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Regulation (2013:522) If State Aid To Municipalities That Operate With Private Attorneys For Some People With Psychiatric Disabilities

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:522) om statsbidrag till kommuner som bedriver verksamhet med personligt ombud för vissa personer med psykiska funktionsnedsättningar

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

for municipalities that operate with private agents

for some people with psychiatric disabilities. A

municipality is responsible in the context of social services for business

with personal agents.

section 2 of the business with private agents targeting

persons who are 18 years of age or older, who have mental

disabilities and significant and essential

difficulty performing tasks in different areas of life.

The individual that can be supported by private agents should have

complex and extensive need for care, support and service,

rehabilitation and employment, and have need of long-term

contacts with social services, primary health care and the

specialized psychiatric services and other agencies.

paragraph 3 of the State aid may be given for activities with private

agents aimed at the individual to

1. have a better chance to influence their lives and

be involved in the community,

2. be able to live a more independent life and get

improved living conditions, and

3. be given access to the society's range of

care, support and service on an equal footing, as well as legal aid,

counselling and other support based on their own preferences and


The operation also aims to

1. get the authorities, municipalities and county councils to interact

based on the individual's needs and wishes, and

2. provide a basis for action that can prevent failures in

question that the individual can obtain access to the society's

range of care, support and service.

section 4 of the business with private agents to support the individual

in order to achieve as much as possible the objectives in paragraph 3 of the first

paragraph. A private attorney to work on the individual's


section 5 of the business with private agents should be conducted so that

co-operation between the relevant principals for health and

care interventions for people with mental

disabilities, employment services and

Insurance will be based on the individual's

needs. Activities should be carried out so that the cartel

includes patient, usually-and dependent organisations.

For the business to have a management team with

representatives of the municipality, the County Council and primary care

Psychiatry, the employment service and insurance.

Patient, usually-and dependent organisations shall be invited to

participate in the Steering Group.

Conditions for State aid

section 6 of the Government subsidies may, subject to availability of funds, are provided to the

a municipality that operates with private attorneys who

referred to in paragraphs 2 to 5.

Generally on the allocation of State aid

section 7 of the National Board of health and welfare and the county administrative boards are responsible for

allocate State subsidies to municipalities.


section 8 a municipality applying for at the County Government if State aid for

business with private agents.

The application must contain

1. whether the activities by private agents

only relate to activities within the municipality or

also refers to activities in other municipalities,

2. indication of the number of years of employment (full time) as

personal representative,

3. a statement of the modes of operation as the municipality

planning for and when the municipality estimates that the business with

private agents can begin,

4. the authorities and organisations to

interact around the business with private agents,

5. a description of how the municipality intends to the personal

the delegates will work with the target group, what priorities in

the target audience will be and how agents activities

planned and documented;

6. a description of how the municipality intends to support personal

agents at work in the case of, for example, education and

tutorials, and

7. a description of how the municipality intends to monitor

business with private agents have been developed.

Decisions on grants

Article 9 of the decision of the Administrative Board and disburses State subsidies

to a municipality under 2 to 6 and 8 of this regulation.

The provincial government will be at the National Board of the requisition funds

the corresponding number of delegates in the County after the County Government

has provided the information as set out in section 12.

Municipal accounting

section 10 a municipality that has received State aid within the meaning of this

Regulation shall, not later than 15 January of the year following the

the refund is granted, to the County Administrative Board leave a

account of how the previous year's contribution has been used.

The General Ledger should contain information on the

1. the number of services that private agents and which

training and coaching the personal attorneys have received,

2. the categories and the number of people who have been supported by

personal representative and what the most common causes are

the individual's contacts with personal agents,

3. whether there are assessment guidelines or

order of priority of the municipality for the individual's access

personal representative,

4. Organization, management and coordination, and

5. drew attention to deficiencies in respect of the individual's

ability to obtain access to the society's range of care,

support and service.

The county administrative boards and the National Board of health and welfare administration

section 11 of the provincial government to assist in the task of the National Board of health and welfare

follow up, support and develop the business with private

Registrars and provide a basis for the Board's follow-ups

and the annual progress report.

section 12 of the provincial Government shall annually not later than 1 March to

The National Board of health shall provide an accounting of how

the previous year's State aid was used and account

the County Board's action in relation to the business with private

Registrars and a plan for how the business of the county should be supported

and develop over the next year.

section 13 of the National Board of health and welfare is responsible for interacting with

provincial governments and municipalities develop and support

business with private agents.

The National Board of health shall, within the framework of the preparatory group

consisting of representatives of the stakeholders affected by

activities, lead and coordinate the work with the business with

private agents.

The National Board of health and welfare is responsible for implementing

induction training of personal representative.

section 14 of the National Board of health shall annually not later than 15 May to

the Government will submit a progress report on the development of

business with private agents and an economic

accounts for the previous year.


section 15, a municipality which received State aid is

repay, if

1. the information referred to in section 10 has not been demonstrated;


2. the refund has not been used wholly or in part or

has not been used for the purpose for which it has been provided.

The National Board of health shall act to require

back the contribution of the municipality is the repayment obligation according to

the first paragraph. If there are special reasons for it,

The National Board may waive recovery in whole or in part.


section 16 of the National Board of health shall notify the prescriptions needed

for the purposes of this regulation.

Appeal a ban

section 17 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 2013 and

apply for the first time in the case of State aid for the year 2014.

2. Older decision remains in force for State aid as

relating to the period prior to 1 January 2014.