Team (2013:315) On Intelligent Transport Systems (Its) In Road Transport

Original Language Title: Lag (2013:315) om intelligenta transportsystem vid vägtransporter

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this Act are carried out a European Parliament and Council

Directive 2010/40/EU of 7 July 2010 on a framework for

deployment of intelligent transport systems in the

road transport and for interfaces with other

modes of transport.

The law contains general provisions relating to the introduction and

the use of intelligent transport systems in transport by


section 2 of this Act is intended to promote that information,

communication and infrastructure used, and services

conveyed through intelligent transport systems

and their interfaces with other

means of transport meeting the requirements for systems

operate cross-border in the European Union.

section 3 of this Act means

Road: such a road, street, square and other joint or location

generally used for the traffic of motor vehicles,

intelligent transportation systems, ITS: information system-

and communication technologies applied to transport

means, including the infrastructure, vehicles and users,

traffic management and mobility management, as well as for interface

against other modes of transport,

Its-application: operational instruments for the use of


ITS service: provision of the ITS application within a

certain organizational and operational area in order to

contribute to the safety, efficiency and comfort

and to facilitate or support the transport and travel,

Road data: data on road infrastructure, including fixed road signs

or other regulation of road safety character,

road traffic data: historical data and real-time data about

road traffic,

travel data: basic data, such as timetables for

public transport and tariffs, which are necessary for

to provide multimodal travel information before and during

the trip to facilitate travel planning, booking and

adaptation of the journey,

interface: a possibility of the interconnection of interaction

between systems,

interoperability: the systems and their underlying

the capacity of business processes to Exchange data and share

information and knowledge, and

Compatibility: a device or a system's General

ability to work without modification in conjunction with another

device or a different system.

Vehicle terms in this Act have the same meaning as in the Act

(2001:559) road traffic code definitions.

Scope of application

section 4 of this Act applies to the ITS.

The law does not apply to the activities of the armed forces,

Swedish defence materiel administration, the Swedish defence research agency,

National defence radio establishment and security police. Even other

activities relating to the defence and national security

may be excluded from the scope of the Act.

section 5 of the Act applies to ITS applications and ITS services

to operate cross-border in the European Union

and relating to the

1. use of the road, road traffic and travel data,

2. traffic management and freight management,

3. support for road safety and protection of transport, and

4. interaction between vehicles and transport infrastructure.

Requirements on ITS

section 6, ITS applications and ITS services shall comply with the requirements

about compatibility and interoperability needed for ITS.

section 7 of ITS applications and ITS services shall comply with the requirements

needed for

1. the provision of multimodal

travel information services,

2. provision of information services in real-time,

3. data on the free provision of

related minimum public service information,

4. the provision of a system for vehicle positioning

at traffic accident linked to central monitoring station in the European

the Union,

5. provision of information services for the safe and

protected parking spaces for trucks and other vehicles in

commercial traffic, and

6. the provision of booking services for safe and

protected parking spaces for trucks and other vehicles in

commercial traffic.

section 8 of the personal data Act (1998:204), the Act (2003:389) if

Electronic Communications Act (2001:558) if

road traffic register contains provisions on the processing of

personal data and the protection of privacy.

In the law (2010:566) where the re-use of documents from

the public administration is provided for

Re-use of documents of State and local government


In the product liability Act (1992:18) provides for

liability for defective products.


§ 9 the Government may provide for exceptions from the

the law's scope of application according to paragraph 4 of the second paragraph.

The Government may also provide for exemptions from the

the scope of the Act relating to vehicles.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

provide for the requirements referred to in paragraphs 6 and 7.

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 July 2013.

2. The law shall not apply to vehicles that have been type-approved

According to the vehicle Act (2002:574) or placed in service before

the entry into force.

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