construction, including countries '

different conditions and other causes of the differences.

section 11 of the Housing may perform the service exports which are directly linked

to the Agency's area of activity under section and with the

restrictions otherwise arising out of this statement or

any other regulation.


section 12 of the national housing Board is headed by a head of Government.

section 13 at the national housing Board, there shall be an Advisory Council consisting of

a maximum of 12 members.

Special functions and bodies

Analysis function for the planning, construction and housing

section 14 by the Housing Board, there should be a specific analysis function

such planning, construction and housing issues which are of importance for the

housing construction and property.

Gathering local delegation

section 15 within the building and planning are Gathering local delegation that is a

in particular, the decision-making body. The delegation will decide cases on State

support to the General Assembly, some non-governmental

cultural venues and Park theatres.

Delegation does not determine matters relating to the legislation or

proposals for any budgetary requests.

section 16 Collection local Advisory Board consists of a Chairman and

no more than eight other members.

The Advisory Board is a quorum when the President and at least four other

Members are present.

section 17 of the Collective local delegation are responsible for their decisions.

Gathering local Advisory Board responsible for its activities for the

the head of Government.

section 18 of the head of Government is accountable to the Government for

Gathering local delegation assigned funds and resources in General

of their activities and to the delegation's activities

conducted lawfully and effectively and that the reported

in a reliable way.

Positions and assignments

section 19 of the Director-General is the head of Government.

section 20 of the Government appoints the Chairman and other members of the

Gathering local delegation for a specific period of time. Delegation

appoints from among its members a Vice-Chairman.

Staff disciplinary board

section 21 at the national housing Board, there shall be a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

section 22 of the building and planning to apply internal audit regulation

(2006:1228) and staff representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).


section 23 of the Swedish authorities may levy a fee for the activity listed in

section 11, shall decide on the fees, and outlining

fee revenues.