Regulation (2013:1031) With Instruction For E-Hälsomyndigheten

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:1031) med instruktion för E-hälsomyndigheten

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section 1 of the E-hälsomyndigheten will be responsible for the records and

It functions as the community pharmacies and health care providers need to have

for a patient secure and cost effective

pharmaceutical management. The authority should also coordinate

the Government's investment in e-health, and overall track

the development of e-health.

What is being said about the counties in this regulation also applies

municipalities that are not part of a County.

Regulation (2014:242).

2 § the museums shall, in particular,

1. be responsible for the records set out in the Act (1996:1156) on

prescription records and Act (2005:258) if

drug list,

2. issue a certificate stating that the person applying for a permit

to conduct the retail sale of medicinal products to the consumer

meet the conditions for the authorisation provided for in

Chapter 2. 6 § 5 – 7 teams (2009:366) on trade in pharmaceuticals,

3. If necessary, carry out checks on the electronic system

for direct access to the data by the authority as a

licence holders shall be pursuant to Chapter 2. section 6 of the Act 6

with drugs,

4. communicating compensation from the county councils to

the community pharmacies by virtue of regulation

(2002:687) of pharmaceutical benefits, etc.,

5. managing, producing and providing a national

pharmaceutical statistics,

6. provide a system for the analysis of

pharmaceutical statistics,

7. be responsible for a national register of electronic

recipes for animals,

8. responsible for a national product and article directory

of medicines, supplies and food included

in the high-price protection,

9. responsible for a national register of assortment and

delivery information relating to unit-dose packed drugs, and

10. provide an electronic expert support for

the community pharmacies in order to improve safety during dispensing

of medical prescriptions.

3 § the museums shall provide an electronic service that

gives individuals the opportunity to in a personal

health free account store data about their health.

Documents of a personal wellness account may only be stored

of authority in the form of technical storage for individual


The authority shall give third parties the opportunity to connect

applications and services for the electronic service.

Connection of applications and services to an individual's

personal health account may only be made with the individual's

express consent.

Service exports

4 § the museums shall engage such service export directly

linked to the Agency's core activities.

External relations

§ 5 authority may on behalf of other than outpatient pharmacy

quality and säkerhetsgranska such electronic systems

to connect to the Agency's records.

section 6 of the authority may, on behalf of the Agency provide

1. the technical operation of the Swedish medical products Agency's register of antidotes (antidotes), and

2. a system of transfers to the MPA of the applications for authorisation for the marketing of medicinal products pursuant to Chapter 4. section 10, second paragraph the medicines Act (2015:315).

Regulation (2015:468).

section 7 of the authority may, on behalf of the County Council

1. maintain records of codes relating to the subdivision of the

the county health-care operations (area codes),

2. provide a technical platform where counties and

others can leave and retrieve information on medicines and other

County subsidizes drug products in addition to benefits,


3. develop and maintain a system that allows for mediation

information on prescriptions, prescriptions, collected

drugs and drug use. Regulation (2014:242).


7 a of the provisions on cooperation with some other authorities

see Regulation (2015:155) if State control with

knowledge regarding the health and social services.

The Agency announces its rules in Common

statutes relating to health care,

social services, medicine, public health, etc., in accordance with annex

1 to the Constitutional Assembly Ordinance (1976:725).

Regulation (2015:174).


section 8 Authority is headed by a Board of Directors.

§ 9 the Board shall consist of not more than nine members.

Positions and assignments

section 10 the Director General is the head of Government.

Staff disciplinary board

section 11 of the authority is a staff disciplinary board.

Applicability of certain regulations

12 § the museums shall apply the staff representatives Ordinance

(1987:1101) and internal audit regulation (2006:1228).


13 § the museums shall charge fees for

1. provision of pharmaceutical statistics and systems for

analysis of such statistics pursuant to section 2 of the 5 and 6,

2. access to the register referred to in section 2 of the 7 and 9,

3. connection of applications and services to the

electronic service according to paragraph 3, second subparagraph, first

sentence, and

4. such services and tasks referred to in paragraphs 4 to 7.

section 14 of the authority shall decide on the size of the fees

referred to in section 13, and outlining fee revenues.

section 15 Authority to retain revenues from fees

the agency charges pursuant to Chapter 8. 2 a of the Act (2009:366)

If the trade in medicines.

Special report

section 16 of the basics of how the Agency has calculated the size of the

charges under section 25 of the Act (1996:1156) on prescription records

and section 14 of the Act (2005:258) on the list should

be shown separately in the annual report.