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Team (2013:794) If Certain Registry For Research On What Legacy Environmental And Human Health

Original Language Title: Lag (2013:794) om vissa register för forskning om vad arv och miljö betyder för människors hälsa

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The policy of the law

§ 1 the aim of this law is to

1. give colleges and universities the opportunity to create surface

for various research projects about what heritage and environmental

the emergence and development of various kinds of diseases and

for human health in General, and

2. protect the individual's right to privacy in such


The scope of the law

section 2 of the Act applies to the processing of personal data by

State universities and colleges covered by

the higher education Act (1992:1434) and with the individual's

express consent is made for such purposes as specified in section 1 1.

The law applies only if the treatment is completely or partially

automated or if the information included in or is intended

be part of a structured set of personal data which are

available for searching or compilation under

specific criteria.

Government Announces rules on what state

universities and colleges that may process personal data

According to this law and the records according to the law which may

be conducted.

The relationship to the personal data Act

paragraph 3 of the personal data Act (1998:204) applies to the processing of

personal data, unless otherwise provided by this Act.

Privacy responsibility

4 § The universities or high schools that perform the processing of the

personal data are data controllers.


paragraph 5 of the personal data may be processed for purposes that

1. create a basis for various research projects about what heritage and

environment means for the emergence and development of the different types

of diseases and human health in General, and

2. disclose information for such research as stated in 1 of the

extent and in the manner set out in section 6.

section 6 of the personal data which has been registered under section 9,

be disclosed to such research referred to in paragraph 1 during the

provided that both the research that the processing of

the data have been approved under the Act (SFS 2003:460) if

ethics review of research involving humans and the

the research is conducted by a government agency.

Disclosure in accordance with the first paragraph may only refer to

personal information that is not directly attributable to the

individual. Personal data may, however, upon the disclosure be

provided with an indication of the

controller can be attached to the data subject's

social security number or similar identifier.

section 7 of the personal data processed for the purposes referred to in

section 5 may also be disclosed to an investigation of research misconduct

such research referred to in section 6, first paragraph, or to

an opinion shall be provided in connection with such

investigation. When such disclosures, section 6, second paragraph


If personal information has been disclosed pursuant to section 6, first paragraph

get the controller to another authority

such indications as referred to in section 6, second paragraph, and the

data subject's social security number or equivalent

identifier, if necessary to the

receiving authority to disclose information if the same

people to the research disclosure has been made to

According to section 6 of the first subparagraph 1.

Personal information that is registered under this Act may

always be disclosed to the data subject himself.

paragraph 8 of the personal data processed for the purposes referred to in

section 5 may, in addition to the provisions of paragraphs 6 and 7, only be disclosed

If there is a legal obligation to do so.

Personal data in the register kept under this Act shall

only be processed for the purposes referred to in the first subparagraph

and 5 – 7 sections as well as for such conservation as set out in section 12.

The personal data in the registry

section 9 in a register under this Act shall, in respect of

personal information is only present

1. information to the data subject himself has left in order

they will be included in the register,

2. information or in the form of recordings that the

registered has contributed to in order that they should be included in the

the register,

3. details of surveys which the data subject has

undergone in order that the result will be included in the register,

4. categorisation of data referred to in 1 to 3,

5. the contact information to the data subject,

6. data other than that referred to in 1 to 5 which the

registered expressly consented to be included in

the registry, and

7. information on the disclosure made to the research.

The Government or the authority, as the Government determines

Announces rules on the extent to which the data

with regard to genetic tests may be registered.

Internal electronic access

section 10 of the controller to restrict their employees '

and contractors ' electronic access to personal information

to what each one needs to be able to fulfil their

duties in relation to the register.

Disclosure by direct access

11 § Disclosure by direct access to personal data in the

table must not occur.


section 12 of the personal data that are no longer needed for the purpose

referred to in paragraph 1 and 2 for screening, unless the Government or

the authority that the Government has announced

regulations or in a particular case, decided to

data may be kept for historical, statistical or

scientific purposes.

Corrigendum to:

section 13 the provisions of section 28 of the personal data Act (1998:204) about

rectification shall apply mutatis mutandis to the processing of

personal information in contravention of this Act.

Consent and information

section 14 of the personal information referred to in section 9 shall not be collected in

to be registered in a register kept in accordance with the

This law without the data relate specifically

agreed that personal data are processed in accordance with this Act.

Before a person gives its consent in accordance with the first subparagraph

He or she shall have been informed of the

1. that it is optional to provide information, assist

recordings or undergo tests designed to

This information is entered in the register as well as to the

data subjects may at any time cancel his whistle-blowing,

their involvement or their participation in whole or in part,

2. for what purposes the treatment can be carried out in accordance with sections 5 to 7 and

the information to be registered under section 9,

3. the privacy and security regulations

the register,

4. who is the data controller,

5. how long the data will be saved,

6. the right to rectify the data,

7. the right to information under section 15 of this Act and section 26 of the

personal data Act (1998:204),

8. the authority which has oversight of this law

are followed,

9. the right to compensation, and

10. the right to have the data erased.

Information disclosure for research

section 15 of the data subject has the right to request information

for the research project data on him or

her has been disclosed.

Deletion of data

section 16 of the data subject has the right to request at any time that

entries in the register relating to him or her shall be erased. A

such request shall be made in writing in the

controller and be signed by the

registered itself. If the request involves the destruction of such

information referred to in section 9, first subparagraph 7, this particular


The controller shall, within two months from the

the request was wiping out the data in accordance with the request

and send it registered a confirmation that it has

occurred. If the individual has not requested deletion even of

information referred to in paragraph 9 7, a copy of

This data is attached to the confirmation with a reminder that

the individual has the right to request that even get them wiped out.


section 17 the provisions of § 48 personuppgiftslagen (1998:204) about

damages shall apply mutatis mutandis in the case of

treatment of personal information that has been made in contravention of this