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Law (2014:266) On Energy Audits In Large Enterprises

Original Language Title: Lag (2014:266) om energikartläggning i stora företag

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The policy of the law

section 1 of this Act is to promote improved

energy efficiency in large companies.

Words and expressions

section 2 of this Act means

energy efficiency: the ratio of production of

performance, service, goods or energy, and an input of


energy audits: a systematic procedure in order to

gain knowledge of the existing energy use for a

building or group of buildings, of an industrial process, a

commercial activities, an industrial plant or a

commercial facility, or private or public

services and for establishing cost-effective measures

and report on results;

energy management systems: components of a plan that specifies

energy efficiency targets and a strategy to achieve it

the goal,

energy efficiency: an increase in the

energy efficiency as a result of technical,

behavioural or economic changes,

large enterprises: enterprises with at least 250 people

and have an annual turnover exceeding EUR 50 million

or a balance sheet total of more than 43 million per

years; companies shall be defined under Title I of the annex to

Commission recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003 concerning the

the definition of micro, small and medium-sized


Obligation to carry out energy audits

section 3 of the big companies to be an energy survey done last

5 december 2015 and thereafter at least every four years after the

the previous survey.

4 § in large companies that have an environmental management system or a

energy management system don't need an energy mapping

According to paragraph 3 of the redone

1. the system has been certified according to the rules which have

in connection with this law, and

2. the system requires an energy mapping

the corresponding mapping in section 6, and in adjacent

regulations should be made.

Energy mapping facility implementation

5 § Energy mapping under paragraph 3 shall be carried out by a person

which meet the requirements on competence and independence that have

in connection with this Act.

6 § energy audits should include a thorough review of

energy use in the enterprise and suggestions for

cost-effective measures to save energy as well as for

to improve energy efficiency.

The result of energy mapping should be accounted for in a


Obligation to retain data

section 7 of the companies subject to the obligation to make a

energy mapping to save the report, and other information

from the survey for seven years from the end of the calendar year

to which the data relate.

Supervision and information reporting

section 8 of the authority that the Government should exercise supervision

over to this Act and the regulations that have been announced in

connection to the law is followed.

Article 9 of the company subject to the obligation to make a

energy mapping to the supervisor's request, provide

the information and documents necessary for

supervision. Such companies should also disclose the information

the supervisory authority requests for follow-up and evaluation.

section 10 of the regulatory authority may decide the injunctions

needed for the oversight.

An injunction may be subject to a penalty.


section 11 of the Government or the authority, as the Government determines

may provide for

1. data for the determination of whether an entity is deemed

as a large company,

2. certification under section 4 1,

3. competence and independence under section 5,

4. how energy mapping should be done and what data

shall be set out in the report of the survey,

5. the importance of the expression cost-effective measures in section 6,


6. the information to be provided for monitoring and



paragraph 12 of decision notice under section 10 may be appealed to the

General administrative courts.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.