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Regulation (2014:115) With Instruction For Foreign Representation

Original Language Title: Förordning (2014:115) med instruktion för utrikesrepresentationen

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Chapter 1. Foreign representation

paragraph 1 of the Foreign representation seems to be within the limits laid down by

The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations (Su 1967:1),

The Vienna Convention on consular relations (SUN 1974:10) and

other international conventions.

section 2 of the Foreign representation consists of the judiciary,

honorary consulates and the Swedish Institute in Alexandria.

Diplomatic offices are embassies, delegations at the

international organizations and consular posts.

Judiciary, together with

State Department foreign service.

In government offices are a common secretariat for Sweden

Envoy in some countries. In the case of this Office and the

Envoy shall apply the provisions of this regulation concerning the

missions and Government managers, mutatis mutandis, as well as

the Cabinet Office announces.

section 3 of the regulations on the Swedish Institute in Alexandria, see

Ordinance (1998:1218) with instruction for the Swedish

Institute in Alexandria.

4 § A mission called Embassy or legation. A

delegation to an international organisation called

delegation or representation.

5 § A consular posts is a consulate headed by an expatriate

official. The provisions relating to the consuls and consulates in Chapter 3.

applies only to karriärkonsuler and consular posts. If something

noted or apparent from the context, referred to in this

Regulation with the Consul also Consul-General and Vice Consul, and

with the Consulate general consulate and vicekonsulat.

section 6 of the Foreign representation are subject to government offices.

Judiciary is administratively directly

subject to government offices.

section 7 of The Mission's Executive authority for the

Honorary Consulate in the country where the head of mission is

accredited. An Honorary Consulate in a

career consular district is subject to career consular post.

8 § utlandsmyndighets consular district is determined by

The Government offices.

§ 9 A head of mission representing the consulates in

Mission country in relation to its activity

the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

section 10 of the Cabinet Office may decide on local interaction with a

other foreign service.

Within the framework of the cooperation referred to in the first subparagraph,

Government offices decide whether diplomatic or consular

presence in which Sweden does not have a foreign mission.

Within the framework of the cooperation referred to in the first subparagraph,

The Cabinet Office to admit that another country's diplomatic or

Consul is placed at a Swedish foreign mission.

Chapter 2. Utlandsmyndigheternas organisation and staff


§ 1 A mission, following a decision by the Cabinet Office have

one or more head offices elsewhere for specific


section 2 of Every foreign mission is headed by a Director.

The head of a mission is an Envoy (Ambassador) or a

Chargé d'affaires.

The head of a delegation is a head of delegation with the position

as Envoy (Ambassador).

The head of a Consulate general is a Consul General. The head of the

a Consulate is a consul.

section 3 of A head of mission or other expatriate mission Member

get out of the Cabinet Office is appointed as counsel in a

international organisation.

section 4 of the request for approval (agremang) for a

Envoy or allowing a consul to exercise their

data (exequatur) made by the mission concerned on

commissioned by the Cabinet Office.

The head of a delegation is notified in the order applied

at the international organization.


§ 5 in the judiciary, there are staff who are sent by

the Government and the Government offices and personnel locally

employed or hired by the judiciary.

The Government may grant to any other authority or a

Organization puts the staff of a foreign mission.

Government Executive's responsibilities and duties

section 6 of the head of a diplomatic mission representing Sweden in

business country and maintains relations with Sweden

its Government. The Manager should make themselves familiar with the Swedish and

the country's business relationships.

The head of a delegation representing Sweden in the

International Organization and maintains the Swedish

relations with it.

The head of a Consulate maintains Sweden's relations

with consular district's local authorities.

section 7 of the head of a foreign mission is responsible for the Agency's


§ 8 the head of a foreign mission, after consultation with the

Government offices and with regard to the assigned resources

establish a business plan for the Agency, follow up

operations and analyze the results.

§ 9 the head of a foreign mission to be

1. make sure that the operations are conducted lawfully and

effectively and evolve and adapt to the requirements

placed on it,

2. ensure that the employees are familiar with the objectives

for the Agency's activities,

3. regularly inform the staff about the conditions relating to

the Authority's activities and organization, and

4. promote good working conditions and take to be and

develop employees ' knowledge, skills and


section 10 of the head of a foreign mission is responsible for the Agency's

internal and external security in the framework of the regulations

The Government reports and the security protection

The Government decides on.

section 11 of the head of a foreign mission to be to

The Cabinet Office report the conditions for safety

or for other reasons may be of importance for a posted or

local agent service connectivity at


Caseload management and utlandsmyndighetens decision

section 12 of Every foreign mission to decide on its rules of procedure

within the framework of the regulations that the Government offices


section 13 of the issues to be decided by a competent authority abroad decides

the Manager of utlandsmyndigheten.

Unless otherwise provided, the manager leave to

other officials at the Agency to decide cases that do not

is of the kind that they need to be dealt with by the Manager.

section 14 For every decision of a foreign mission, there shall be

a document showing the date of the decision, the content of the decision

and who made the decision. Decisions are not documented

in any other form shall be taken into a special protocol book

or equivalent.

The Agency's accessibility

15 § Utlandsmyndigheten shall be available for contacts

with the individual.

In the third paragraph of article 5 of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) is

provisions on authorities ' opening hours.

Utlandsmyndighetens opening hours may be adapted to local

conditions with regard to this week's working days and


Diplomatic offices with fewer than three seconded officials,

After the decision of the Government offices closed for a limited

time for holiday or business trip, or of any other such


Delegations to international organisations, after

decision of the Government offices closed during the time when

the organisation is down.

When a foreign mission is closed to the public, please refer

to another competent authority abroad or to

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The necessary measures shall be taken to

authority to uphold its obligations to

the public pursuant to Chapter 2. freedom of the Press Act of law

to take advantage of public documents.


section 16 In a foreign mission, there should be an archive.

Provisions for Government archives, see the Archives Act

(1990:782) and archives Decree (1991:446).

Government Announces additional regulations on

utlandsmyndigheternas archive.

Chapter 3. Utlandsmyndigheternas information


1 § Delegations, diplomatic missions and consular posts shall

1. in conjunction with the Cabinet Office push for impact and

understanding of Swedish positions in foreign policy and

other policy areas,

2. assist individual Cabinet members in their activities, and

3. pay particular attention to issues that affect Sweden as a Member

of the European Union.

section 2 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall, as

managing authorities investigate and decide in

statutory cases.

section 3 unless otherwise provided by law, Cabinet Office

may decide to derogate from this chapter.

Monitoring and reporting

section 4 of the Delegations should, in addition to what follows from § 1,


1. If the international organisation in questions

that may be of interest to Sweden and what delegation

told of the importance for Sweden's relations with

the Organization, and

2. what the delegation learned that might be of importance for

assessment of international problems, or by the General

political situation.

paragraph 5 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts should follow developments in

business country or consular district and in reports

account and analysis of the events and circumstances

interest in Sweden.

Sweden promotion activities

section 6 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall promote Swedish industry

and international trade and in co-operation with the Swedish export and

investment advice and its international organization create interest

for Swedish goods and services and project exports and

attract foreign investment to Sweden and otherwise

support the Swedish company and the Swedish business community


Diplomatic missions and consular posts shall, in countries where it

appropriate, to generate interest for Sweden as a tourist country by

to assist the authorities and bodies responsible

to promote tourism in Sweden.

At the request of the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board to missions to assist

Board decisions and measures to monitor and

collecting receivables.

section 7 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall, in a manner that is

appropriate in the country, inform about Sweden and

Swedish conditions as well as to promote contacts between Swedish and

foreign cultural and scientific institutions.

International development cooperation

paragraph 8 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall take into account in their activities

both aid and development policy perspective.

Diplomatic missions and consular posts in countries such as Sweden have

bilateral development cooperation with shall, at the request of

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

take the measures resulting from the agreements between Sweden and

business country or that otherwise fall within the page's

area of competence. Missions and consular posts shall, on

request, provide the necessary information for the page's Page

activity. Diplomatic missions and consular posts shall also, where necessary,

assist other agencies that have mandates to conduct

aid activities.

Migration issues

section 9 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall deal with

migration matters in accordance with EU regulations and

immigration law and to assist the Board, the

Police and security service in cases falling under

immigration law. Regulation (2014:1303).

Passport cases

section 10 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts will deal with matters under the

that Act (1978:302) and Ordinance (1997:698) if

The European Union's travel document.

Crisis or disaster situations, etc.

section 11 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall, within the framework of the

regulations as the Government Announces keep readiness

to assist the individual in crisis-or

disaster situations.

section 12 in a crisis, disaster, severe

accident or another equivalent factor in

business country missions or posts shall examine

If someone who is a Swedish citizen or resident of Sweden has

died or been injured or otherwise affected seriously.

The authority shall inform the Government on an ongoing basis if

situation and of the measures taken in the country

on the occasion of the event.

section 13 If it appears such a difficult or more widespread

disease that typically do not occur within the business area

or that attract special attention,

the mission or Consulate immediately report it to the

The public health agency and the National Board of health and, in the case of

animal diseases, the State's agricultural work, and to report on the

measures taken to combat the disease.

Consular assistance, etc.

section 14 diplomatic missions and consular posts shall provide consular assistance

According to the detailed rules in the law.

Provisions for financial assistance to individuals abroad

see Act (2003:491) on consular financial assistance.

Diplomatic missions and consular posts shall also otherwise in a reasonable

extent to which leave individuals and Swedish legal entities

help and assistance when needed.

Support to the citizens of the European Union and for the citizens of

Nordic countries

section 15 diplomatic missions and consular posts shall assist citizens in

Member countries of the European Union in accordance with

Article 23 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union

or according to what has been agreed with these countries about

the right to the protection of Union citizens in third country

territory. Assistance should also be provided to nationals of

Iceland and Norway in accordance with what has been agreed

with these countries within the framework of Nordic co-operation.


section 16 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts as election authority, after

consultations with the Cabinet Office, have determined to be

voting offices responsible for the administration of

röstmottagningen and shall provide such information as

The election authority request.

Paternity matters

section 17 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall assist the Swedish

authorities with the investigation of cases relating to the determination of


Notary public

section 18 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall execute any

Ordinance as a public notary is competent to perform in

Sweden under the Act (1981:1363) If a notary public, if it

does not meet any obstacle in the country's law.

Jurisdiction does not cover the taking of protest pursuant to

Bill of Exchange Act (1932:130) or check Act (1932:131) or

the issue of an apostille in accordance with 6 a of the Regulation (1982:327)

If a notary public.

Delivery of petitions to the foreign authorities and

international organisations

section 19 of the diplomatic missions and consular posts shall convey and support

petitions from individuals and Swedish legal entities

to foreign government agencies and international

organizations. They should carefully assess whether previously

the request is justified.

Access to foreign territory for Government vessels, etc.

section 20 of the Missions at the request of Swedish authorities

obtain permission by diplomatic means for Government vessel,

State aircraft and military vehicle access to the

foreign territory.

Crimes on ships and aircraft

section 21 If it comes to a mission or a consular

knowledge that a crime that belong under public prosecution has been committed

on a Swedish vessel or aircraft, or if there is

suspicion of such an offence, the Administration should as soon as possible

notify government offices.

Chapter 4. Common provisions


§ 1 the Government supervises

judiciary. The implementing a supervision has the right

to take advantage of all the documents at the Agency. Staff should

provide the information and the assistance required.

section 2 of A foreign mission to inspect subordinates

Honorary Consulate regularly and when there is

special reasons. Reports on inspections made shall be sent

to government offices.


section 3 of the Government offices may provide for

foreign organization representation and activities.

section 4 of the Government offices may also provide for

1. consular financial assistance under section 5 and section 17 of the first

paragraph and second paragraph 1 Act (2003:491) on consular

financial aid,

2. assistance to citizens of countries in the European Union

and nationals of Iceland and Norway provided with support of 3

Cape. section 15 as well as on the compensation of judiciary for

costs and expenses for such assistance,

3. measures taken by a competent authority abroad should take when a person

resident in Sweden or Swedish national resident

in the rest of the world has died abroad,

4. measures to be taken in a foreign mission

inheritance matters, and

5. charging for the use of industrial promotion services at


Abnormalities in specific cases

section 5 of the Government offices may decide if deviations from this

Regulation in specific cases.


paragraph 6 of the decision of a competent authority abroad may be appealed to the

The Government offices.

Cabinet Office's decision in the appeal case shall not

subject to appeal.

Utlandsmyndigheternas decisions in administrative matters,

not subject to appeal.

Government Regulation

section 7 of the Foreign representation should not apply

the Government agencies Ordinance (2007:515).