Law (2014:534) With Additional Provisions Applicable To Eu Textile Labelling Regulation

Original Language Title: Lag (2014:534) med kompletterande bestämmelser till EU:s textilmärkningsförordning

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The scope of the law

section 1 of this Act is complementary to the European Parliament and of the Council

Regulation (EC) no 1007/2011 of 27 september 2011

textile fibre names and related labelling

and labelling of the fibre composition of textile products and

repealing Council Directive 73/44/EEC and

European Parliament and Council Directive 96/73/EC and

2008/121/EC (EU textile labelling regulation). Regulation

contains the requirements which must be met for a

textile product shall be supplied on the market.

Market surveillance authority

section 2 of The Government authority determines the exercise of

market surveillance according to EU textile labelling regulation and

This law. Provisions on market surveillance is also available in

articles 15 to 29 of regulation

(EC) no 765/2008 of 9 July 2008 setting out the requirements for accreditation

and market surveillance relating to the marketing of products

and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 339/93.

Injunctions and prohibitions

section 3, the market surveillance authority may notify the injunctions

and a ban is needed in a particular case, to the EU's

textile labelling regulation should be followed.

section 4 of the injunction or prohibition under paragraph 3 or a decision

If action pursuant to article 19 of Regulation (EC) no 765/2008 shall

combined with a penalty, unless for special reasons are


Immediate enforceability

paragraph 5 of the market surveillance authority may decide that the decision

under paragraph 3, and article 19 of Regulation (EC) no

765/2008 shall apply immediately.

Financial compensation

section 6, an economic operator shall replace the

market surveillance authority for the cost of sampling and

examination of samples, if the investigation turns out to

a left indication of fibre composition is inaccurate in any

material respect.

Market surveillance authority to replace an economic operator

for samples and similar, if there are special reasons for


Professional secrecy

section 7 of the one who has dealt with a case which concerns

market surveillance according to EU textile labelling regulation and

This law shall not improperly disclose or make use of it as he

or she has been told if anyone's business or

operating conditions.

In the public activities should apply and

secrecy (2009:400) instead of the first paragraph.


§ 8 the market surveillance authority decision according to §§ 3 and 6 may

be appealed to the administrative court.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 August

in 2014, when the Act (1992:1231) on the labelling of textiles,

cease to apply.

2. Older regulations valid until 9 november 2014

in the case of textile products which have been placed on the market

before 8 may 2012.

3. Injunctions and prohibitions which have been granted in accordance with the elderly

rules should still apply.