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Regulation (2013:1121) For Cost Reimbursement To Students In Secondary, Apprenticeship

Original Language Title: Förordning (2013:1121) om kostnadsersättning till elever i gymnasial lärlingsutbildning

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on

reimbursement to students in secondary, apprenticeship

(apprenticeship compensation).

section 2 of the CSN decides in cases of

apprenticeship pay and paying out the compensation.

The right to an apprenticeship allowance

paragraph 3 of the Apprentice compensation should be provided to students who

1. participate in secondary apprenticeship in secondary schools,

2. have a training contract according to Chapter 16. 11 a §

Education Act (2010:800), and

3. have the right to study in accordance with the study support act


section 4 of the students who have not reached the age of entitlement to

study help in the form of grants in accordance with the study support act

(1999:1395) but that otherwise meet the conditions for the grant

shall be assimilated to students who qualify for study help.

section 5 Apprenticeship compensation shall not be granted for the time that the student may

salary because of a job that encompasses what is performed

within the framework of a training contract according to Chapter 16. 11 a §

Education Act (2010:800).

Time as an apprenticeship allowance may be provided for

section 6 Apprenticeship allowance may be made for the parts of one academic year

When the student has a training contract.

In assessing what constitutes an academic year, Chapter 2. 6 §

the financial aid regulation (2000:655) applied.

Apprenticeship remuneration

section 7 of the Apprentice compensation is provided with 1 000 SEK per month.

Compensation for a period of 15 days shall amount to one half

the monthly amount.


section 8 Apprentice compensation is payable on application. The application shall be

submitted to the CSN by 30 June

for studies carried out after 30 June of the year before.

The application shall be signed by the pupil's legal guardian or, if

the student is an adult, by the student himself. If a trustee under

the parental guardianship for the pupil, the trustee have

signed consent on the application, if it is part of the mission.

The information contained in the application shall be submitted in their honour.


§ 9 Apprenticeship allowance shall be paid only if it is established

the student conducts the studies which the compensation has been granted


Apprenticeship allowance is paid monthly in arrears. If the

There are special reasons, compensation paid to others

way. Payment may be made for a maximum of a six-month

in broadcasting.

10 § Apprenticeship compensation to be paid to the student's parents

or any other guardians under the same grounds as

apply for the payment of general child allowance. If the student is

authorities, however, should compensation be paid to the student himself.

If a trustee under the parental guardianship of

the student, should compensation be paid to the trustee, if the

included in the mission.

If there are special reasons, may substitute for a minor

Student paid to a social welfare committee or anyone else to

be used for the child's education and living expenses.

Obligation to provide data

section 11 Of the conditions that were the basis for a decision to

grant apprenticeship compensation changes, the compensation

paid for according to section 10 of immediately notify Central

student aid.

section 12 of the Immigration Office must, on request, provide the Central

student aid, or the Board of appeal for student aid

data referred to in Chapter 6. 13 a of the first subparagraph

the financial aid regulation (2000:655). However, this applies only if the

the data relating to such students referred to in section 4 of this

Regulation and is significant for the purposes of this


section 13 of the social insurance agency shall, on request, provide Central

student aid, or the Board of appeal for student aid

an indication of the recipient of the General child allowance. However, this does

only if the task concerning the students referred to in section 4 of this

Regulation and is significant for the purposes of this



section 14 of The decision to grant the apprenticeship remuneration shall be reviewed

When the change in circumstances causing it.

Containing and chargebacks

section 15 If there is probable cause to believe that the right to

Apprentice allowance expired, or that the compensation will

to decrypt, the CSN shall decide to

the remuneration shall be withheld or be left with a lower

amount until the final decision on entitlement to compensation

is taken.

16 § the recipient of apprenticeship remuneration is

repayment required if

1. the recipient by giving false information or by

not to carry out its task and notification

or in any other way has caused the apprentice compensation

given incorrectly or with excessive amounts, or

2. the replacement of any of the other reasons have been given incorrectly

or with too high amount and the recipient realized or should

have realized this.

In case of interruption of studies, Chapter 5. section 2 of the study support act

(1999:1395) apply in relation to an apprenticeship indemnity.

section 17 of the CSN should decide to fully or

partially recover compensation if someone is

repayment required under section 16. If a recovery concerns

compensation to a pupil at payment was

minor, the then student's guardian

payment required.

If there are serious reasons for it, the Central

student aid entirely or partially waive recovery.

section 18 On apprenticeship compensation required returned should interest be

from the day that is one month after the decision on the

the recovery has been taken after an interest rate at each

time exceeds government lending rate with two

percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the Central

student aid entirely or partially waive requirements on interest.

section 19 of the claims incurred due to

apprenticeship compensation has taken back, to watch out for

end of the year in which the debtor fill 67 years. Thereafter,

receivables written off. It should also be written off if the debtor


If recovery of a claim referred to in the first

subparagraph would lead to more work or cost than that is

equitable and collection is not necessary from public

point of view, the recovery actions be omitted.

Other provisions

section 20 of the following provisions concerning financial aid for students in the study support act

(1999:1395) shall apply as regards

Apprentice allowance:

– Chapter 6. section 1 on the application of the law

(1969:93) on the limitation of community support for

labour dispute,

– Chapter 6. section 2 on reimbursement of not

taken advantage of financial aid,

– Chapter 6. section 3 of that claim on the student financial aid cannot

transferable and may not be recovered,

– Chapter 6. § 5 If the rounding of amounts, and

– Chapter 6. section 12 if the Statute of limitations.

It is said in Chapter 6. section 1 of the financial aid regulation (2000:655)

about financial aid to students who are considered to be contaminated

to be applied in cases of apprenticeship compensation.


paragraph 21 of the decision of the Board of Central financial aid if

apprenticeship compensation may be appealed to the Board of appeal

financial aid for students. Central Student Grants Committee's decision shall apply

immediately, if not CSN determines

something else. If a decision is appealed, the

the Board of appeal shall order that the decision not

to apply.

The Board of Appeal's decision in response to an appeal

There may not be appealed.

Detailed rules

section 22 of the CSN may announce further

regulations on the application of this regulation.


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 15 January 2014.

2. this Regulation shall, however, apply in the case of studies

conducted after 31 december 2013.