Law (2012:595) On The Import Of And Trade With Syringes And Needles

Original Language Title: Lag (2012:595) om införsel av och handel med sprutor och kanyler

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this Bill provides for the introduction of and trade

with syringes and needles which may be used for injection in

the human body through the skin.

In law, the term

squirt: syringe,

Needle: injection mean, which can be used for injection,


family member: the spouse, partner, child, parent or sibling.

Import ban

section 2 of A private person shall not include syringes or needles to

Sweden. However, this does not apply if the private person for the

the products of their own or family member medical use

fair game or another purpose.


paragraph 3 of the Trade in Sweden with syringes or needles may be carried out by

the who

1. may engage in such trade in medicinal products referred to in Chapter 4.

paragraph 1 of the law (2009:366) on trade in drugs, or

2. has reported trade of the Government


Age limit

4 § sale of syringes or needles to those who do not have

over 20 years-in may take place only if the buyer can prove that

the products needed for the buyer's own or family member

medical use.


section 5 of The Government authority determines the supervision of

those who trade according to section 3 of this Act and the

rules given in conjunction with the law

(the regulator).

section 6 supervisory authority has the right to request the

information and documents necessary for


The supervisory authority has the right to request access to

areas, rooms and other spaces where syringes and needles

be handled to the extent necessary for supervision. This

right excludes housing.

If necessary, the supervision authority may make inquiries

and take samples of syringes and needles. For costs because of

surveys or for set-aside samples are not replacement.

Whoever gets to trade according to paragraph 3 of and with

syringes and needles to provide the assistance in the investigation

as the regulatory authority requests.

section 7 of the regulatory authority may inform the directions needed

for regulatory oversight.

A decision on the injunction may be subject to a penalty.

section 8 at the request of a regulatory authority to Police Department

provide the necessary assistance when the regulator is taking

measures referred to in section 6 If

1. due to the particular circumstances give reason to suspect that

the action cannot be taken without a police man's special

powers under section 10 of the Police Act (1984:387) need

be used, or

2. otherwise, there are exceptional circumstances.

Law (2014:772).


9 § anyone who willfully or negligently violates the 3 or

section 4 shall be liable to a fine.

The who has not complied with a fines will

not be liable under this Act to act as

covered by the injunction.

Provisions on penalties for illegal importation of guns or

needles and attempts at such an offence can be found in the Act (2000:1225)

If the penalty for smuggling.


section 10 Syringes or needles which have been the subject of crime

under this law, or their value as well as the exchange of such crimes

shall be declared forfeited, unless it is manifestly unreasonable.


section 11 of the regulator's decision notice under section 7 may

be appealed to the General Administrative Court.

Leave to appeal is required upon appeal to the cams right.

Decisions under this Act shall be effective immediately, unless otherwise specified

in the decision.


section 12 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

may announce further provisions on professional management

of syringes and needles which may be used for injection in

the human body.

Transitional provisions


1. This law shall enter into force on 1 november 2012, when

Regulation (1968:70) with certain provisions of

syringes and needles shall be repealed.

2. upon entry into force has a permit to

trade with syringes and needles under the repealed Regulation

shall be considered to have notified the trade according to section 3 of this Act 2.