Team (2013:283) If Security Aboard The Swedish Ship

Original Language Title: Lag (2013:283) om bevakning ombord på svenskt fartyg

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Scope of application

section 1 of this Act apply to coverage with armed

security personnel on board the Swedish vessels, in order to protect

the ship, the crew, the passengers and cargo from attack

by outside people. The Act applies in respect of vessels

within the scope of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no

725/2004 of 31 March 2004 on enhancing

ships and in port facilities and outside

The European economic area.

In terms of coverage and possession of firearms and ammunition

that requires a permit under this Act, the Act does not apply

(1974:191) if the security firm or the arms Act (1996:67).

With firearms and ammunition referred to in this law the same

as in Chapter 1. 2 and 5 of the arms Act.

Authorization to hire security personnel to guard

section 2 of the Permit is required for the owner to get hire

security personnel for the security covered by this law.

The application for authorization be considered by the authority that the Government

determines (licensing authority).

section 3 authorisation may be granted only if it can be assumed that

1. There is a risk that the ship could be exposed to

attacks by outside people,

2. monitoring will be carried out in a proper and

judicious manner,

3. firearms and ammunition is intended to protect

the ship, the crew, passengers and load, as well as in other

seems appropriate for that purpose,

4. Security staff have adequate training and also

otherwise is suited to possess firearms and ammunition,


5. coverage in General will comply with the requirements

placed on coverage of the current battle.

In assessing the meaning of the first subparagraph, it shall in particular be taken into account

the Organization and planning of guard

designed in an appropriate manner.

A licence shall be subject to conditions in relation to the performance

by monitoring, reporting of incidents and

the composition of the security staff, fitness, education

and skills for the job. The authorisation may also be combined

with conditions on such matters as specified in the first subparagraph 2 – 5

and the second paragraph.

section 4 of the Licence shall relate to the hiring of security personnel for

Security on board a specific vessel and shall be limited to

a specific trip or period of time. The authorisation shall specify the

types of firearms and ammunition safety staff

hold on board. The State will also be subject to conditions if the

How to store firearms and ammunition on the ship.

The period of validity of an authorisation shall not exceed two years.

§ 5 the security staff are required to comply with what is stated in

the condition about which types of firearms and ammunition

may be held on board. The security staff is also required to

comply with conditions about how firearms and ammunition should be stored

on the ship.

section 6 of the commanders under the provisions of this law takes

on board security staff should ensure that the staff's

identity, the time period during which this is on board as well as

type of firearm, caliber and identification number or

other information that may identify the firearms taken

on Board shall be recorded in the ship's diary referred to in chapter 18.

maritime law (1994:1009). The amount of ammunition that are

on board and leave the ship shall be recorded.


section 7 of the licensing authority supervises this law,

the regulations have been issued in connection with the law and

the decisions that have been handed down on the basis of the law is followed. Other

authorities that the Government shall, upon request, assist

the licensing authority to the extent necessary for the

performance of supervision.

In monitoring a licensing authority shall in particular check

to the conditions set out in paragraph 3 are met.

section 8 a shipowner shall provide the licensing authority with the information

If the guard as the request for their supervision.

Licensing authority shall also have the right to take part in all the

documents relating to the guard on board the ships of the shipowner and

access to the vessels concerned.

A shipowner shall before the end of March of each year, submit a

statement to the licensing authority in respect of the security

carried out on board his or her vessel in

in the previous year.

§ 9 Fails an owner to submit information under section 8,

Let the authorising authority take part or leave

a report, the licensing authority may submit to the shipowner

to do it, such an order may be subject to a penalty.

section 10 licensing authority may submit to the owner to take

the corrections and other measures arising from regulatory oversight.

Such an order may be subject to a penalty.

Revocation of authorization

section 11 of the licensing authority may decide to revoke a

permit if the conditions set out in paragraph 3 are no longer

are met or if because of that the ship changed owners

or otherwise there is particular cause for revocation.

A decision on the withdrawal of a permit

immediately, unless otherwise specified in the decision.

Penalty provisions

section 12 to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months sentenced a

owner, or the owner of the place, which either intentionally or

of negligence without authorization engages security personnel for

coverage subject to this Act or submits false

indication in the case referred to in section 8.

section 13, To imprisonment of up to one year is sentenced it in

security personnel who guard covered

This Act intentionally holding firearms or ammunition

on board without permission granted.

If the crime is gross is sentenced to imprisonment for not less than six months

and a maximum of four years.

section 14 to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months convicted the

as in the case of storage of firearms or ammunition

intentionally or negligently violates the conditions

issued pursuant to this Act.

15 § fined sentenced a commander who willfully or

negligence, fails to ensure that the information referred to in

section 6, shall be recorded in the ship's diary is reported correctly

and complete.


section 16 of The decisions authorising the

in accordance with paragraphs 2 to 5, if the injunction at penalties pursuant to §§ 9 and 10

and if the revocation of the permit under section 11 may be appealed

to the General Administrative Court.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to

the administrative court.

Authorization and fees

section 17 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

may announce further provisions concerning monitoring

covered by this law and on the licensing and supervision of


section 18 For examination of an application for authorisation and supervision

get the fees charged by the licensing authority.