Team (2013:488) For The Renewal Of Certain Entries In The Land Register

Original Language Title: Lag (2013:488) om förnyelse av vissa inskrivningar i fastighetsregistret

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§ 1 A registration in the land registry of the usufruct,

easements or avkomsträtt which have been granted before 1 July

1968 should be set only if a notification for renewal is made.

The same applies to an application for registration of such a

right, if it has been declared dormant before 1 July 1968

and enrollment then was not granted.

The first subparagraph shall not apply to registrations or applications for

enrollment of a leasehold or of a right relating to

hydroelectric or water regulation.

section 2 of the notice of renewal may be made by the right holder

or someone else whose rights are affected. The notification shall be made

in writing with the registration authority by 31

December 2018.

The notification shall include information on

1. the registration or application for registration notification

relates, and

2. the properties where the registration or application

If you type should be set to.

section 3 A notification shall immediately be rejected if the

1. do not intend such a registration or application for

registration may be renewed in accordance with this Act, or

2. does not meet the requirements set out in section 2.

section 4 If notification is not rejected, it shall be recorded in the

Real Estate Register register part to enrollment or

the application for registration is renewed.

For the handling of the case of annotation applied 19 Cape.

section 11 of the first and second subparagraphs of article 19, 20 and 22 to 26 § §

land code instead of what is stated in chapter 19. 31 §

land code. The application shall relate to notification of


section 5 after 31 december 2018 will take enrolment authority

delete the entries that have not been notified for renewal

or for which the registration is rejected. Dormant explained

applications for entry which has not been notified for renewal

later the same day or for which the registration is declined is without


An entry may be removed without the property owner or

someone else informed.